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    need info

    I can't imagine any hunting situation in KY where either one of em would be a bad choice.
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    What the world needs

    Captain Stransky: I'll show you how a Prussian officer can fight! Sgt. Steiner (Marvin): And I'll show you where the Iron Crosses grow. - Cross of Iron
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    Custom 6mm remington mauser

    You got a gun with a sweet trigger, probably had some action work done on it too, and in a cool caliber. And even if the barrel is shot out any gunsmith worth his salt should be able to pop a new one on it in no time flat. In other words you got what will probably be a killer groundhog gun...
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    Bought my first mil-surp

    Sounds like a neat old rifle. Those 91's are long as a flag pole but are lot of fun. Beware of the Finn Mosins, they are addictive.
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    People of Walmart

    I took off work this afternoon to go pick up a new contact lens prescription, among other things. We were in Walmart for about 20 minutes. In that time I could have had Bingo at least twice. There must have been 1,000 people in there, no joke. At 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon. I think...
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    squirrel weapon?

    .177 air rifle with 4x scope Browning 22 lever with or without a 4x scope, mostly with Old Remington Target Master single shot 22 Whatever old shotgun is on top of the pile in the closet
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    I think this is BS

    Sorry but this idiot with a JD thinks coercion = duress; inducement/encouragement = entrapment. Sticking a gun in someone's face and forcing them to commit a crime is more likely the defense of Duress
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    What's the worst beer that you've had?

    Most of the really low end beer is pretty bad: PBR, Sterling, Schaefer, etc. etc. But the one that really got me was Beast Light. I don't know if I was allergic to whatever pond scum they were brewing that crap out of or what, but it was the only beer I could never choke down. One sip was...
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    registering a rifle

    You can register your rifle with me. Please send me your name, address, Social Security Number, three valid credit card numbers with expiration dates, $25.00 in cash, and a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, and I'll make sure it gets registered. :D
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    Wing Ding talk got me excited...

    Yep, those toothpicks look like they will hurt.
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    No respectable southerner

    They are actually pretty good, if you dump in the packet of "flavor" and then add some country ham slices to the crock pot as well. Hamalicious.
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    Ricky P

    True enough, not all buttwipes are successful type A overachievers. But it seems to me that most, if not all, successful type A overachievers are buttwipes. And those are the people we tend to put on a pedestal. And I have no idea why.
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    State Fair

    We've been talking about going, haven't been in many a year. If we go it will be for the livestock exhibits and the gardening and canning exhibits. And the Polish sausage. Fair food rocks.
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    Ricky P

    Why is it that those driven, successful, type-a personality alpha-wolf people are, with no exceptions that I can think of, such pure dirtbags? Why is it that we worship those types of people who are such a-holes? I've wondered this all my life.
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    Obama Approval

    Better be careful on the county tax stuff. I'm fairly certain people who work in multiple counties are supposed to fill out a form breaking down their work counties into percentages and then your employer is supposed to do the withholding math - for example, 30% Franklin, 30% Woodford, 40%...

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