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I know a few hunters that are deer blind . Even if you point at a deer they still can not see it .
I know my son at a early age was deer blind but now he can pick them out better than I can
I don't have this problem but have seen a few that do.
Train your eyes when sitting in the woods . Look off far away and focus , stare and change to up close and then back far away.

got in the stand this afternoon around 3:30 shot him at 6:15 15 yard shot 50 yard recovery rage hypo nc
But I can now. He's dead, lol.
For anyone who will need a place to stay near Green river lake hunting area. I have a cabin near Holmes bend marina. It's a 2 bedroom, fully furnished kitchen. If interested PM me.
I was just wondering...who would be stupid enough to take a .22 pistol to a place that was literally crawling with polar bears??

I would think shooting a polar bear with a .22 would be a super "pisser-off'er" to a polar bear.

People go better with Coke...

Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway
Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 23, 2019 by Dean Weingarten
Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway; iStock-940461304

U.S.A.-( While searching for cases where pistols were used to defend against bears, three failures have been found. In the last published results, of 73 cases, that was a 4% failure rate. The very small sample size means a few cases can change the percentages of success or failure significantly. It is useful to know what happened in each case to determine how the failures and successes occurred.

The three failures involved the three species of North American bears. One case involving a polar bear and a .22 pistol in 1995, one case involving a grizzly bear and a .357 magnum in 2010, and one case involving a black bear and a .38 revolver in 2015.

Reasonably detailed accounts of the failures for the 2010 and 2015 attacks have been given in the last update, where 73 cases were examined.

The failure of the .22 pistol defense against...
Did his hunting violations end his career? There's been more Ky mtn lion sightings the past few yrs than Spook sightings.
I’ll be camping there from Thursday to Monday. Anyone know if anything’s biting or if the creeks even fishable. I’ve always wanted to get into fly fishing but have very little experience with it.
Saturday day morning of the KY youth season, my son killed an absolute deer of a lifetime. I’m 39 hunted since I was 12 years old. Never in my lifetime of hunting have I ever seen a buck of this caliber.
When to my stand was getting strong whiffs of a dead animal so I went and checked it out thinking someone shot one and didn’t find it. Found them locked up
I am unable to find a nice/warm Camo sweat shirt that is not a hoodie. I prefer Real tree pattern in size 3x. Does anyone have any ideas where I can order one? I have had no luck with google, eBay or amazon. Thanks.
I'm not sure how many people know the meaning of "Counting Coup"? From what I understand, some of the Indian Tribes respected the act.. Basically in battle, they did not necessarily have to kill the enemy to claim glory.. If they simply touched the enemy it counted as an act of bravery.

Sometimes when hunting I have the same sort of satisfaction with a non target animal getting close such as a squirrel or a doe when I'm waiting for a buck..

I just bought a new slingshot last week and today I was in town placing a For Sale sign in the yard of a house.. The squirrels were thick but so were the houses and I sure didn't want to introduce myself to the neighbors over a broken window...

But I was itching to try the sling shot out also... So I loaded up but only pulled about 1/3rd draw and launched a few steel balls at them.. The third one scared the little bugger and I enjoyed doing that without hurting him..

I might try this on a few does during gun season or a few squirrels!
I’m a big woodcock hunter and have always stuck with my Filson chaps over different types of so so pants.

thick thorny cover is what I worry about. Need something to withstand hell and back.

thought about just getting filson tin pants or filson double pants (shelter/tin).

I’m up for paying good money for quality.
What do you stay in while hunting and how good would it need to be?
Old cabin
Lease lodge

Outhouse outside ok??

I have access to a small old Winnie Minnie RV and it is in kind of rough shape but ????
I have seen some good campers fairly cheap.
Grizzly Bear Attack in Montana Stopped with 9mm Pistols
Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 7, 2019 by Dean Weingarten

Gregersen's Glock 43 and ammunition
Arizona -( – On 16 September 2019, Chris Gregersen and Donivan Cambell were bow hunting elk in Montana, in the Gravelly Mountains, when they were attacked by a grizzly bear. They had gone out for an afternoon hunt, and had hunted up steep drainage, climbed the opposite slope, and had been calling for elk on the opposite side of the ridge with a bugle call.

They were returning to their truck and camp. They stopped calling on the top of the ridge, crested the ridge, and were on a steep downward slope, moving toward the creek at the bottom, on an old game trail. There was no cell service in the area.

The weather was clear, in the 50s, with a slight breeze. It was 6:30 p.m. The sun was low in the sky. They wanted to get back before dark.

In addition to their archery equipment, both men had 9 mm pistols. Chris Gregersen had a Glock 43. Donivan Campbell had a Sig Sauer P320. Both guns were loaded with full metal jacketed (FMJ) cartridges.

Chris said he carried the Glock 43 because it was small enough to be taken every day.

Both men are professional biologists, with degrees in wildlife ecology, working in their chosen field. They are familiar with bears and bear behavior. They live and work in Washington State. They are both longtime hunters and fishermen. They are proficient...
Is fox and coon season now open? It is legal to harvest and hunt them now?
So when does the slithery types head to hibernation? We have our first frost predicted for the 20th or so...

Woodcock season comes in on the 23rd IIRC and I would like to try em for my first time ever. I have one possible spot in mind but it tends to be snakey....
I don't know that I have ever seen an Autumn Olive but for those that have them the berries sound interesting!
Just a question.
I’m a member of NAVHDA with my Versatile dog breed (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon)

We used to have a Kentuckiana Chapter that was based in Indiana. It has since disbanded and the closest chapters are Mid-Ohio and Appalachian Valley ( I believe that’s the closest off the top of my head)

A friend and I have been tossing the idea for some time to start a new Ky based chapter.

Just to get an idea would anyone with Versatile breed dogs be interested or anyone currently in NAVHDA be interested?

Looked for Paw Paws yesterday...pretty thin year on my hunting land. I struggled on the video to describe what "ripe" is. Most people like them soft with yellowish pulp, though some like the pulp whiter--what others would think still "Green."
The good lord blessed Me with my biggest bow buck ever this morning . He came in and gave me a perfect 20 yard shot and he ran 20-30 yards and dropped . It’s so great to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors and Gods country
My oldest son braiden killed his first deer this evening.20 yard shot 50 yard recovery one happy 9 year old
Saturday I may get to sit out all day..... I'm excited!!!!!! Tips?
Any of you all know Soc Clay the outdoor writer from Greenup Co? I have only met him once but was completely absorbed by his colorful stories of fishing and hunting in South America, especially in Peru. Met him in a local watering hole near his home. Total accident. I think we could have been good friends if we had spent more time together. A very colorful fellow and good writer as well.

Is anyone having any luck on WMA's? Not asking for anyone's honey hole location. Just curious if anyone is finding them worth messing with or is it better to find a lease or club.
Has anybody tried the battery heated jacket by Gobi that could give a review ?

Three settings: low, medium, High - supposedly 10 hour battery life.

Would like to see a longer warranty then just one year, however.
One of my hunting properties has a crazy neighbor. He got mad at the landowner when he was denied access. ( he is a poacher, who recently lost his hunting rights for a year). His M.O. Is to shoot at dawn and dusk on opening days, or whenever he sees that someone is hunting. This includes youth season. We knew he would act up this year, but went anyway, to honor the landowner's efforts on our behalf. Happily, John had managed to take a doe the day before on another property.
94E83C00-11CC-43A5-8853-2B3F03A944E1.jpeg 6FCC3F65-091D-4ADC-9EDB-90D9C7DBF55D.jpeg My buddy found some doves feeding in a shelled corn field and invited me to hunt today. Turned out to be a good hunt! Matthew got dove #3 today!! The excitement on his face when he shoots and that dove come crashing down, is an awesome thing to see as a parent. I almost got my limit with my new 28 gauge also!!
Is it just me or does it seem like that most hunters just want the spot to kill trophy deer.
Every one that has asked me about hunting , the first question is there trophy deer there 140" or bigger.
They all seem to want a guarantee that they will have success of killing that monster of a lifetime deer . I don't know of any one who can guarantee a successful trophy kill.
Doesn't anyone want to just go into the woods and hunt?
What varieties do you find between now and Spring?
Have you noticed this stuff blooming everywhere when trimming your shooting lanes?
I didn't used to care for his hunting shows, but the last few years, I have really become a fan. I really enjoy his love for hunting, his endurance, and his obvious admiration for the game he hunts.
Got a summit climber. I did away with the carrying straps that came with it and put on some old army rucksack padded straps and a kidney pad but now I have realized that the underside of the platform digs into my back...I can carry maybe two miles before my back is killing me. Has anyone ran across a padding system to attach to the platform for carrying?
First day
First velvet buck
Best bow kill
First one of these I have seen in KY.. and it is a BIG one that is a 2x8 it is on..
smoked my big 10 that I’ve posted In the trail cam section since June heard him crash and just found him 40 yards away, pics coming soon
9457D983-A751-4A59-A486-013F0934604D.jpeg funny thing about this rattlehead I killed Sunday; I was standing there looking around for seng. U ever hear something at first and really not pay any attention? That’s what happened here. I heard it but didn’t react. After a few secs I was like thst sounds like a jar fly. Then I thought, could be a snake. So I got to looking out in front of me and low in behold there it laid stretched out facing me. If he hadn’t rattled no telling how close I woulda got to him. And don’t think they all rattle when they sense u because they don’t.
A couple that I am friends with near Richmond on Clays Mill Road, (North of town off of I-75) were in their yard on the backyard patio one day last week when a full grown Mtn Lion bounded up the hill in the back yard and charged their position until it approached to within a few dozen yards where it stopped and hissed, snorted, growled at them. (I was not there so, I am describing this 2nd hand). They got a fright, the big cat got a fright and retreated. They have not seen it since but reported that some of the neighbors did.

I was a little amused when their 1st reaction was to want to kill it. They have been somewhat anti-gun, at least anti-ugly black-high capacity semi-auto rifle. Now they want a phalanx system for their back yard, lol. I am not vouching for the sighting other than to say the two adults making the report are mature, intelligent people of good report and not prone to wild, un-substantiated allegation. After a double eye-witness report one of the neighbors wanted pictures to "Prove" the sighting. Sorry, no pics it just happened too fast. These cats move around a lot. Anybody else spot one in the Richmond, Winchester, Berea Triangle?

Got his first squirrel this morning! And his first dove this afternoon!!! We had another awesome dove hunt!! C1C19C35-8610-481D-B27D-43A82392CDE7.jpeg E7E471E3-8A52-4411-8C2D-5A7AEF0D085C.jpeg
I looked around for a long time for a fan mount. I didn't see anything I loved, so I decided to make my own. I distressed the wood to make it look like aged barn wood. I white washed the frame to make it look like faded white barn wood. I haven't yet added my other beards to it, but I think you get the idea of it with what's there.
I’ve been trying for a few years on trips to Florida to catch a Peacock bass. Finally laid into a 3lb, 19inch one this morning. Heck of a fighting fish, and gorgeous. Hammered the crankbait like a freight train. Also saw several jumping 3 feet out of the water, though I couldn’t get them to hit my top water.
I'm looking for a place to hunt bear here in KY this year. Anybody willing to help me out?
I went dove hunting for the first time on opening day at a public field. It was blast and they were delicious so I’m hoping to get into a few more.

My question is: are the public dove fields any good after opening weekend? I imagine they all get hit pretty hard and the birds start avoiding them. I drove by a large public field last Friday and only saw 1 dove and it was flying really high and over the entire field. Never landed.
Alright Sawyers users, I finally gave in and bought some. Just drenched my clothes that are hanging out back, I hope it’s odorless on because the freakin stuff smelled like paint thinner while spraying it!
Fished with these caterpillars once over 20 years ago and burned up the bass on them.
Friend of mine told me they would have come from the catalpa tree, investigating it more the caterpillars are from those big sphinx moths! (Which i love)
Anyone else fish with these and do you all have catalpa trees in your area or are they rare?
I have had back problems for a few years now and it flares up time to time and just so happens august the 20th it hit me and I just now been able to get out and walk around still not in shape to get to hunt opening weekend though. As if this wasn't enough I had high hopes of checking my trail camera which had been soaking for the couple of weeks I been laid up only to go and find this. Destroyed the camera just to get it out.

Alright!! Who’s out there after ‘em this morning?

Let’s all be super careful up and down those trees! Lord willing we’ll all have a good day today.

...... and don’t forget pictures later on. We all want to see them! Ha!
Anyone wear them? What’s a good deal without dropping too much dime for a guy with tree trunk legs? I got a Cabela’s boot with attachable gators deal that’s about 10 years old. Still workable but been thinking of getting another pair that are easy on/off with any boot.
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