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  • Awwww....I have been sick myself. Its been a tough year for me here. We just bought a house last year in David and it is one heck of a walk to get to the top of the hill here. I have had a few nice bucks down the road in a bottom and just in the last day or so got bucks here in the backyard. I wish it was as easy as these guys posting from out in the western past of the state. Where abouts are you here?
    yea there are too many people hunting the same areas, even the mining jobs. i can see lights all over the mountains. kinda dangerous sometimes people shooting down in the hollers. blessed enough to have some land to distance myself. as for muzzleloader, im pretty sure i ran i buck up on my way to the stand sat morning then i saw 4 does and a nice bodied 3 pointer, saw him again sun morning... it was just to dry and warm for me.
    yea definately some thick cover for the bucks to hide in. some of it is impossible to get through. i think some bucks die of old age rarely being seen, if seen at all. like there ghosts or something. i wonder sometimes how many different hollers and ridges these bucks use around eastern ky in their lifetime....thats a huge 10 pointed you seen tho. i hope his genes spread around.
    you hit it right on the head. ever been to turkey creek? .....same with the acorns here as well. ive never seen the number and the size of them. the wildlife should have a good winter eating wise. as for the bucks, id say your right about the bucks moving alot to find does. its untelling who will see deer and who wont. i cant pattern this big buck here for nothing. good luck this weekend if you go out.
    well if all of you are to stupid to think,if i had proof he would done be in jail,the people from coalstone to cumberland hunt all they want when they want,they just use coon hunting as a excuse,but they kill them to if they can,i was around the pathfork area during muzz,seen 4 differant people hunting with rifles,any thing to kill a good deer seems to be the only thing they care about.
    Appreciate you writing back, maybe I can find a field they're coming to and wait for them about dark if nothing else works.
    Dear Buzzbaiter,

    I saw your bear pictures and reference to living in Harlan County. I had the good fortune to be drawn for the 2nd week of Bull Elk season in Elk Hunting Unit #5 which is predominately Harlan County. Do you know of anyone in the area that might allow elk hunting on their property or is there a public hunting location that you would recommend for elk hunting. I plan to come down next week to do some scouting and am trying to line up as much info in advance of my travels. Any help would be appreciated. thanks-Dave
    What part of Harlan are you from? I was born and raised there myself! My parents and most of my family still live there.
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