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  • Just signed in for the first time in a long long long time and seen this.. SORRY for the looong delay.

    I was hoping to already have the next DVD out BUT I had several set backs. My father in law had his leg amputated and I dropped everything to help him then I had a stroke and could not blow my calls and temp lost alot of use of my left side. Then my father in law passed away.

    Now things are getting normal I have full use of my left side but still have blurred vision in my left eye. BTW I am left handed and left eye dominant. So with a 2 year disappearance I am back in the game and started back working on the DVD.

    The howler was done by Brent Saxton but he has since left the predator hunting world and no longer does them. Mine has broken recently and I am just going to use the stranded ELK howler.
    When is you next DVD coming out? I have wore this one out . Who fixed your Elk power howler ? I would like to send them mine to get it fixed with a cow horn I shure like the sound of yours .
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