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  • Kyle
    I got some sad news. My wife of 11years cheated on me with a older man & left. I got divorced in March. The only thing I hate about it is my 2 kids. I see them everyday for 3 1/2 hours, take them to church on Wed night. They spend the night with me every sat night, go to church on Sunday with them and once a month they stay on Sunday night as well. This was the second time she cheated in 11 years. I'm doing good I'm dating someone @ the moment . Goodluck & get in touch with me on some yote hunting see ya Kelly Don
    Hey Kyle
    Have You sacked a big buck yet bowhunting like u did last year?
    See ya Bud
    Kelly Don
    Kyle you are having a very good year at Trapping . 4 bobcats is Awesome, and a coyote too. Keep at it !
    Kyle I checked out your other cat on the Trapping Forum. Kyle it sounds like you have the Trapping thing figured out. You might as well start Snarring Coyotes, you definetly got the cats figured out.
    It looks like you do a lot of hunting and fishing, it looks like you have some great properties, to hunt on.
    I see you have caught some pretty big bass also, me and you will have to stay in contact.
    Hey Kyle , remember What I told you the other morning? Red sky at night ,Sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailor take warning ! It worked didnt it? It rained like crazy last night!!!!!!!!
    All right man sounds good. I actually live right across the street from the willamsburg ones. Its the same group of ppl that own them I just aient sure what the name of these are. Its where the new office is. Gettysburg maybe. Well either one or both is fine with me. Thur is suppose to be super cold so that day sounds great for me. You dont have to pick me up if you dont want. If it is way out of your way. I can meet you somewhere and leave my truck. Thursday morn is fine for me. I am very flexable. My name is Kyle and my cell phone number is 270-535-4966. I have text to if you need to get ahold of me that way. Look forward to meeting you. Maybe we will have some good luck.
    I know right where Williamsburg is ,I know Greg and Justin the owners , my dad laid the brick on all those. I could swing by Thursday morning right before daylight or Friday whichever is good for you . I talked to my land owner and his gate is unlocked and we have the green light to go . My cell number is 227-0851 My name is Kelly , But my buddys call me Kelly Don ,your a yote hunter so call me Kelly Don
    My girlfriend grandparents are coming in from central Illinois to visit this weekend. So actually sat. wont work for me. I think they will prolly be leaving sat. evening though. Let me Know if maybe thur, fri, or sun will work. I am not real sure about the graves co farm. I seen yotes there while deer hunting but actually havent been there to predator hunt yet. Was goin to go in the morn but hard to get the drive to get up and go alone. Oh well. Might be going tomm. Looks to be good temps. I live in williamsburg apts off of bailey road. I actually hunt the farm right beside morningstar. Right behind that church. I had a deer eatin in 30 min out there during late muzzleloader. So I have some options i guess. Let me know something.
    Bowhunter 19 , that sounds great Im ready we could go Saturday if you are free. We could go in Graves or Calloway . You can shoot me a message , Im going to sleep just got done working midnights a t Morningstar(ryan foods) in Murray. I live out past PTL going North on 641 North. Im on a 3 day vacation starting Wed.- Monday See Ya Kelly Don
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