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    Elk draw 2015

    Like always, try again next year. Good luck to whoever gets drawn.
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    Elk draw 2015

    Patiently waiting for the old "sorry better luck next year" response.
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    Cheap muzzeloader?

    Me and my wife both have the cheap one from Walmart. Don't remember which CVA it is, but we have had ours for roughly 6 years with not one issue. Been a very reliable muzzleloader, and has always been very accurate.
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    hunt saturday or sunday?

    I am going to try my luck Sunday, not suppose to be as windy as today and Saturday.
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    Advice on running power to a shop

    You can not run 2-2-2-4 urd by code you are not allowed run urd cable into any living space (house) for safety reasons. That's why is basically only used on temporary services anymore so I wouldn't go that route.
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    Spivey's Sporting Goods

    Remember it very well, that's where my first basketball goal came from (which we still use 27yrs later) they had a good selection of everything and I wish we still had a store like that around.
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    This weekend's youth hunt!

    Me and my son will be hunting from the comforts of a blind this weekend, going to be a wet one no doubt and I am sure it will cause a lot of kids to miss the youth hunt this weekend. If you are going out, be safe and good luck to the kids this weekend.
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    A simple poll...

    32 here and I have a 12 year old who is into hunting.
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    who all is still hunting with the ol bow

    I still have tags and looking to fill the freezer, been a bad year of hunting for me but I hope my luck changes this weekend.
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    2013-2014 Deer harvest photos

    My wife with her 1st buck, taken on 10/19 and she made a perfect shot.
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    Fiance first deer down

    Congrats to you both on her first deer!
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    Jimmy Rose from Pineville Ky on Americas Got Talent Tonight--Great Job

    I agree he has that older country voice, a nice refreshing sound since all of today's country is watered down pop.
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    Need some rockin country music songs for Derby party

    What he said, really can't go wrong with Gary Allan. Also Jake Owen has some good songs, Florida-Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett.
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    prayers need for my 6 week old baby girl

    Prayers sent.
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    Any One Getting Fired up About NASCAR?

    I will stick to my dirt track racing, NASCAR just isn't what it use to be.

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