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  • I have 3 beagles love to rabbit hunt. not been out much this year . Been chasing coyotes this year more than rabbits . dogs seam to be A little mad . you can tell When you go feed they give the sad eyes look . to try and make you feel bad. many rabbits up there this year?
    We stay at the Smith farm when we come up and hunt . And we eat at the wonder in they fix good food . never hunted for coyotes there have you had any luck ? I went coyote hunting sunday here on some old strip jobs no luck not many new tracks. Not many around here but I still like to try. Many coyote hunters around there?
    We hunted 3 times I killed 17 all togather. We hunt the Wells farm lots of big reds . no reds here in letcher co. like to find a dove hunt for labor day next year in that area. if you know of any let me know.
    I squirrel hunt in preston 1/4 mile from the wonder in store nice place we hunt there ever labor day.
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