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    Score this big 8 pt!

    right around 145-150
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    How close is he to grossing 200"

    185 - 190 give or take
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    Bobcat or Cougar ?

    Coyote without a doubt
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    Need help judging this buck

    I need help scoring this buck. Take some looks and give me your best guess.
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    Weight Guess?

    Yea man.. im gonna say more like 10lbs
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    First of the year

    I was walking through the woods yesterday picking my trail cam up and spotted a shed. I couldn't believe I found one this early in the year. I took my cam home and looked at the pictures and saw multiple bucks with either one or no antlers. So I guess I'll be shed hunting early this year!
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    Dog Problem - law abiding options?

    Go hunting for dogs
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    Baiting deer?

    Use Corn if it is working for them...
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    Odd Pictures

    Well this sucks I also hunt in Petersburg, hopefully that is not a bear. There was one a few years back right outside of Florence, Ky so it is possible I guess.
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    Hunter Orange During Youth Season

    Do you have to wear orange even if you are not hunting with a youth?
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    climbing stand??

    Summit no doubt
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    What is going on???

    There is an early stage of rut in early October...
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    will buck move after corn harvest?

    Our corn fields were just cut and we still have as many deer as we had when the corn was standing... also you can see more things other than just hearing them in the corn field
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    Piebald Deer

    This is my buddies deer he killed it on opening day November 14, 2009. He has tracked this deer on game trail pictures since the summer. It is a neat and rare deer what do you think?

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