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My sons buddy's were hunting this buck waiting for it to cross into public land when two out of states from CA and their guide shot it! The boys called Fish and Game. This is Idaho.
Hope to get a shot at the big 8 with split brow.
has anyone ever went on a alligator hunt? I'm going to loisiana first week of September.
Here in Indiana we have problems with Judges that simply don't take wildlife lawbreaking seriously. A notorious Judge here in Jefferson county was so indifferent to undersized/over limit fishing cases, for example, that C.O.s were pulling their hair out. He was bad with deer cases as well--the worst example was a guy that shot a 20 plus point buck during archery season with a rifle on public land. He worked out a plea deal where the offender not only got the weapon and the vehicle back, he got the ANTLERS as well after paying a piddly fine. He would even suggest plea deals and argue points of the case ( how can you be sure he was after deer? he said he was coon hunting!). Recently, in Franklin co. I believe, a dude got caught red-handed poaching a large buck. He also got the antlers back. Frustrated C.O.s argued--quite logically, I think-- that giving the antlers back was no different than handing a bag of money back to a bank robber. Stolen is stolen! In Indiana the judge has wide latitude in determining penalties. Is it the same in Kentucky?
looking for somewhere to dove hunt
View attachment 70292 View attachment 70293 View attachment 70293 For anyone who will be hunting near Columbia ky. I have a cabin two miles from Holmes bend marina on green river lake. Sleeps 6 two bedrooms. Fully furnished kitchen, all the comfort of home
20190819_154417.jpg 20190608_175924.jpg 20190608_175924.jpg For anyone who will be hunting near Columbia ky. I have a cabin two miles from Holmes bend marina on green river lake. Sleeps 6 two bedrooms. Fully furnished kitchen, all the comfort of home
I was surprised to learn there are 100 species of milkweed, the only type of plant Monarch butterflies will lay eggs on. By virtue of where it grows, it tends to get cut down at an alarming rate. A friend of mine that plants acres of butterfly-friendly plants showed me some larvae recently.
Our Ruffed Grouse society chapter Tri State Drumming Feathers has 3 permits available for bid until August 30 . Ky whitetail, waterfowl, and spring gobbler 2020 . The funds raised will go back into Ky wildlife habitat ! Please call if interested. Thank you
I’m looking for a Brit pup. I’d like hunting stock as I intend to train the pup myself and would like to start out with a dog that is naturally “Birdy”. Having said that, I’m retired and can’t afford 1500 plus for a pup. So, if any of you guys know of a reputable breeder that I’d appreciate a heads up.

Thanks in advance,

If anyone is looking, consignment auction at Powell's in Campbellsburg KY Saturday, August 17th. Several small tractors, mowers, tillers, grain wagons, etc. for the farm or foodplot work. Exit 34 on I-71 in Henry Co.
1. Shooter Stage

Hunters at this stage simply want to do a lot of shooting, be it doves, ducks, squirrels, rabbits or even deer (in which case shooting opportunities are acceptable too). They want to test their shooting abilities, as well as that of their rifle or shotgun. These hunters are beginners and are often young as well.

2. Limiting-Out Stage

Eventually, simply burning through a lot of ammunition is no longer sufficient. Hunters at this stage still gain a lot of satisfaction from shooting, but now the number of birds or animals bagged becomes important too, and limiting-out, or filling a tag, is the gold standard.

3. Trophy Stage

Eventually the weight of the game bag becomes less important and the emphasis shifts from quantity to quality. Hunters at this stage gain satisfaction from being selective in taking game, such as a duck hunter who shoots only greenheads, a turkey hunter who only shoots long beards, or a deer hunter who takes only mature bucks. These hunters often travel long distances to hunt trophy animals.

4. Method Stage

For this hunter, taking game is still important, but more important is how that game is taken. True satisfaction comes from the method used to take game, with particular emphasis on more challenging methods such as archery or muzzleloading. This hunter will spend a lot of time scouting and using trail cameras, studying their quarry and practicing hunting skills such as calling and, in the case of a deer hunter, may even choose to target one specific animal.

5. Sportsman Stage

After many years in the field, the...

Usually this thread gets started back in February...... Anyone planting this year? I'm about a week away from planting this year. I planted 5 acres last year on May 25th.
Right behind my house.... Hopefully some bigger ones show up on the other farm I’m running cameras on now...
Lets say you had a pond about 1 acre and in it you had almost all the typical panfish and largemouth bass, then you had bullhead catfish.
anybody here from Harrison?
I checked dad's "pet" four prong ginseng. The seeds will be red by the end of the month. Eventually I want to do a detailed video on seed collection and replanting.

That means chicken time. Rain over weekend made the pop.
This weekend we were out harassing the local pigeon population... I would take a slingshot and shoot a marble up around their roosts to run them out for a shot and it occurred to me that I practically grew up with a wrist rocket attached to my left hand!

All those memories came flooding back and I realized that I deserve my very own slingshot forum where I can feel comfortable discussing all the joys and problems that go along with slingshot hunting with like minded folks on our own private forum!

I'm hiring Hatsan Sniper as my agent/advisor!
Buddy from GA sent this to me..
What's your favorite breakfast sausage? There is a little store down the street that cooks breakfast and get it's from bardstown in I'm correct. They have hot and mild. Man is it delicious
If you had to pick one to plant a small 1/8 acre plot. What would you go with?
I'm reaching out here to see if anybody can help me out. I am going on a bear hunt in Maine 1st week in September. I need to check my zero on the shot gun. Is there anybody in Meade or Hardin County that has a place where I can throw a few rounds down range?
You all get a email to do a survey from the kdfwr?
Can anyone tell me what year it was legal to hunt fox at night? Also what year did they stop allowing you to night hunt for fox. Thanks
Many of you guys on here going to the hunting expo this Saturday at the adair county high school? Gonna be my first year going to it but everyone Ive talked to thats ever been to it really brag on it
Got a couple pics of this big cat this week. I'm no expert, but this cat appears to be huge. Deer pic is for reference to show the log as comparison. That cat has to go 40 lbs?
Blonde groundhog, have killed 30+ at my house in the past few years but this is a first for me
Our house lot backs up to a retention pond. Through some stocking by me, and plenty of natural stocking by the damn ducks and geese, it got to be overrun with sunfish and frogs. The past couple of years, I’ve been catching bass at other lakes, bringing them home, and realeasing them in said pond.
Crazy brow tines on this one
I have an old bowfishing rig that still works just fine..its just old..PSE..its free if there is anyone needing it..located in Calloway Co..If anyone would like to have it, they are welcomed to out shop and have no use for it anymore..
This is my first takedown longbow. I have built my own bows for many years now, but now with health issues like last year, I am having the most of it done, I will finish it.
Any way to find a list of the top 8 pointers in the state killed with a bow?

See poll choices.
Shot and recovered.
Hey all I'm new to the Forum any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for a good dove field to take my dad hunting on. That's the only hunting I can get him to do with Me anymore. It's been years since we've been on a good shoot, we've tried the public fields and have been less than impressed. We live in the Elizabethtown area but don't mind driving a little bit, I'd be willing to pay for the right opportunity. Thanks in advance
I'm usually to busy/ Lazy to make a serious effort to rid the yard of them but I do go after "problem moles." Anybody here trap them?
Alright my friends. I joined the club last week. Fired up the thermacell for the first time last night out on the patio and got it going right now with the fire pit. Jury is still out. Do I notice a difference/think it helps? Yes. No bugs in a 15x15 area, I’d have to say no. As a matter of fact, I just sprayed some bug spray b/c those little small black mosquitoes were wearing me out. Don’t shoot me, just giving my early evaluation. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong?
Pretend that for whatever reason you know youve got your last meal coming. What do you order?
Bought eggs from a widow woman for the last 25 years. She passed away and wife asked me to pick up a carton of eggs. Picked up a carton labeled Large and headed home. Sunday morning wife is laughing in the kitchen and summons me in there.
I got these 20 chestnut trees as nuts from the American Chestnut foundation in New York back in March or April of this year. I put them in these root starter bags and they are doing well. Not sure why the one is more yellow as it seems to be growing well.
The little guy on the right is an oak that I picked up out of the yard and stuck it in the pot.
I have looked for Morels for several years before basically giving up... Never found the first specimen and I have a pretty good eye...


Never heard of them till two weeks ago. Saw a post on FB. Was out on Sunday and found a bunch but only took four for positive ID. They passed and sautéed up in butter and garlic salt and were quite good!
hope to get a pic when he sheds the velvet. Or I will be satisfied with a velvet pic late August. Had him on cam once last yr.
Found a couple spots where deer are jumping my new fence..
went to the farm today to cut the Clover and Alfalfa field and start prepping my other field for my fall food plot.
A guest at the Park brought me a bird that they probably should have left.... but I did my best and got it to the Naturalist.

What is the average $ a hunter pays to join a hunt club?
Benefits and advantages or disadvantages?

Leasing a farm / land
Benefits and advantages or disadvantages?
I was travelling thru Winchester this past week and stopped at a gas station for a cold drink. I spotted a pickup loaded with a nice 6x6 Elk mount and spoke to the owner about his recent hunt. As we talked, I told him that I enter the elk hunt lottery every year but never was drawn. Told him that my brother in law had a herd of about 60 elk on his land for years but that in the last 2-3 years they have disappeared. This is when the elk hunter shocked me.

He said we would have lots more elk if the state was not trading them away to other states. He said that 64 pregnant cows were hauled out of the state after the last season. Claims that the Elk hunt outfitter backed up this claim. To re-state his claim: He stated that the KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife are trading and selling elk to other neighboring states. Really? Why? I asked him what they were getting in trade? He claimed to have inside information that the State was receiving Bears, Coyotes, and Rattlesnakes in return for elk. I do not want to believe that our DNR officials would be that bad at trading or that the hunters statement is based in fact. The only reason I am posting this now it to trigger a discussion on the subject to see if any of us have supporting evidence that would confirm or deny his wild claim.

Bears, I could possibly believe but they are such a nuisance. Coyotes or snakes? What possible benefit could they be? We have too many coyotes already. Next they will want to bring in wolves and cougars, lol. Just to restate the obvious: This is pure hearsay on my part and I have NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that the statement is true or false. I just want to know the truth.

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