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    Need a Lab puppy

    PM on it's way.
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    Youth hunt changes

    We have POUNDED woodducks and teal the first week of November for 15 years. Then travel west in Feb for a fantastic weekend. My sons are 19 and 23, but I take youths from Boyle County every year and will continue to do so, but I don't like taking some of the best opportunities from kids.
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    Youth hunt changes

    How is going from 4 youth only days to 2 youth only days good for kids ands the future of hunting?
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    Good Michigan Trip

    We love that area! Great fishing on Charlevoix!
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    Rolling Thunder Podcast Episode: 87 = Turkey Populations Nationwide

    If you are a Podcast person, this one is pure gold. Dr. Mike Chamberlin discussing the science behind his concerns and what we can do about it.
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Hunting ducks into February is not an option. That is a federal mandate. However, the state can manipulate days and splits until Jan. 31st. Honestly, would hunting into February make a difference? This past youth weekend in Ballard County, it wasn't that there were 100,000 birds and it was...
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Because the corn clubs aren't pumped? For years the Woodduck/teal season opened on a Wednesday. That was moved to a Saturday opener in the name of more hunter opportunity. Taking a Tuesday-Friday from the split split and adding a weekend would do the same. I'd say a vast minority of the...
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Can we convince the powers that be to adjust the season dates to take advantage of the migration that happens in Late October - Early November? I'm not a mallard purest and will gladly harvest MOST waterfowl that are available. I recognize the Fed puts parameters on the season, but early...
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    West Ky Youth Hunts

    Great weekend of waterfowling! It never ceases to amaze me how dumb the birds get after 5 days of no pressure and how smart they get after 1!
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    21/22 Super Thread

    West KY Youth and Goose!!
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Several new birds rode the wind today.
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    Electronic Federal Duck Stamp

    Well as of today, Missery or the Fed, has not sent my federal waterfowl stamp. I called KDFW and asked if I'd get ticketed. The person I spoke with said the regulations state we must physically have the signed Fed stamp in our possession. I'm not sure I agree. If I have proof of purchase in...
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    Ballard co. Quota hunt

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    Serious question

    Great read from the "Glory Days!"
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    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    What he said!!! They roost in the private corn and eat all night.

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