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    Anybody hunt hogs?

    I've heard Daniel Boone is a good place to find them but I don't wanna make that kind of drive and come home empty handed. I'm planning on scouting out some spots to deer/turkey hunt at Peabody tomorrow, I'm thinking about bringing my bow just in case I come across any coyotes or pigs.
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    Deer stand advice.

    Thanks you guys, I'm going to public land to hunt, so I'll just go for the climber. Seems to be the easiest to carry around and good for archery. I'm so pumped for deer season!
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    Deer stand advice.

    I need to buy a new deer stand, what do you guys like?
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    Does anyone eat Coyote?

    Just because they're canines doesn't make them the same thing.
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    Tresspasser hunting in the morning

    What an ass. Show that trespasser who is boss.
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    How was the gobbling this morning in your area?

    About the same. Saw some fly down, didn't hear anything after that. Called for a while but no response.
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    Opening Day Success video

    Nice bird!
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    New to Morehead area

    You're close to Daniel Boone National Forest. I'd imagine that area would be great hunting in general.
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    Stupid question

    LOL I'm definitely real. I'm going back out to Green River State Forest again maybe Thursday, I found a few gobblers but I couldn't get em out of the cover.
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    What Rotten Luck

    Feel better man. Still plenty of time for turkey killin, so don't push yourself too hard too soon.
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    Does anyone eat Coyote?

    Seems wasteful not to use it. I'll kill em anyway, but if they taste alright I'm all for it. Anyone eat them? Got recipes?
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    Finally got it done with the bow!

    Awesome job! He's a handsome bird! Can't wait till I get my first turkey kill, bow or no bow.
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    opening morning public land bird

    Green river state forest? Or Green River lake? I've had no luck at the state forest.
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    No luck Saturday.

    Thank you! I went out again today, from about 10am to 1pm actually. Saw a hen, but still no luck. I'm going back out later in the week to the same spot and trying again. I think I just found them too late and it was just too damn hot.