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    blind advice

    Blind!!!!!! The best cheapest utimate blind u can put on the boat is this site is Greg Deweese is the guy u need to talk to!!!! I hava 23' war eagle an they put a funtional nice blind on it for me!!!! I hava avery blind on my 16' deep wide boat ! No comparison!!!!!
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    new to the site, looking for people to hunt

    Hey!!!!! I hunt in the sloughs an on the river i dont usally have many going with me during the week if u wana try to go some?
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    We found the geese in Union County!

    wow never seen geese shot in the timber? Guy do u even know where blind 34 is??? all the blinds on highland creek is in the sloughs an in the timber! so u killed geese in there? so i for sure see u never hunted geese or killed geese in a fair chase situations! hate u had to sneak over ur...
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    Boat blinds

    Best cheapest boat blind for me!! I just had a blind build for my boat. It was built on a 23' war eagle which was tuff for them but it works perfect an can be put up in seconds here is the adderess for there site u will be happy!!!!!! thanks
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    MMMMM maybe? I live close an hunted there by myself this am call the cell @ 270 952 1653

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