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    Broadhead Failed!!

    haha you have to be kiddin me! your gonna actually get on the web for everyone to see, and tell em you shot a freakin deer with a turkey broadhead... that jus made my day you moran! lol but jus shoot MUZZY 4blade. :)
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    Unusual trail cam pics

    idk man looks like the deer walked past that camera and 5 seconds after the deer walked by it took the picture. lmfao. up grade that s***
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    headin out n the am

    tomorrow is gonna be the first day i get to hun this yr and i hope i kill me a big 150 i been sein.... wish me luck :)
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    Massive kentucky buck?????

    ya that deer did come from kentucky. i passed him up with my bow during early season!!! but dang nice deer tho :p
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    Thieved Again!

    ya fell you all i was walkin in the woods and saw some some gut climbing up the tree were my stand is so i creaped up and waited for him to take everything down for me lmao!! and he got done and i said what the f*** you think your doing ND HE SAID NOTHING nd tried to run so i grABBED ahold of...
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    Ohio 2009 bow harvest

    i think that deer will be in tha 180s really nice deer!!! and what kinda hoyt u shootin there????
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    Will the warm weather affect the rut?

    if they are in rut, they will still be ruttin wether it be warm, or cold. they jus seem to be at it a lil harder when its cold! but no matter the weather. They will still be on tha move!!!
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    Little help

    2.5 maybe 3.5, 7 or 8pointer proboly 115 to 120 inch deer. maybe if not smaller!!! reason i say that his head is skinny, he has no mass and older deer would have!!!
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    gunna try rattling tmmr..

    i been rattling for tha past few weeks, and had the most luck 25-30 mins before dark on a cool, calm, afternoon...
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    13 pointer

    no offence but no way it went 150s id say high 130s but very difficult to tell on the pics...
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    13 pointer

    no older than 3.5
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    1st Buck with the New Reezen! Score???

    oh yeah he's 3.5 no older and yeah he will score around 126 129 inch nice deer!!!
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    Monster buck down and i mean monster!!!!

    upper 160s maybe low 170s
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    Couple of "new Mounts" from this year....

    the velvet buck is a good solid 125'' and that second buck is just WOW he is a solid 220'' tough to say though with all them points....
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    what he score

    i dont know i may not of did it right but i really dont give a **** its just another deer rack in the shed wether it be 200inch or 120inch i dont care.. but thanks for yall opinions..........:D