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    What's that on my trail cam?

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    One in the freezer old skool..

    Nice deer!!! :) I like your .54 smokepoll!!! Congrats!!!
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    Completed my first skull mount

    Nice Buck with a Bow!!! :) Nice job on the mount too!!! Congrats!!!
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    It's been a long dry spell in KY but was worth the wait!

    That's a very nice Buck!!! Congrats!!!
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    This is the best and brightest light I've ever owned! . . Its real bright on high!!! 1 Main LED and 6 Auxilary LED Lights. 3000mAh...
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    Best texting/email cameras?

    That's a nice Buck!!!... :)
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    Coolest pic I ever got!!

    He's a nice Buck!!! Have you tagged out on a Buck yet ? ....:)
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    Meigs County Ohio

    That is wild!!! Yeah, That would look cool!!!...:)
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    Coolest pic I ever got!!

    I guess its rare to get that on camera! :D Have you seen that Buck anymore ?
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    My 2013 KY Bucks

    Thanks for the reply! Thanks for the link too!!!
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    Got my buck back !!!

    Nice Buck!!! . . . It looks great on your wall! Congrats!!!... :)
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    First Bull

    That's a nice Elk!!! . . . Nice kill with a Bow too!!! Congrats!!!...:)
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    what if

    Maybe I have a stalker. . . I gave my opinion weeks ago and you rushed in like your a CO and acted like a child with the name calling. . Grow up! Like I said before: ''You can't read''! . . . Why don't you try and find a post where I said I would like to kill ''more than one Buck''! See my...
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    Jackson scores in Texas.......again

    That's a nice buck!!! Congrats!!!... :)
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    what if

    You had more Bucks visit mock scrapes, and you had a Doe that was in ''HEAT'' ?...!!! Killed a Doe in heat. :confused: . . . Why didn't you wait on a Buck to come in ? . . . I'm sure there was one pretty close! 1.) ''You had more bucks visit mock scrapes this past week than any...

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