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    Kentucky Record Book Bucks

    Buckmasters Trophy Records On-Line searchable datebase is free -
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    Kentucky Record Book Bucks

    You can purchase a year's access to the Boone & Crockett database for $50. You don't have to be a member. It's an amazing search tool for all the species, not just whitetail. You can do all kinds of custom searches and comparisons. Just click on this link Big Game Records - LIVE! |...
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    Cousin killed a Booner! Updated to include green score

    Tell him to email me if he needs an official score [email protected]
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    Confused and new

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    Defeated Creek

    Has anyone hunted Defeated Creek in the last few years?
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    Cambrian LEA

    It's a good area.
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    Rockcastle County Farm

    Thanks for doing this. We need more people like you.
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    Possibly New World Record archery buck?

    When scoring using the Boone & Crockett System a mule deer may have no more than five normal points per side. There is no limit for a Whitetail.
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    Spook Spann??????

    He had a booth at NWTF this year and was at the ATA. Seems to be going strong. I think he killed a big deer in KY last year.
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    Hopkins County World record?

    Comparing scores from different systems often causes confusion. This buck is the largest velvet typical ever recorded in Buckmasters Trophy Records (BTR). BTR classifies a rack with less than 5% of its total score from abnormal points as a typical. The Majors Buck has three abnormal points in...
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    September vs. December success rates

    September is prime time to kill a bull - I wouldn’t trade two days in September for a week in December.
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    100 vs 125 grain

    I shot 100 grain Thunderheads for years but went to a Montec G5 in 125 grain to take my KY elk last year. I think the extra weight helped on penetration. The bull went less than a hundred yards.
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    High fence hunting

    I think deer farming should be illegal and high fence hunting should be banned. And yes, it has the potential to cause great harm to deer hunting as we have known it.
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    it made pope and young

    Sounds like maybe that one got entered in Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett with a P&Y membership added. $35 + $40 + $25.
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    it made pope and young

    There is a $35 entry fee to enter an animal in Pope & Young. There is an optional $25 annual membership (discounted to those entering an animal). Official measurers serve as volunteers and do not charge. However, they may accept reimbursement for postage, photos and, in some cases, travel. I...

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