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  1. kybeagler1987
    Anybody else started there food plots?
  2. grinder
    grinder Strutter
    Hey man ! Its been a minute ..... you still huntin with a stick ? ever get back after the elk ? I made it back, 2 more times. No luck, but lots of scenery and good memories.
  3. T.slabseeker
    Hello from Columbia ky
  4. ojibwa62
    ojibwa62 admin1
    Delete my acct thank you.
  5. ojibwa62
    ojibwa62 pentail
    Please delete my acct ASAP.

  6. Highbow
    Wildlife Photographer
  7. hoene
    hoene bigredhunter
    I went to TSC today and they refunded 20.00 for my feeder.
  8. WMAallDAY
    WMAallDAY JLD3173
    Yea, I am interested. Shoot me a message. I am in central Kentucky, myself.
  9. Joe Macleod
    Joe Macleod
    Looking for farm to lease for 2019 deer season and 2020 turkey season. I am a retired law enforcement officer and will be hunting alone.
  10. riverboss
    riverboss beauhunter41031
    How far are you from Cynthia I live in Falmouth?
  11. gds
    gds Nock
    Call me at 513-703-4808 and we can discuss bees and beekeeping .
  12. bgkyarcher
    bgkyarcher tc tom
    I'm a guide/helper with Lost Mountain Outfitters. If you're going to hire a guide, don't delay. The better guides will fill up quickly. Contact Hurley Combs at 606 271 1037. LMO is the best, hands down. Good luck!
  13. bgkyarcher
    bgkyarcher xbokilla
    Call Hurley Combs and discuss with him. He will give you better info than I, as he is more familiar with the new rules on zones, etc. 606 271 1037. Tell him BG sent you, and good luck!!! Hope you get a monster bull!!!
    1. xbokilla
      Thanks for the info!
      May 20, 2019
  14. bgkyarcher
    bgkyarcher xbokilla
    Seriously, the outfitters will book up in a matter of days for rifle hunts. Don't delay. Good luck.
  15. mudhole crossing
    mudhole crossing Jay Blankenship
    Did I pee u off some how? U won’t respond back. If I did I sure didn’t mean to.
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