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How many of you have one of these?
Injured Hunter Sues Bullet Manufacturers...
When a professional big game hunter on safari in Africa shot a charging lion from 30 yards, he expected the cat to die, or at least be stopped. Instead, the lion mauled him.

According to a federal lawsuit filed late last month against two bullet manufacturers, one of which is the Federal Cartridge Company, it was bad bullets that allowed the lion to attack Rolf Rohwer.
His attorney says Rohwer suffered permanent damage to his legs, arm and back. Rohwer says he was trying a new type of ammunition on the day of the attack.

Officials at Federal Cartridge hadn't seen the suit and were unable to comment on it, said Rod Bitz, spokesman for Alliant Techsystems Inc., Federal's parent company. The other company named in the suit is Trophy Bonded Bullets Inc. of Houston, Texas.

if he was such a pro, he wouldve tested and known what the bullets were capable of. either way its a b.s.lawsuit[:(!]

I plan on getting a new hunting machine and I see that Polaris is coming out with a new look for the Sportsman. Restyled grill, beefed up front and back racks, new instrument pod and flared fenders. Has anyone seen one yet?
In the mail today I got a catalog loaded with unique gifts and such for us hunters & outdooor enthusiast! Some of it, a touch on the corny side. Alot of nice picture frames, photo albums, artwork, t-shirts & more. I'm not sure if the website I'll provide has everything the catalog has (might even have more) Check it out when you gotta minute and Tell the Wife or Husband, Remember both Mothers day & Fathers day are close!!

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Hi, first of all my name is Jim. I am moving to E-town in August. I am a co-op shooter for Matthews, also shoot for Bo-doodle, Bulls-eye, AAE, and Fletcher Archery. Where is a good club to join in the E-town area, and are there a lot of shoots in KY. Thanks and good hunting.
A discussion has came up and I'm not for sure that I know the answer. The question being " is it illegal to sell, say a snapping turtle to someone for human consumption?". Or what about trading something of value for it _besides money?
we are so greatful to be living in the USA..
and the great state of Kentucky, is blessed in many ways
from wildlife to horses to great people....

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
If you would like to read the stories of poachers getting caught here in Kentucky, then here's your chance.

There's a new magazine put out by the Kentucky Wildlife and Boating Officers. In it, you can read the stories as told by the officers themselves.

So if you would like to hear about the deer and turkey poachers and other law violators who didn't get away with it, while staying informed of KY's hunting, fishing, and boating laws, then call the number below to support your local officers and receive your copy of the magazine.

The officer's association is using some magazine proceeds to send needy kids to Conservation Camp while supporting other handicap children's organizations also.

The magazine is funded through advertisements. Businesses or individuals may take out an ad in order to receive a copy of this magazine.

To get your copy, call the Kentucky Conservation Officer’s Association office at

For more information, contact the magazine editor at -

Editor / Officer Jeff Finn
P. O. Box 360
Lewisburg, KY 42256


what would be the best beginners deer rifle for a woman my wife is just getting in to hunting.
hey guys I moved to louisville about a year ago and haven't met anyone that hunts yet .My wife wanted to move here after college to be with her family and no one in her family hunts but they do have a farm to hunt on so if anyone wants to do any turkey hunting this spring ,fishing ,or drink some beer one night you can e-mail me at
I have the opportunity to lease some land in Elliot Co. Anybody have any opinions on the county? My son and I sae a few deer there while looking at the place.
when does quail hunting start in barren co. this year.
Anybody found or been out lookin' for morrels yet??
Hi everyone. I am from Australia where Hog Hunting is very popular nation wide. I am in the process of developing a web site dedicated to hunting hogs in Australia. I am just letting people know its out there. There is not much on there at the moment, a few photos and products and links to outfitters, but you might want to have a quick look anyway. I am also looking for people who might have some stories that they would like to place in the articles section. It does not worry me if you are australian or international. If you check back in a month or two I should have some short video clips you can download. The address is
I am working on saving enough money for a DC 100 Non-Typical Deer Cam[​IMG]and I was wondering what all yall might know about these cameras. I heard the $100 cheaper Moultrie ones were junk, so I bumped up to set my sights on this one. Little help here please [:D]...

"You better watch where you go and remember where you been
That's the way I see it I'm a Simple Man." Charlie Daniels Band
Green River Area
Starting to pick up, nothing to drive an hour for yet. Catching small males. One week from now it will turn on. Wait for the Dogwoods to bloom out. Will keep you all posted.
has anyone ever used the acu-sight laser bore sighter just wanted to get some opinions on it.<font face="Arial Black"></font id="Arial Black"><font color="blue"></font id="blue"><font size="1"></font id="size1">
Me and a Buddy are gonna make the drive from Paducah to check it out & support our sponsor[:D] Quick question though, Do they have the same sales in the store I see advertised on here? They've gotta whooper deal on a ladder stand, and I wanna get a few more of them for our property.


"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
your licence choice has gotten better.................... year all prices will go up for the gimme this year................ez
Is it time Kentucky started licensing 4-wheelers??
Some states, i.e. , Michigan have a Off Roads Vehicle License.
Wouldn't have to cost much. Would require license number to be displayed for easy inspection.
It would be a good way to "slow down" 4-wheelers trespassing and tearing up property.
It's a whole lot easier to write down the license number verses chasing them down.
"I'm gettin' to old for this".[:I]
Wondering if anyone in here would be interested in starting a friendly turkey contest, either with teams or individual to see who can end up with the biggest turkey this spring.

Fear Nothing, Hunt everything
Are all of Kentucky's elk in the South Eastern part of the state or are there any up in the North Eastern part? Thanks.

this morning as i sat at an establishment where they repair your auto i ran across an article that dicussed the fair chase of these animals.
it stated that now in the state of tenn. that it was illegal to kill and persue these animals with this defect or disability as they so put it...........the indians never killed these animals and considered them as "special" and let them go feeling that if you killed them you would do the "great spirit" a great dishonor.....i have seen a few pictures lately and some comments on how and why how great it would be to kill one of these animals.........a piebald is 1 in 30,000 chance of happening and it did not state the chances of albino.............COMMENTS?????????..........ez
the couple that leases our farm has been great lease's but i think he has bought his own mini farm and will start hunting upon his own land
...not mentioning the price he paid in todays world
what would you ask as far as $$ for a farm that is 250 acres a DEER HUNTING LEASE ONLY (squirrel,coon coyote) all included $
places to camp if desired
most farms that border it is managed for QDM
and has put out Boone & Crockett Bucks
farm is in a zone 1 county (carroll)
perfer 2 hunters becuz in gun season brother also hunts

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
Check out these mule deer and elk pictures I took this winter let me know what you think of them
Don't forget 2003 Hunting and Fishing license required starting tomorrow , 3//01/03.[:)]
Have any of you ever hunted with SILVER SPRINGS OUTFITTERS in Hopkisville Kentucky?What kind of buck can you expect to kill?
[:(!]Working Assets Long Distance Company Donating Portion Of Profits To Animal-Rights
According to a recent press release from Working Assets Long Distance, the company will donate $10 in the name of all new subscribers, to its new Animals Fund--a partnership between the company and several animal-rights organizations "committed to saving animals."

In addition, the company says it will donate 1 percent of a new user's monthly charges to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and several other national animal-rights organizations.

To read the press release, visit

if i bought a shotgun from somebody out of state,how do i go about gettin it shipped to me

Is there any maps or anything online that will tell who owns a certain parcel of land? I have the land on areal and topo but just need to know who owns it. Is there anything out there where you can get this?
[:(!] It's time for the rain to stop.......
This weather, and the wet (really wet) conditions it's
causing are prohibiting my outdoor related activities.

How high are they callng for the rivers to get? I've got a few freinds
w/ Farms close to rivers, and there all talking about being flooded, maybe past Turkey season??????

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Boy O' Boy, in this age of advance we keep moving forward!

So I've seen those high dollar binoculars with built in Digital memory cards to take pictures. Well Yesterday on T.V I saw an add for a rifle scope equipped with a digital camera inside to snap a picture of your game & the shot,............

I'd sure hate to miss a <i><b>Booner</b></i> and a have a picture to remind me of it everyday[:D]

Maybe they'll get bow sights with this technology next!!!

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Legislators' Association Gives Nod To USSA Terrorism Bill
Draft legislation prepared by the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance (USSA), as part of a nationwide campaign to combat animal-rights terrorism, has been adopted as an official model by a national coalition of state lawmakers.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a bipartisan membership association promoting individual liberty and limited government, has approved the USSA's Animal & Ecological Terrorism Act as model legislation. The USSA says this is an important step to educate state legislators about the growing problem of animal-rights terrorism. About 2,400 state legislators belong to ALEC.

The Animal & Ecological Terrorism Act specifically recognizes animal and eco-terrorism as forms of domestic terrorism; increases penalties for persons participating in politically motivated acts of animal and eco-terrorism; and creates specific penalties for those who encourage, assist or finance these acts of terror.

Texas Republican Rep. Ray Allen was the first to introduce legislation based on this model. His Texas bill is part of the USSA's national campaign to combat animal-rights terrorism on a state-by-state basis. Six other states are reportedly preparing to introduce similar bills.

For more information about the Animal & Ecological Terrorism Act, contact Rob Sexton, USSA vice president for government affairs, at (614) 888-4868 ext. 207;

Story courtesy of the USSA.

something we may have to deal with in the future.....
A bill recently introduced in the California Legislature would eliminate hunting with dogs.

Assembly Bill 342 (AB 342), sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Koretz, would make it illegal for any dog to pursue or kill a mammal. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance (USSA) say it would ban bear hunting, fox hunting, rabbit hunting, raccoon hunting and more.

The USSA says the nation's leading anti-hunting groups including the Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Protection Institute, back the legislation.

The USSA is encouraging California sportsmen to contact their assemblymen and encourage them to vote against AB 342. To find the name of your assemblyman and for contact information, call (916) 319-2856, or click on the "Legislative Action Center" link near the bottom right-hand corner of the USSA Web site,

Story courtesy of the USSA.

Is there anything I should know about the Stealth Cam game camera before I put it out? Does anyone have one of these cameras?

found this and thought youd like to know if you didnt already...
Ducks Unlimited Annual Dinner Banquet. Cadiz, Kentucky. March 1st. For information 886-5950 evenings.

I do a lot of goose hunting here in North Dakota and this new ATP is going to make things so much easier. I put out 300-400 decoys and with the incorporated storage and dump box I am going to spend less time hauling and more time hunting.
Illegal deer farm found

By Sun staff Tuesday, February 18, 2003 2:29 PM EST

Officers with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources charged a Clark County man Friday with operating an illegal deer farm on the Big Stoner Road.

John M. Debold, 52, also was charged with illegally holding elk, fallow deer, axis deer, caribou and white-tailed deer in captivity without a permit. The operation was discovered after Debold allegedly attempted to illegally sell elk to undercover officers.

Col. David Casey of the KDFWR said officers confiscated several illegal animals and are processing them for testing at the University of Kentucky diagnostic lab. Casey said the animals pose a threat to Kentucky's native herds because they could have been shipped from areas infected with chronic wasting disease, a fatal disease in deer and elk that has hit 11 states.

Officer Sgt. James Bingham led the investigation.
to the NWTF KY state calling championship Feb 28-March 2?
its going to be held at Galyans in louisville...
i'll be attending the March 2nd finals
alot of the top dogs will be there....should be alot of fun..
this would be a great chance for any of the forum members that have yet to meet each other.... post up if you think you may be going to attend

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
i've been thinking about going with scent lok clothes for next year. but i really don't know what to think about them. can i get me ya'lls opinion on the wear. does it work or no?

&gt;--&gt; if it's brown it's down&lt;--&lt;
do any of you donate to this org. when you file your taxes?

Are you the wildcat that posts on Tenndeer?If so you were saying that Kentucky outlawed smokeless powder in muzzleoaders.Where did you get this info ?It isn't in the hunting Regs.
The Commonwealth Chapter is holding thier annual banquet on Saturday March 1st at Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville Ky. For more info please contact Chuck Juengling (502) 267 5625
This is one of my pen raised deer. Sorry about the picture quality it was raining.[​IMG]
I have never and never will give these money but here is more of our oppisition.

Hunting: Unfair Game


The stalking and killing of animals, which probably began during the Ice Age when plant food became scarce, has become a form of recreation; it is rarely necessary for human survival. Less than seven percent of the U.S. population hunts.(1) Hunting is permitted on 60 percent of U.S. wildlife refuges and in many national forests and state parks. Forty-five percent of hunters do their killing on public lands.(2) On federal land alone (more than half a billion acres), more than 200 million animals are killed every year.(3)

It is illogical that hunters are allowed to kill and maim animals who theoretically "belong" equally to the 93 percent of Americans who don't hunt. But because the state wildlife commissions and federal agencies that regulate hunting are now run by hunters, they perpetuate hunting year after year, regardless of the ecological damage it causes or the objections of nonhunters.

Powerful hunting lobbies in 35 states have persuaded lawmakers to enact "hunter harassment" laws that make it illegal for nonhunters to interfere in behalf of animals targeted by hunters, but these laws are being challenged on constitutional grounds. Connecticut's law was found to impact on freedom of speech without a compelling state interest and was struck down by a U.S. appeals court.(4)

"Conserving" What?

"Wildlife management" and "conservation" are euphemisms used to describe programs that ensure that there are always enough animals for hunters to hunt.

Every year tax dollars are spent to burn, bulldoze, and otherwise manipulate the environment to support the feeding and breeding of "game" animals, at the expense of the variety of species who share that habitat.

Hunting programs also cause wildlife overpopulation by:

stimulating breeding by conducting...
And to think I have given them money in the past....I got bored tonight at work and did a little fishing this is Directly off thier website

There once was a time when most Americans needed to hunt to put food on the table, but hunting today is a recreational pastime, and worse: waterfowl, pheasant, and dove hunting are no more than shooting at living targets. Some hunting is done solely to acquire trophies or to see who can kill the most; some is no more than shooting tame, confined animals. Brutally inhumane weapons such as the bow and arrow are increasingly used. In all cases, sport hunting inflicts undeniable cruelty—pain, trauma, wounding, and death—on living, sentient creatures. The Humane Society of the United States believes that causing suffering and death is by definition inhumane, regardless of method.
More than 100 million animals are reported killed by hunters each year. That number does not include the millions of animals for which kill figures are not maintained by state wildlife agencies.

The vast majority of species that are hunted—waterfowl, upland birds, mourning doves, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, crows, coyotes, etc.—provide minimal sustenance and do not require population control.

Hunters have strived for decades to convince the American public that hunting is good for wildlife and good for society, often with arguments that are based on obfuscation and half-truths. They have deliberately focused the debate on deer hunting, for which plausible, but not necessarily true, arguments for subsistence and management can be made. But the holes in their arguments are becoming increasingly apparent, as is the magnitude of their waste, cruelty and destruction. More than that, sport hunting—the killing of wild animals as recreation—is fundamentally at odds with the values of a humane, just and caring society.
See kitty cat post in Community forum....[:D]
How many of you all would like to se the committee and commissioner meetings moved to Saturday so the common working man can attend without a lot of hassle?
Will someone tell me the pros and cons of a chrome lined barrell
Thought I'd share a great hunt I had Sunday.
I came home Sat. night late from Florida vacation. After doing some chores around the house on Sun. morning I decided to go for a ride around the farm on my ATV. While going though one of the thickets I start seeing cattle tracks and soon find the source....It's a HUGE 2500#-3000# Bison Bull standing there looking at me. I ease out of the woods and head for the house. I read about a loose bison in the local paper a few weeks ago and it was reported to be following the creek that borders my farm. Anyone from Shelby Co. may have read about it also. I call the sherrif's dept. to find out what can be done. After a 2 hour wait I get a call back..."He's a nuisence animal w/ no owner and is FAIR GAME" ...Took me 1 minute to grab my bow and camo and head outside for a few practice shots. I headed out for the downwind side of the cedar thicket. I still hunted the thicket for 1-1/2 hours w/ no luck. plenty of tracks, but no buffalo. I entered a cleared bottom and the wend was swirling bad so I decided to back track and make another pass. I no more than took 6 steps, when a doe comes off the ridge above me and stops at 10 yards w/ my wind hitting her in the face, but she's lookin over her shoulder. Now things got hairy..Real hairy! The cedars start snappin and somethings coming at me quick. This beast comes down that ridge like a freight train straight at me. I'm knocking a shaft and at the same time trying to figure out where I'm gonna run. I have nowhere to run, I'm caught at the edge of the field w/ no trees to climb. He charges ahead and stops at 35 yards, pawing the ground, shaking his head and snorting...My heart is pounding, I must say. I stand my ground hoping he step into an opening...He doesn't ...The wind swirls, he snorts, and I see him running towards the front of my farm. I made a circle and tried to cut him off, but never found him. I cut his tracks in the fresh snow and forllowed them to a new hole he put in...
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