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been in myrtle beach all week. Plenty ground hogs down that way; saw a crap load driving back today

First try on a Pork Loin cut in two pieces. Absolutely Edible. Matter fact, really good. but I have a long way to go with the new smoker.
My fancy hi tech dual probe thermometers arrived in the mailbox after this one was done.
I finally got all the kids together for a fishing trip, which has been hard to do for various reasons. Due to the kindness of a fellow church member, we were allowed to fish in his pond. It has big catfish, but as far as we knew, mostly small bluegill and bass. We were told to keep what we caught, in order to "thin out" some of the fish. My two youngest caught a bunch of tiny "bait stealers," so I hit on an idea. I rigged up one of the small fish on a bigger hook so my 14 year old could try for a bass. He spotted a "Big fish" under a narrow dock. So like a kid might, he tried to convince it to bite, laying on the dock with the pole in one hand and a short length of line and the minnow in the other, working it like a teabag. Soon there was a splash and a shout from the dock. A "Huge fish" had struck just as John lifted the minnow from the water, breaking it off. Well, later we caught another small fish so I rigged it up again, and with the optimism of youth John returned to the dock and resumed his tea-bag fishing. In between baiting hooks and reffing squabbles between the two young 'uns, I heard John say, "I see him...."
Go for gills and hook up a 24” blue on a 6# rig in current. Sure made for a fun fight. Had another fisherman with a net had not happened by I’d never have gotten him in
Any of you seen any bears yet,about time they are traveling.Two spotted in my County sofar!!

we are looking for a beach vacation away from the normal florida or Carolinas scene. we have been to myrtle beach and the florida beaches.
Did (or do) your mothers hunt, trap, or fish?
For those of you that like this kind of thing, here is a mashup of the flowers I filmed this spring. New footage as well as some old. Enjoy.
I have a couple little friends hanging around my house for a while. Sometimes they are a bit careless where they walk, but i hear them talking to each other every evening. One is named Bob and the other is Miss White.
A friend of mine from decades ago.
Had a bluegill almost 11 inches long, darn near exactly.
The story is he was found one extremely harsh winter frozen below the ice, in a 'pothole sized pond' riddled with cattails.
If you don't mind who do you order from. I ment to post this a couple days ago but just got around to it. I placed a order for 1000 large crickets that were supposed to be 3/4 inch or larger. I got around 90% that were 1/2 inch or less.
Don’t know why but watched a couple hunting shows the other day and was just thinking about things people commonly use that I have never tried or used. Here a few of mine.
1. Never used a thermocell
2. Never used a guide or outfitter (probably will this fall)
3. Never used a mechanical broadhead
4. Never used a hang on stand (only climbers/ladders)

What are some of yours? I really racked my brain on #4 b/c I mostly stand sit but honestly can’t recall hunting a hang on.
Do you believe in them? Do they work? Camo fire has the hand held on sale, what model thermocell do you use
Should be illegal, in fact it is. Have a friend who lives near a bridge, and inconsiderate a-holes show up at all hours of the night, shining lights, stirring up his dogs and waking his family up.

Oh and the KDFWR sucks too, for looking the other way...Here's my middle finger to both group of thugs for giving sportsmen a black eye.
You may have seen this in your wanderings. It is also called "Dolls Eyes."

We made a trip up there today and were not impressed... It seems like just another Gander Mountain type store.. They used to have a lot of variety in used guns.... Old Auto 5s Model 12 Winchesters, SP-10s....

I didn't see much of any of what it used to be like before the Old Codger passed on..
Doesn’t look like a big clutch but it’s nice to see the tube worked.
Added a honey super today. And second brood box to the hive on right.

I am after a large blue cat, ive got the worst luck when it comes to em in the past. Spent most my early years pulling in bullheads. So to me a blue is a REAL catfish.
Deer season with be here before we know if, what's your best warmest, light weight hunting gear you recommend
i got this pic back in December and January I was shocked just goes to show that breeding happens at many different times...

Anybody gonna hit up a few ponds this weekend?
Saw this skinny collared mama bear and two cubs today. Saw 5 over the weekend. We see as many bear as we do deer now! It’s simply amazing how the bear population has exploded in Letcher County in the last 5-6 years.

I hate bear!!!
Anyone use a golf cart for deer hunting . If so how does it do, ps looking for one if anyone has a descent one for sale .my buddies dad is getting some age on him and wants to find a cart so he can't still hunt with him
Does it work? and what product do you recommend ?
Do you have to work the ground up and do soil test and fertilizer
Chickens were a tad cramped in the coop I built, I built it for 10 or so and ended up with a few more.. Also in the old coop they would all fight for the highest roost now they have three all the same hight
I put this gun together a little over 5 years ago and my wife painted for me then. Between dad, my stepson and myself we have hunted with this gun alot and killed 19 birds
We wanted to try something new. So we marinated a sliced up turkey breast and put the chunks in jalapeno slices and wrapped in bacon. I like it fried but i loved it this way.
shopping/looking for a while now. called about tractors in several states and ended up finding this one 3 miles from my house. Kubota 5660, 2016, 84 hours. nubs not worn off of tires. looked brand new.
Both of these trees the one on the left a red the one on the right a white oak are huge, you can't get your arms around either one.. The problem is the red has some dead limbs and is crowding the white which looks the be very healthy. I am thinking of taking the red down so the white will have more room
Any good reviews on a good headlamps, I see Amazon has them for around 25.00 rechargeable
I took a drive to see a woodlot owned by an old co-worker. He said that he had "a lot of ginseng plants." I'll say!

Anybody have any experience with it as far as squirrel and deer hunting ? I went there once years ago, on a hot early fall day, found it pretty tough to get far from the parking lot do to a logging road grown up that was impassable, or straight up climbing. My questions are, was the logging road ever cleared, are there decent deer numbers, and does it get much use ?

Anybody ever take one apart? I cut open a longbeard shell a friend left me. The shot buffer is super glue or some type of plastic glue. The glue is apparently frangible (easily broken) to allow the shot to separate.
I actually let them out a week ago and they seem to like it..

I am gonna need to do an addition on the
They have been hitting this one since March.
My son finally got his second bird this morning. It was a great morning we had birds gobbling all around us then after they flew off the roost the gobbling hushed.
Been a tough year since the birds aren’t using my spot much this year. My buddy was nice enough to let me go over on him which is next to me and hunt this morning.
Just saw two right off the side of the road on my commute this afternoon. They were miles from one another so obviously different mommas. Probably just born today or last day or two. Keep an eye out for the little fellers!
I am looking for recommendations on a new pair of rubber boots. I am tired of buying a new pair every other year and want to go upscale. My last pair of Mucks leaked in a couple of months and the soles came off.

In particular I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Gumleaf or Le Chameau boots. I was looking at the Gumleaf Viking model and the Vierzonord XL in the Le Chameau. Thanks for your help.
I hope you will indulge me here as I quite literally walk down memory lane. When I was little, dad would take me out and walk in the woods, pointing out various plants as we hunted the ultimate prize: Mushrooms! Now, though he is pretty spry at 80 with two metal hips, he fears getting out by himself both for his own sake and especially mom's, as he is afraid she might have trouble of some kind while he is out. I try to get him out when I can. You should have seen his face as he took in the sights, sounds and smells. I wish I lived closer!
Has or does any of you use theses on your dogs? I was thinking of using them, IF THEY WORK. I can't see spending $60.00 each for 3 of them if they don't.
Their early summer runs. One spotted and videoed not far from me a couple days ago. This is in Muhlenberg county near Lake Malone. Gal has video of it running away thru a yard into some woods.
stories and pics to come.
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