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  • Did you get to go bust the he!! out of some bunnys ? I had to work and then got a tooth pulled . I may get to try it this weekend good luck.
    Great bow for the money. Brett loves it compared to the old warrior bow that done 100fps. He's hitting the lungs on my bag target every time. Wants to move it in the basement but havent got that set up yet. He had a lil difficulty at first pulling back the 32lbs but really doing good now. Hope he can build up the arm strenth to use a release soon. Im glad you and Tanner liked it. I was a lil nervous when Harvey told me you ordered one cause i wasnt sure what i was getting.
    hey go check out the trouble ive got stirred up on turkey forum under the thread 2 birds with 1 shot
    Too late. Just got your message. Tanner got a button buck Sat. evening. I rattled in a small buck Sat. morning.
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