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Excellent job and foresight by the parents!


Girls lost in forest for 44 hours used survival skills learned from parents

Their rescue was described as a "miracle," but two girls who were lost in the Northern California forest over the weekend said Monday that they depended on each other to survive and had faith that their daddy was coming to save them.
Leia Carrico, 8, and her 5-year-old sister, Caroline, spoke publicly for the first time, described how they got lost while walking on a deer trail and wandered past a fallen tree on their family's 80-acre property that their father, Travis Carrico, warned them never to go beyond.

"Leia wanted a little, tiny more adventure. But I wanted more," Caroline said of how their misadventure Friday afternoon started.

The girls were found on Sunday afternoon by two volunteer firefighters about 1.4 miles from their home in the rural Humboldt County town of Benbow. Travis Carrico estimated the girls had probably walked six miles before they were found.

Leia said that at one point, she and her sister realized they had walked in a giant circle because they noticed the same metal poles they had already passed.

"I wasn't sure which way home was but it turned out that home was way back south," Leia said.

Leia said she and her sister used Caroline's rain jacket as shelter, cuddling together under a huckleberry bush to keep out of the pouring rain and to try to keep warm as nighttime temperatures dropped to 38 degrees.

"My sister cried...
Just bought my new Sportsman’s license as it’s the last day. May go trout fishing this week if I don’t freeze.
One of my favorite Turkey pics I've ever captured .I thought it looked like a painting
I have been scrolling this forum and reading posts. ( fantastic forum btw ) and can't stumble across any info on this.
I did call the dnr down there and they were a bit uncertain with a good answer.
I am coming down there from Michigan and I am hoping to be able to hunt with my turkey pistol.
I had to buy some new 5 gallon gas or diesel jugs a while back. Little did i know that in 2009 the EPA mandated a new spillproof nozzle...
Has anyone found any ramps in Ky ? I cant say that I have actually saw any in Ky , But I have never looked for them .
Army’s new Rifle SDM-R
[​IMG] The fForumsollowing article is from Star & Stripes
Army Sgt. James Snow has carried an M-4 carbine and an M-110 sniper rifle as an infantryman on missions. With the M-4, he knew he was capable of hitting a target accurately up to only 300 meters. With a sniper rifle, he had less maneuverability and spent a lot of time breaking down and reassembling the larger weapon to carry.

Last month, Snow was given the opportunity to try out the Army’s new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle, or SDM-R. After just a couple days handling the new weapon, he said it felt like something that could fill the needs of both his previous weapons. It had more mobility and close combat capabilities like the M-4, but also better precision at a distance like the M-110.

“It’s easy to move around, and you can do a lot of things with it,” Snow said. “Absolutely, I would carry this around every day if I was deployed. Every day, you could carry it for every single situation.”

That was exactly the type of weapon that the Army looked to create for its combat arms squads — a weapon for one member of an infantry, armor, cavalry scout or combat engineer squad to carry and provide precision fire between 300 and 600 meters without losing the capability of hitting closer-range targets.

The need for such a rifle was identified in the 2015 Small Arms Capabilities-Based Assessment that stated “squads must have an organic, precision-fire capability to engage select personnel targets from zero to 600 meters.”
With two weeks of testing completed this month at Fort Bliss, Texas, the Army is in the final stages of deciding what...
Having a heck of a time locating CCI 400 primers. Anyone know where I can find a couple thousand in the Louisville area? Thanks, Dan
GOLDEN POND, Ky. (AP) - An increase in the number of wild hogs at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area on the Kentucky-Tennessee border has officials considering options to get rid of the animals, including aerial gunning.

Land Between the Lakes spokesman Chris Joyner told The Paducah Sun that the recreation area's management was advised late last year that it needed a more intensive strategy than trapping the animals. He said crews trapped 70 hogs in 2018 and 26 in one week this year.

The feral swine are destroying crops, displacing native species and damaging cultural sites including graveyards.

Kentucky wildlife biologist Terri Brunjes says trapping and hunting won't fully eradicate the animals, but aerial gunning has been used successfully in other areas.

Land Between the Lakes is still considering its options. There's no timeline for a decision.


Information from: The Paducah Sun,

(Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
...Not terrible yet, but with more rain on the way I'm afraid it might not have anywhere to go...

Faith got her first squirrel at 6 months old.
Rem. 870 21 in. barrel ....Hevi-Shot .573 Choke....40 yds.....Federal TSS #9
Anyone heard anything about this buck? Supposly found in Pike County. If it’s legit may make a run at the new state record non typical. I think the record is at 271 7/8”
hey guys, I recently got several pictures of the back bear that’s been chewing up my feeder, wondering if it’s possible to judge weight by higth?

Going by it standing by my feeder it’s roughly 6.5 ft tall on its rear legs, that’s really all I have to go by.

Thanks for any input.

Edit: Just realized I miss spelled black BEAR, blame it on the cruise liquor....
Just wondering what everyone thinks about these pics. The logical ID would be bobcat but not so sure. Looks more like a lion but can't see the tail. These were taken in eastern Simpson county.
A friend and I are considering going to Texas in April to hog hunt. Want a place or outfitter to spot and stalk. Fair chase as not wanting fenced.

Anybody got suggestions or places they’ve been?
My favorite animal to catch!!! It was a long walk in the cold this morning, but well worth it!

Trying to be sneaky
Old Punksatawny Phil did not see his shadow, so we still have 6 more weeks of winter according to the calander. I don't trust his prediction of the weather, he is a groundhog, not a meteorologist.
Or even buck bow kill. How did it go as far as your expectations and shot placement?
Im sure it was damn exciting, would like to hear about it
My daughter in law took these pictures from their house in Wasilla yesterday. My grand doggies didn't get to go outside for a walk yesterday afternoon. 51045143_10215917193900428_8270970108482945024_n.jpg
Don’t catch too many of these anymore..... Flat set with bobcat pee and Western Cats “Nomadic Pride” cat gland lure.
The Poison 30 got here today ordered about a week ago.. sweet looking bow and feels good.. I have never held a Parker and normally won't buy a pig in a poke.. but could not pass up this deal..
This big old male was hungry for some cable last night.
Has anyone rabbit hunted Kleber wma lately if so how did you do? Talk to a guy at work who says a few buddies of his hunted their a few times this year and killed a total of 20 rabbits all together. Just would like to know if he's full of it or not he's been known to tell a white lie or two from time to time.
Ok I own lot hunting videos. Does anyone know of hunting videos that actually show the scouting and deer stand set ups? Most of videos I own they get up on the stand and shoot. Some of them guys can sure go nuts when shooting a buck.
With all the talk of the unwanted bear that are here to stay I think they deserve a forum of their very own. What does everyone else think?
With all the talk of the unwanted bear that are here to stay I think they deserve a forum of their very own.
Looks like inside man Mr. Storm, what do you think?
Anybody ever do this.
Dammit it’s hard. I’m no taxidermist but I guess I should have took it somewhere.
Landon got his buck back this past weekend. First buck with his bow and he could not have been any happier with how it turned out. Taxidermist did an awesome job on him.
But it wasn’t real fun. Calling it quits for the 2018/2019 season. Never was able to connect with a buck this year, Took a small doe early season so not completely eating tag soup
Out hunting this weekend and was hoping for a hitlist buck to come through. Got some good footage in the process. Forgive the music, it was raining and I was in my shooting house, which has a tin roof and believe it or not, that tin roof gets annoying on video lol
Had an awesome squirrel hunt this morning! A friend brought out his dogs to my farm today for some great squirrel action. All grey squirrels. Ended up with 11.
Better Late than never especially when it comes to filling that buck tag. Got it done in Floyd County yesterday with this 9 point. Got it done at 30 yards with the PSE
Had one black female in Mouse hole no catch pic coyote was dead in trap an let’s just say after rain we had last night this one doesn’t need be posted but I hosed it off got a pic think 7th black I ever got.
DEA3C205-DADA-4C20-9AD7-78AE50F6F825.jpeg Highly recommend you check out the podcast if you got some time to kill on one of these cold (mild?)winter days
found this on youtube
bet this is the first time this type hunt has been posted about on here........
older son and i went to Texas, not to be outdone, the wife, younger son, her sister and nephew went to Puerto Rico (using my Hilton Honor points from all my traveling). redneck wife found a guy that takes you on an "iguana safari" using high powered pellet rifles. Two farms, one was a "trophy" farm. could only shoot two there. :)
she said the key was to shoot them in the body first, as they were hugging the branches, they would raise up and then you shoot them in the head. said it was some kind of fun.

my son Jackson on the left with cousin Lucas.
jackson ig3.jpg
if there's going to be shooting and killing, mommas going to be in the middle of it. Their guide Manuel.
jackson ig4.jpg jackson ig2.jpg

jackson ig5.jpg

jackson ig1.jpg
im in search of a remington 550-1 .22 rifle its the semiauto version. if anybody has one they like to sale let me know thanks
I finally got to set some traps back out Christmas Day and caught this male this morning. This is the same location that I caught 3 females couple weeks ago.
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