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  • Wounded big game tracker I am now living here in kentucky I wanted to let the hunting community know for this coming hunting season.
    charlette curtis
    charlette curtis
    Fyi I am located in hebron area need help finding locations to help train my puppy I don't think the community. I live in would like me training here
    Get off the computer and get back to work Ballard! :) Hope turkey season went well for you; hoping to make a trip this weekend to Cumberland in order to get enough fish to hold me over until Canada next month. Looking forward to it!
    I live in Prospect. Am looking for hunting land to lease (deer and turkey). My dad, from SC, visits frequently and likes to hunt with my son. Any ideas or contacts that you can pass along?
    I respect your opinion but still don't think name calling is appropriate. But because my opinion differs from yours I am wrong. How boring would the world be if we all had the same beliefs?
    I don't appreciatte you calling me a bigot. you don't know me and weren't even involved in the conversation we were having. So keep your name calling to yourself.
    Buckfever i was told you maybe able to help me i'm looking to get some legal advice on a matter. if you could give me a call or i give you one on it.. my #270-286-9832 thank you
    Hi! Thanks for your input on my Legal Land Question thread. Are you sure that if someone dies without a will that 1/2 goes to the spouse, then 1/2 to his or her children? Thanks again for your help.

    Frank Conley
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