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Hello all. I am closing on a home in Bell County with a small amount of acreage. With neighbors directly across the street, hunting on my property didn't seem feasible to me...until I came across a deer stand in "my" woods. Obviously the previous owner was hunting it.

Whom would I contact to find out if my land is too "residential" for legal hunting? Or perhaps it's more complicated- or simple- than that?

Thank you.

We took a trip to Ft.Knox on the 16th/17th. Their papaw, these two boys and myself. My older son Case killed his Saturday evening. We hadn't seen a deer all day between the four of us and was looking one last time before we got up to head out a little after 5pm.
Despite 25-30 mph winds, we managed to kill 11 today. We still had a ton of fun, and had some awesome runs again today. Wind blowing the tall weeds, sure makes it hard to see the rabbits.
The boss lady got her a cat around 9 this morning, west of Bullitt Co. One less cat to make its way around the state.:)
Not a big one but the outfitter wanted her to take it cause snow was knee deep and he wasn't sure she could travel a long way in those conditions. I didn't think my hunts could have been more difficult, but knee deep snow, steep mtns, not a level spot to step and thin air.....she did real good. Going after a big one now if they can tree one within reasonable distance.
Ben, my deer guide, got him a bobcat on the way out.
Wife took this pic yesterday afternoon.
Rock arch on indian reservation.
Just dropped off boss lady and her archery gear at the airport, she's heading to NM chasing lions tomorrow.
I see that youth deer season is coming up December 28 and 29.
My question is can they hunt with gun ?
I thought some of you might enjoy this. My son and I painted a monster on a pumpkin, and since it was time to get rid of it, naturally I thought I should shoot it with something.
I was impressed with the penetration of a 40# recurve. I think one or two of those shots would have passed through had they not struck the block target they were sitting on. I have no doubt 40# would do the trick on a deer.
Deer Hunting on thursday and not much was moving but squirrels then in flew a hawk with a couple squacks millin around on the ground. Not more than 20 yards from the squirrel in a tree looked around for 2-3 min i had my camera out ready to film a hawk squirrel fight but nothin happened..... i would have thought that hawk which had a dark red breast btw would have had a squirrel feast but he acted like he didnt care at all about the squirrels then just like that he flew away.... is this because he was full and didnt nothin to eat or some other reason ..... and it was odd that the squirrels didnt alert every squirrel in a 3 mile radius as usual protocol.
Its already been posted that a dove field and decoy spread will bring out the GWs. Heres another way, have elk antlers visible in the bed of your truck.
I was checked 3 times in NM, once in Oklahoma and twice in Ky. The last time was friday afternoon on I-64 between Mt Sterling and Morehead. Cruising along at about 75, saw a pickup in the emergency lane ahead if me, pulled off more than usual. I thought maybe a hunter in the adjacent woods. Passed it and saw it was GW. Truck pulls out, catches up with me, turns the blue lights on. He checked the elk, saw the couse antlers. Both were tagged and he didnt even inspect the tags. A very nice young man, said he's not there to enforce NM laws but someone called (between Lex and there) me in when they saw the antlers so this GW was out there waiting on me. Then a state trooper in Grayson checked them out while sitting at traffic light just because he hadn't been that close before.
Anybody know why they clear cut such a large section of Kaler Bottoms? ALL of the row planted trees off of Hwy 131 are just gone. I hadn’t hunted that section yet this year. Drove up the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes. What was a rather large tract of tall timber is now just a giant brush pile as far as the eye can see. I’m sure there was a reason, but I’m a little disappointed. I enjoyed hunting both deer and turkey in that section.
I'll be up on our property thanks giving weekend , not hunting just hanging around walking the property. So my question is ,am I required to wear hunter orange if I'm not hunting on my property? I'm just trying to stay legal
Officials to announce new wildlife refuge in Kentucky
Posted: 5:24 AM, Nov 21, 2019
Updated: 5:24 AM, Nov 21, 2019


HENDERSON, Ky. (AP) — Federal officials plan to announce a new national wildlife refuge in western Kentucky.

A statement from the U.S. Department of the Interior says Secretary David Bernhardt and U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell will join other dignitaries Friday in Henderson to announce the Green River National Wildlife Refuge.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the ceremony will take place on the first 10-acre (4-hectare) tract of what will eventually to be a 24,000-acre (9,713-hectare) refuge. The area offers habitat for a variety of plants, animals, birds and fish, as well as outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors.

It is the second such refuge that is located solely in Kentucky.
I know this is not about hunting. For anyone needing a place to stay while you are near green river lake. I have a cabin 2 bedrooms. Contact me for details
My oldest son Triton is 14. I told him going into gun season that I was going to let him start sitting by himself. Not that I don’t want to be with him. I’ll always want to be there but those ladder stands just ain’t big enough for the both of us anymore. He’s done well. I’m normally about 400 yards away. Went on his own yesterday evening. So it was almost dark this evening.

For those of you that leave them with the gut pile, why do you do that?

That pile on the left will make 10-12 meals of bbq. 8 meals to the chunk on the right. What's still on the bone in the middle will make one helluva pot of vegetable soup for another 10-15 meals.

Why did I wait so long to buy one?? Finally picked one up today and kicking myself for not doing so 15-20 years ago! Ground an entire buck, bagged/vacuum sealed, and in the freezer in 25 minutes. Best money I've ever spent.
I always sit out opening day to give the land owner some room. I stand by to help since he's getting on in years. Well, he shot a decent buck and after gutting it for him I was paid to run it to the processor. Now this video looks scary, but I drive 50 miles to go to these guys because they are very clean and competent. Keep in mind that this was shot on opening day during the rush. They were actually catching up! Still, it gives an idea how many deer drop statewide on the opener.

B410319F-E1A4-483C-BEC9-DDD221B8C36E.jpeg My uncle has found this skin every year for the past 8 years or so if not longer in a old box trailer the post it’s hanging on is almost 7ft tall and the skin is tore at both ends a little. He’s only seen the actual snake once
Hey guys, just curious who on here has hunted bear in KY? And what advice you may have. I plan to go during modern gun season and am thinking about trying Beaver Creek WMA. This will be my first time hunting bear so any advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
We had Brennen Nading and Dylan Lenz of, The Breaking Point TV on the show. If your not familiar with these guys, go check them out! Great hunts, great cinematography, and just some great guys. Join us as we discuss making it on YouTube, camera gear, hunting strategies for big bucks and more on #LiveOnReloaded
I have a question for anyone or everyone who has done food plot primarily for deer. This season I decided to throw some oats out with a spreader in the fall. Oats came on slow but lately up until the cold hit the deer were hammering it only maybe 1/2 acre. Anyways I need ideas for next year for spring. All I have right now is a spreader and basic backpack sprayer for weed killer any input would be appreciated.
Finally connected on a mature buck in Eastern KY
I have been running cameras on this farm but like most of my other spots I hadn't had any picks of any shooters. So this morning i decided to go to a stand i hadnt hunted any this year. Right after daylight i seen a deer going around the hillside, but it was still so dark that i lost sight of it as soon as it went through the small opening in the brush.
I took my girlfriend hunting for the first time on Saturday morning and she shot this stud! And with a crossbow! I was so excited and happy for her and I was able to video the whole hunt! The link to the video is here if you guys wanna watch it!
I'm stuck in Lexington and don't drive. I'd like to hunt small game or birds. I have an intrest in working with dogs but no knowledge. I've seen so many deer on the walls I don't think I can beat the record so I'm just happy being outdoors.
There chasing in Carrollton!!
Found what appears to be a hunting dog (beagle-something) upon leaving TN Sullivan WMA this evening. Dog is male, well behaved, got right in the car. If anyone is missing one or knows of someone who is, let me know so I can get it back to them.

I plan to see if it's chipped tomorrow, but as of now it has a collar but no tag.

It looks like the kind of dogs folks were using last Friday for rabbit season opener out there.

Seems a good boy, hopefully can get him back to owners.
Hey y’all, gonna be up front, we’re from GA, but headed to Campbell Co for 1 week to see family. Been wanting to turn this into a yearly public land KY trip for a while. Closest WMA’s are Stephens creek, Adair, Gates-Lloyd and Mullins WMA’s. If y’all have any advice on which one or how to hunt em, I know we’d be very grateful.
Well I enjoy taking the slingshot when I walk the dogs... One or two of them are gun shy and danged if they are not un comfortable around the slingshot?

I'm playing with 1/4 and 3/8ths steel ammo. I like the 1/4 but can't hardly see the trajectory to adjust fire!

It makes for a nice toy/tool to offer options when out in the woods!

And I'm able to do all this WITHOUT having my own separate slingshot forum.....
I know this doesn't have anything to do with hunting. But this past weekend I had some hunters stay at my cabin while on a quote hunt on green river lake. It's a newly built rustic old style home with 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6. All the comfort of home. Weekly rental and daily. If interested PM me for more information.
I have never found this mushroom before and came across one today while deer scouting. Does anyone know what this is? Thank you in advance for any help.

Anyone have any of these knifes. Thought about trying one out. Got a catalog in the mail from smokey mountain knife works
I been having problems keeping my feet warm. How you all keep them warm? Are them booties you put over your boots any good? This coming weekend it's going to be cold.
I didn't see any KY bear hunting reports on here yet.
Found this plant on a WMA this week. What is it? I have never seen it before.
resize1572735874697.jpg resize1572735875379.jpg resize1572735875107.jpg
What is the legal requirement for having hunter orange on a hunting blind ?
How do you flag your hunt blind with orange while you are inside?
I know a few hunters that are deer blind . Even if you point at a deer they still can not see it .
I know my son at a early age was deer blind but now he can pick them out better than I can
I don't have this problem but have seen a few that do.
Train your eyes when sitting in the woods . Look off far away and focus , stare and change to up close and then back far away.

got in the stand this afternoon around 3:30 shot him at 6:15 15 yard shot 50 yard recovery rage hypo nc
But I can now. He's dead, lol.
For anyone who will need a place to stay near Green river lake hunting area. I have a cabin near Holmes bend marina. It's a 2 bedroom, fully furnished kitchen. If interested PM me.
I was just wondering...who would be stupid enough to take a .22 pistol to a place that was literally crawling with polar bears??

I would think shooting a polar bear with a .22 would be a super "pisser-off'er" to a polar bear.

People go better with Coke...

Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway
Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 23, 2019 by Dean Weingarten
Details of .22 Pistol Defense Failure against Polar Bear in Norway; iStock-940461304

U.S.A.-( While searching for cases where pistols were used to defend against bears, three failures have been found. In the last published results, of 73 cases, that was a 4% failure rate. The very small sample size means a few cases can change the percentages of success or failure significantly. It is useful to know what happened in each case to determine how the failures and successes occurred.

The three failures involved the three species of North American bears. One case involving a polar bear and a .22 pistol in 1995, one case involving a grizzly bear and a .357 magnum in 2010, and one case involving a black bear and a .38 revolver in 2015.

Reasonably detailed accounts of the failures for the 2010 and 2015 attacks have been given in the last update, where 73 cases were examined.

The failure of the .22 pistol defense against...
Did his hunting violations end his career? There's been more Ky mtn lion sightings the past few yrs than Spook sightings.
I’ll be camping there from Thursday to Monday. Anyone know if anything’s biting or if the creeks even fishable. I’ve always wanted to get into fly fishing but have very little experience with it.
Saturday day morning of the KY youth season, my son killed an absolute deer of a lifetime. I’m 39 hunted since I was 12 years old. Never in my lifetime of hunting have I ever seen a buck of this caliber.
When to my stand was getting strong whiffs of a dead animal so I went and checked it out thinking someone shot one and didn’t find it. Found them locked up
I am unable to find a nice/warm Camo sweat shirt that is not a hoodie. I prefer Real tree pattern in size 3x. Does anyone have any ideas where I can order one? I have had no luck with google, eBay or amazon. Thanks.
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