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    HELP---Dirty Muzzleloader

    I had a similar issue and used CLR. Calcium-Rust-Lime cleaner. You can get it at Walmart or home depot. Really does a number on the rust. Then cleaned up in my usual way.
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    Turkey mites

    They are the worst. In a few days it feels like they are done and bam the itch comes back.
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    Young Man / Old Warrior

    That smile says it all. Congratulations to both father and son.
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    Marion County????

    We own 40 acres in the Gravel Switch area. Tons of deer. Occasional 4-5 year old buck shows up.
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    Prairie dog hunting

    Went two years in a row. 2018 and 2019. Prairie Highlands outfitters in South Dakota. This is a 5 star operation. Clean lodge, home cooked meals, we shot for two days both trips. 350-500 rounds per day. 22-250 is the largest caliber I would take. You want...
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    Shooting house

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    Hunting clothes

    While waterfowl hunting Marylands Eastern Shore many years ago I learned not to let a little money stand between me and being warm and dry. My first expensive purchase was some down filled overalls. Extremely warm but Gore-tex had not yet been invented. A couple of years ago I bought Cabellas...
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    If there is a breeze set it up wind just a bit so the wind carries the repellant across where you are sitting. Even works on black flies in Canada.
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    Fawn pics?

    Gravel Switch area. Checked 5 cameras on Thursday. No fawns but does are extremely fat and heavy. I'm thinking the next couple of weeks there will be plenty. Same as last few years.
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    Taylor County Land Price?

    5 years ago in Marion county near Gravel Switch we bout 40 acres. Rough Hilly ground, two decent food plots and standing timber. We paid $1300.00 per acre.
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    Is this one of your kids and if not

    you cannot take a snapshot of a moment in time and determine what someones intent is. For example:
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    Anyone use Cuddelink cameras

    We are running 4 G-cameras and one J camera. Battery life was an issue until we went with the solar option. Now it is a non issue. Range is beyond excellent in winter and acceptable in summer. Covering 40 acres. I also recommend visiting Habitat Talk...
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    Forester consultant for Anderson county We used this guy last year and so did a friend of ours. Very pleased with his work
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    Forester consultant for Anderson county

    Michael Thompson (859) 494-7702 We used him last year. So did a friend of ours. Very pleased with his work.
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    The things you see from the stand

    I have been stomping around the woods for over 60 years now and today I saw something I still can’t hardly believe. I am in a tower blind deer hunting Kentucky’s late black powder season. I can see three food plots, a cedar thicket and a mineral lick from my stand. There are two does feeding...

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