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  1. Jmathis
    Jmathis T.slabseeker
    How much is the rates for hunting
  2. kyhunter99
    On my first ever bow season!!!!
  3. Mossy Oak Boykins
    Mossy Oak Boykins
    Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target
  4. kyhunter99
    Playing the wind
  5. riverboss
    riverboss YoteFinder
    What kind of deal will you do on both the rifles you have for sale?
  6. High Rack
    High Rack T.slabseeker
    Hey , sorry , I have not been on this page for a few weeks.........I will call you as soon as I can get some final details in order.I am retired but some I fish with still got to work.
    Thanks for getting back with me.
  7. Mr&MrsRockHound
    Mr&MrsRockHound RVtech24
    Hey! My husband and I just joined the site and are looking for flint in your area. Just wondering if you’d point us in the right direction.
  8. Klo
    Dove Hunting Question
  9. kyhunter270
    Happily married to my best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world. She lets me go hunting anytime she feels like it.
  10. eddie.white
    I have one opening on a lease in Hart county. There will be 4 on 240 acres.
  11. kybeagler1987
    Anybody else started there food plots?
  12. grinder
    grinder Strutter
    Hey man ! Its been a minute ..... you still huntin with a stick ? ever get back after the elk ? I made it back, 2 more times. No luck, but lots of scenery and good memories.
  13. T.slabseeker
    Hello from Columbia ky
  14. ojibwa62
    ojibwa62 admin1
    Delete my acct thank you.
  15. ojibwa62
    ojibwa62 pentail
    Please delete my acct ASAP.

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