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An interesting question was posed on Randy Newberg's Hunt Talk Radio podcast: Should a hunter consider his tag filled if he hits/wounds an animal, but is not able to harvest it? Legally, it obviously does not count against the limit, but should the hunter count it? I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say.
OK guys I need some advice/reccomendatons. I'm fed up with the generic scopes that came on my last two rifles. The questions is: Is it possible to find a decent scope for $100 or less and if so what brand? Thanks for your help.
I shared this tale of a malicious farm animal on another forum and thought you guys might appreciate it.

Some years ago...nearly a decade, probably, I was sneaking through the dark spring woods to be near a field where I often seen the local gobblers hang out. It was still pitch dark as I crept through the brush, as I wanted to be in position well before any of my targets woke up. It was also very quiet, and every little stick I stepped on sounded like a gunshot to me. Thus I was already on edge when I first heard it close up.. the hideous alarm noise of the evil donkey, a fell and odious beast that was to torment me to this very day.

As I neared the place I intended to plop down, a terrible noise broke the pre-dawn silence. It is a difficult sound to describe; like a cross between a deer snort and a dying hippo trying to clear a pulmonary obstruction. It's a wet, burbling chuffing noise, both repulsive in it's resonance and terrifying in it's sudden volume... the sound of the world's biggest hocker being brought to bear. It was also barely 20 yards away and cloaked in darkness, both literal and metaphorical.

Needless to say, I nearly evacuated my bowels that morning, and many mornings since. The long-earred varmint has good eyes too, as he often spots me approaching my deer stand regardless of the time of day. There used to be two of them, now only one. Unfortunately it's the loud one that survives.

I wish I had better pics, but these were taken from the stand that I shot my deer from this year. The afore-mentioned field starts maybe 25 yards behind it. Luckily Evil donkey was busy that day.

Do you have any wicked farm critters to deal with?
I'd like to say I found this, but the truth is somewhat different.

I wish I had seen both of this deer's antlers in a scope. ;)

I posted this a few years back. Grandson Jackson spotted this guy under the backyard feeder one year and wanted me to kill him for a euro mount for his bedroom wall, How do you say no to your youngest grandson. We donated the meat to a local food bank program and they were happy as heck with him. Dressed in the 200 lb range on Uncle Lee's scale, he was being stupid and had his mind on a pretty young doe and forgot to look around that day. When I put a bolt thru both lungs he only ran about 25 yards and fell over in a ditch, it took two of us along with my ATV with winch and a chainsaw to move him 50 Yards to where I could get a strap around his antlers and drag him out. The wife was standing on the deck with 91 dialed on the phone because she just knew I was going to flip that Yamaha over backwards on top of me but we survived.
friggin bear gonna have to go......
I been shuttling containers one place to another for near a month so she could go thru each one and decide what to keep, what to yard sale and what to throw away. Made a run this morning to oldest daughters garage for another load and ran across a surprise. I had this done for the youngest from a 300 + lb bear I killed in Canada.
Came across this article and it got me thinking. Has anybody ever tried one of these? If it helped you recover one deer you would've lost it would be well worth the money. I've never really considered one before, always thought they were a gimmick.
I had one I truly believe if I called him up and said George lets go to BFE and hunt camels his reply would be when to we leave and how long to I need to tell the wife we will be gone. Last I heard he had moved to Arizona tho.
One of the story's went like this. I had set up a Canadian bear hunt he wanted to go on but didn't have the needed deposit at the time. I told him no problem I will just send in both of ours and you can pay me whenever. I got a call a few weeks later that they were catching big bluegill out of a marsh on a F&W area he lived nearby. So off I go to meet up with him and catch myself a bucket full of cold thru the ice bluegill. There was several others that had got the word on that hotspot. As we are sitting there he says in loud enough voice the other guys around us could clearly hear. I bet you $600 I catch a fish before you do and I said OK knowing he was just messing with those other guys. Just a couple seconds later I pulled up a large bluegill thru the hole. Old George walks over and peals off 6 100 bills and hand them to me making sure those other guys seen it. Those guys went nuts, one to the other they were saying did you just see that guy lose $600 on a bet on the next fish. Him or me never told the other guys it was a joke and about the hunt deposit deal.
It seems like i read a long time ago for different bear species your response to a bear attack can change the outcome.

For instance if attacked by a black bear you are best off fighting it.
For brown/griz: definitely dont punch it in the face.
Anyone rifle hunt moose before? Recommendations and experiences?
When did you start your kids hunting?
My wife's first deer. She had the worst case of buck fever I've ever seen but after a couple of deep breaths she pulled off a one shot kill.
Yesterday I had a small catch circle with a trap full of grass. Reset and rebaited and had this female this morning.
Here’s a video of my little boy that was 5 at the time taking his first turkey!

I have a buddy whose family has land in Letcher county. They says they see bears frequently. Will they still not be hibernating when gun season opens in 2 weeks. I am up for a road trip but hate to waste my time if they are denned up. tia
I worked hard on this, and took all the pictures myself. The Title is "Indiana Wildflowers" but most if not all of these can be seen in Kentucky as well. You guys have appreciated similar efforts of mine in the past, so for your enjoyment:

looking for a lease in west or middle Kentucky for me my dad and brothers any help would be appreciated thanks
Can someone tell me how difficult it is and approximate cost per acre to clear cut mature timber and get it to tillable type ground? I've got a couple areas that I would really like to open up for food plots.
Slung Rifle too Slow to Stop Grizzly Attack in Montana
Ammoland Inc. Posted on November 22, 2018 by Dean Weingarten
Grizzly Bear
U.S.A. -( On 11 November 2018, on Sunday morning, Anders Broste was hunting with a friend. He had already harvested his deer, weeks earlier. He had an elk tag, so he had his rifle along in case he was fortunate enough to encounter an elk. He knew there were plenty of deer in the area.

Broste was using two hands to move through heavy brush and alders. His friend was about a hundred and fifty yards away. It is a common and successful hunting technique.

Broste saw the bear as it lifted its head from its bed. Then, the bear charged. Broste had his rifle slung. It was not in his hands and at the ready. He tried to get the rifle off of his shoulder. He was only able to interpose it partly between the bear and his body before the bear was on him.

Broste said he did not have a plan for a bear attack. He said it was mere seconds from the time he saw the bear until it was on him.

A practiced rifle shot, with a rifle in his hands, can hit a close, moving target in less than a second and a half, if he is ready.

Anders Broste
Once Broste was down, He might have been able to use a handgun or bear spray, if they had been holstered for easy access. He is not clear if he kicked the bear. He remembers shouting. After mauling Broste in both arms and legs, the bear ran off....
anyone know of a place in ky to get a bear hide tanned?
thinking about buying a new pair of boots. Lacrosse is having a sale. Anyone have experience with Alphaburley Pro? Should I go with 800 gram or 1600? Price difference isn’t much. I deer hunt in Kentucky and Illinois from October - January. Thanks for advice.
Reagan has had an absolute Awesome season! She killed her 1st deer, a doe with her .223, this past youth season. Then she killed her 1st Buck, with her sister's 7mm-08, Sunday on the 2nd day of Gun Season.
First off these pics have been saved over the years. All from public forums, mostly this one. so none taken off private facebook pages or anything.
There is a new edition of THE OLD PRO TURKEY HUNTER!
The cover is different and there is a new forward, but the contents are still the same.
If you are interested in the book, please email me at
Or visit our eBay store, Gene Nunnery Old Pro Products, for the book and other items.
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The link to our eBay store is below:

Dale Nunnery Phillips
B284A6E3-E96D-4D4B-AA2E-D5E5A61936B5.jpeg where are the leafs when one needs them.... in the woods of course!
I have been a long time member short time poster of this site for quite some time ( really just enjoy cruising the photos and the stories mostly) but last night a post about some moron and his 50 we experiment struck me to my core and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the moderator of this site to see fit to not allow such banter and child like behavior to inhabit this forum. So to ever took hat post down I thank you
Why did the bear cross the road?
I guess to get hit by my Chevy pickup..hit one today 5 minutes from the house..pretty good size bear..didn't kill it, but I bet he will have a headache..
Thank god it did not hurt the truck at all
I drove all the way across the state this week from the west end to Pikeville and back. There is a lot of great hunting land in our state, but we aren't doing a very good job of controlling our deer numbers by hunting as the dead deer on the road side proves. Oh well at least we have plenty when we do hunt so the success rate is high:)
Just got
through reading about the fatal grizzly attack that the bowhunter and guide god how awful!
I feel terrible for the guides family and also for the bowhunter.
I have to say that it was awful odd that the sow reacted the way she did, you would think that if one was going to do so something in that manner, there would be a valid reason such as protecting a cub or a kill.
I have to say that I think dept of fish and game did the right thing by dispatching both animals, and I can't blame the bowhunter for his reaction..its easy for someone to call him a coward for running away but honestly if it was me I can't say what my reaction would be as I have never had to deal with such a dangerous situation...I'm sure when something that crazy is going on its hard to get your mind to work right.
For some reason I think back to Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend. Amy hugenot.
But as you all know they were told to leave. Or suffer the consequences and they did .
Such a tragic story to what should have been a great elk hunt..
May the guide rest in peace....
30 yard Shot
50 yard Recovery

Didn’t have scales to weigh it, maybe green britches will weigh it when they come look at it. Was over 6’ from back feet to tip of its nose in length.
I haven’t got past the cracking and picking out pieces until you’re blue in the face part yet. Anybody got any tricks to make getting the meat easier to remove from the shells?
whats all seasons hunters number?
Has anyone had any luck this year at Pennyrile? I live down in Alabama and I'm heading up that way towards the end of the month. Just curious how the hunting has been. I know the Quota hunt was this past weekend but I can't seem to find any information on the deer harvest results.
Is any of you fellas on here from Union county or Webster county? Shoot me a PM if ya dont mind id appreciate it
This will be my son’s last Eastern KY Youth waterfowl hunt. They got after’em pretty good! We were loaded up and leaving at 8:15am.
I was able to get my first public land buck at Ft. Knox this evening. Not monster but a trophy in my books and a extra buck tag. Both g2’s are bladed in the back.
Morning arrived too soon (as expected) and off we went to a field Frank had scoped for geese the day before. The plan called for shooting both graylag and pinkfoot geese. The greylags are mostly local birds.
After a long 2 year wait, a 7 hour overnight plane ride, and a much delayed 2 hour flight to Inverness I was finally back in the Highlands. After claiming my “right up to the limits” baggage full of gear and gifts, I could see my brother and Frank sitting in the coffee shop awaiting my arrival. A quick load and off we went to the Snow Goose Inn Fish and Chips with a pint before heading north to Caithness.

Arriving at the cottage we unloaded, got squared away, and passed out.

Morning came much too early – especially since my body said it was still the middle of the night. We walked out the truck and noticed with great joy the trailer on the back contained an Argo Cat.

Our destination was just over the shire (county) border into Sutherland, and as we got nearer the omens were good. We saw stags and hinds everywhere alongside the road . Crossing the bùrn (small creek) I looked across the clearcut to see a sika stag standing within the boundary of the area we were to hunt.


Scott had Sika on his wish list, having only killed a spike on our previous trips. We made our plans and stalked into the wind. My brother went towards the clearcut while my friend and I dropped over the edge of the berm and down onto the margins of a very small creek.

We had gotten about ½ mile along when we bumped a sika female. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we realized we were moving too fast. Less than 100 yards further along, our slow movement was rewarded.

Not 200 yards away (later ranged at 171 yards) stood a majestic stag, looking directly toward us. With the strong wind in our face he could not scent us, and it was obvious his rut clouded brain had not identified us as danger.

Slowly but deliberately I put my tripod stick down and rested the rifle. This is when problem number 1 arose. The ground was soft, very soft, and the sticks kept sinking. After about 8-10 inches of downward movement, they appeared to come...
I seem to remember reading somewhere at some point that there was a minimum distance that you could hunt from a dwelling (with a firearm). I have done some searching but have been unable to locate any reference to it now.

Is anyone aware of such a law or regulation?
Does anyone have any info on West Kentucky WMA? My group got selected for December 15-18th. Never hunted it before just looking for any possible info that could help!
Thanks in advance!
IMG_0998.JPG cant have a feeder or a cam. Tear them up.
We were hunting here in Magoffin County on youth weekend and we were lucky enough to get a nice 7 point.
Few minutes ago behind the house,small 6pt
Yesterday I saw 2 dead and 1 live buck on the highway in central ky .
post up what youve seen and round about location .
Do you have any tips on how to hunt small game on public land during deer season and still be courteous?

Should I consider doing more mid-day rabbit hunts this year? I've noticed between 12pm-3pm WMA's are mostly empty. Noon isn't a great time to hunt squirrel but rabbit hunting still may be good at that time...

My fear is that I'll start rabbit hunting a field that someone has been overlooking in a stand since 5:00am, and I just can't see their stand.

Rabbit hunting can be really noisy, and I can cover miles and miles when squirrel hunting. What, other than simply not hunting, can be done to enjoy public small game hunting while having no or minimal effects on big game hunters?
What’s you guys favorite places to stay overnight when hunting in Fort Knox. Doesn’t have to be fancy just clean with bed and shower, thanks!
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