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Jan 24, 2013
Dec 9, 2009
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Jan 24, 2013
    1. Mallard_Machine
      wuts up man im finally on here....
    2. ky_limb_hanger
      Finally signed up... you'll get a kick out of my first post in reference to our opening day adventure. haha
    3. Palegroe
      Good deal glade to see the ducks are rolling in just let me know i'm open most any day.
    4. Palegroe
      I just moved to henderson a couple years ago and don't have very many places to hunt around here besides public land we can hook up and go one day tho. You duck hunting, varmint, deer? I hunt most any and everything so just drop me a PM.
    5. broberts0031
      ok cool i'll get a few hunts in down here see whats goin on around my blind and i'll let u know somthing
    6. CUT EM'
      CUT EM'
      I live in NKY, also a FF/EMT started duck hunting last year with my brother who is also a FF. Would be willing to set up a couple days to go out hunting with you, the drive would not matter to us, if interested please let me know
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    i don't discriminate against duck species....i shoot em all!