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  • Right now im heading to 1BDE 1st CAV. I really do not want to be a 1SG again, i got 20 months of it here and im just plain tired, but oh well have to do what uncle sam wants me to do. let me know when you get in, Ft Knox seems political and such with the hunting but it really aint to bad. If you get lucky enough they may pick you to be an MP Game Warden, SGT Hunt and SPC Mcginnis do a great job, i see them all the time. Sept. is a good time to get in, but if you want in on the gun hunt for deer check online in august and mail your application in so you can get an area, Its draw only and you can only hunt 2 weekends. some of the better areas are 115, 116, 55, 54, 59, 48, 21, 37...i could go on and on. every area holds good deer, lots of yotes, small game is decent, fishing is decent.
    what unit will you be going to at hood thats were im stationed out of... well actually iraq is where i have been stationed since ive been there we just deploy to hood every once in a while lol... and thanks for the offer i will definatly meet up with you i should be there in the middle of Sept.
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