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  • Usually I hunt Harlan, Perry, and Letcher Co. It's tough mountain hunting and there are some giants, but not like those guys with that farm land out west. They don't know how good they have it.
    Hey, things are pretty good. Or at least they were until I got sick this week. But I have the rest of bow season. I've found a few nice bucks and had a couple sightings in th stand. I let a nice 7 pt walk 2 days before rifle season. I saw a big 8 the same day but couldn't get a shot. What about you?
    I am in Pikeville. Just give me a call 639-4307. American Heating and Cooling. Just give the info to my secetary and she will page me and I will get someone out. I probably come over myself. We have flat rate pricing so you can save some money that way. Check my web site out at: www.americanheatingcoolingelectric.com
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