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    ML Numbers: Is it a trend?

    After reading my post again, I failed to mention one key bit of information. I was talking about the county I hunt in only showed a total of 6 deer checked in for the weekend ML. If that was the case for the entire 120 counties than someones math was off a bit. ;)
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    My 2010 bow buck

    That's what it's all about right there. I commend you for your efforts of obtaining permission from the land owner to track the buck onto his land along with your respectful gesture of your plans of supplying him with a gift of gratitude afterward. Those types of characteristics is just not...
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    ML Numbers: Is it a trend?

    I didn't know if all the information had been tallied up as I checked the numbers only moments before putting up the post. The site said last undated today. I'll revisit the site this evening to see if any of the numbers have changed any.
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    ML Numbers: Is it a trend?

    Just finished viewing harvest totals for this past weekends ML opener and found extremely low totals for hunters. Although I have no idea how many people took to the woods, taking advantage of the early season, the total number of animals checked in is surprising. A total of 6 animals taken was...
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    Dish Network, no UK games

    From reading the link posted by the OP. Sounds like to me it is more FOX than DISH as being the problem. I was with Direct for almost two years. During that time, it seemed every time I got my monthly statement, the price had changed for the worse. Just kept getting higher and higher. I switched...
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    need new bow with LONG DRAW LENGTH....

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    Wayne County Numbers

    Thanks for the information. I more than likely will not hunt the farm I have access to this year as I have several other areas I am hunting currently and the drive would be a little haul for me. But I plan on venturing into the area after season is over and doing a little looking around for the...
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    Wayne County Numbers

    Guess Wayne County is either hot hunting grounds OR not worth my trip because no one else seems to hunt it or want to say anything about it. Thanks for the insight into the formation of Wayne County though. Now, if I hunt the area, and hear the a strange voice while walking through the woods in...
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    Wayne County Numbers

    Anyone have any information about the deer population or quality of deer in the Wayne County area of the state? I've got the opportunity to hunt a parcel of land around Cumberland Lake and was wondering if it would be in my interest to make the lengthy drive to give hunting a try. I think the...
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    If any of you all have daughters at UK

    Nope, but I do expect a Duke Blue Devil shirt.
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    If any of you all have daughters at UK

    One has to wonder if the story were reversed, had someone attempted to harm or sexually assault your child, would your lame, comical statements, you seem so eager to post would be be so cool in your eyes? I have a close family member who was sexually assaulted on a college campus and I...
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    .17 HMR - I love this thing

    Yep. Good thing it was calm Saturday and giving a person a chance to see how accurate the little round could be. I've never hunted small game with mine. I would assume a head shot would have to be taken on squirrels and rabbit because of the tissue damage would be caused by the .17. What kind of...
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    .17 HMR - I love this thing

    Picked up a .17 HMR two years ago and had not really gotten around to shooting it enough to know what it was capable of. Saturday, my father-in-law and I went to the range to shoot a few rounds down range. I got the .17 out and zeroed it in about 1" high at 50 yards. Then I made the golf balls...
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    "IYO" What is the best deer round for a .300 Winchester Magnum?

    I think a .300 mag is too big of a round for deer. Creates too much damage when shot and destroys a lot of good meat upon impact. So basically in my opinion there is no good round in .300 magnum because it's too large of a round for whitetails.
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    In a pickle. Some ADVICE PLEASE!

    Can't never have enough guns.

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