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  • Oh yea,,, I just wish we had been playing the chicken when they came rushing in like they did. Down in the Africa Jungle you really need a shot gun. It is hard to tell what might come out of the tall grass. Yea,,, I should have put on my Mucks before going into the tall grass, but didn't think about it. my rifle looks fine in the NEW BLACK stock, at least untill i decide what to do with the other stock. Yep,, It is your turn. You will probably get a triple next time out.,,,LOL
    Howdy Buck shot!
    Just dropped by your site to check out all of the Coyote Pics. Good to see that bobcat mixed in the bunch.
    It was good talking to you. Hope we can get together and add a few more pictures to the collection.
    Hi buck shot. Any friend of Weedwalker Ed is just naturally a friend of mine. Good hunting at ya!
    what kind of place u look for all the tracks i found was in a gas road..i think ill try it sat morn just doint know what or how longe to use the call ...or time...
    i work days from 7 till 5 or later...i think i may go sat and try it my call is not much..but it will work i think...
    tell that little short thing i would take him to the river fishen but fish cant live in water that shallow..wade fishen that is..
    hey man i tryed to call u back and got ur vmail...where do u work at...one eve we need to go try to call one in on kc...
    Do you have us a good place picked out for sunday.Got a 6.5x20x40 leupold that I had on my fourwheeler when I flip over in a creek and the 4x4 landed on top of my gun.It never lost it's zero.
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