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  1. crossfire
    crossfire tbob131
    Certainly not asking for specifics, but what part of Montana? Been thinking about that trip as well. All public land WIA? God bless, and thanks!
  2. Deer Hunter
    Deer Hunter GSP
    You still hunt with German short hair pointers ?
  3. Deer Hunter
    Deer Hunter Wildcat
    I am not Robin. Robin was a friend of mine that i met here on Kentucky hunting. I don't know Ruger ?
  4. Deer Hunter
    Deer Hunter Wildcat
    Wildcat, you probably don't remember me but i met Robin Floyd here on Kentucky hunting several years ago and almost went deer hunting with you guys at LBL something came up and i didn't make it out there at that time.

    Do you still see or talk with Rob ?
    1. Wildcat
      Hey, Robin. I remember you. Wondered what happened to you . I still talk with Danel (Ruger), he's a grandfather now.
      Jan 19, 2021
  5. beauhunter41031
    The man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there
  6. KYH5N1
    KYH5N1 kit caye
    I turkey hunt on properties that join your farm. Either owned by relatives or good friends which includes Mickey Lashley, Kent Perry, John Cotton, Wendell Berry. I've met you before in the driveway where your property joins 389.
  7. rdmallory
    Retired from NASCAR.
  8. bird_dog
    bird_dog Pirate
    I have a farm in Grayson county that I am going to sell. Don’t really know how many acres you are looking for but this farm is 440 acres
  9. slicked-it
    slicked-it RKELTY1025
    Is this THE Ryan Kelty?
  10. huntingwildman
    Screw Bowfishers
  11. AmericanPatriot2001
    I just want to retire from the military after 21 years and hunt the rest of my life...
  12. chri-stop-it
    merry christmas to all! and it sure is nice to have a white christmas this year its been awhile since we had one!! hope you all enjoy
  13. BIG4T
    Actually sold it last weekend, and forgot to take it down off the site. Good luck
  14. PrimeTine
    PrimeTine BIG4T
    Are you in Grayson? Is it possible to look at it Tuesday? I might be coming over for work
  15. mudhole crossing
    mudhole crossing RLWEBB
    I know Johnson go be a done 3 for a while. How is they going?
    1. RLWEBB
      Deer seem to be doing well. According to telecheck, harvest is up. But like all counties, there are spots that have more deer than others.
      Nov 23, 2020