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The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association
Hello all I tagged out opening day with a 8 point now im wanting to do some bobcat hunting and coyote hunting, I know the season is open but if the game warden sees me hes going to think im deer hunting. Can I legally hunt theses animals during deer season even though im tagged out also what do I tell the wardon when he wants to see my license and thinks im deer hunting?
we have had a big increase on our bear population in the past two years. im telling you they are everywhere. Is there alot all over the state?

Makes me dred spring turkey hunting[:D][:D]
first of all I would like to say this is one fo the better hunting sites I have found on the web, lots of good information and very nice people. Now here's my question I was wondering on how everyone sharpens there knives. I know a wet rock and a leather belt does a fine job, but I just hate to put scratches on the blade of the Kissing Krane. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Anyone hear a rumor about a Bass Pro Shop being built between Somerset and I-75?

I got this off of another site. It's about Girl Scouts in Alaska learning to trap beavers. Check out the link below and read the article. Wish they would do something like that around here!!!,2933,102798,00.html
Just out of curiosity, how many out their regularly hunt Bullfrogs? What techniques and equipment do you use? What is your favorite recipe? Got any interesting tales?

Myself, i use a little pump .22 with hollowpoint shorts. I like to use a small aluminum boat with a trolling motor and a 1,000,000 candle power spotlight. I don't have any special recipe, just roll 'em in meal and flour, toss 'em in the hot grease. Only good tale is when we tried to hunt a couple of old strip mine ponds in Perry County. After shooting 4 or 5 copperheads swimming to our light, we gave up and got the heck out of there. They were still a lot more snakes, not so many shells left, and no more nerve what so ever.
I wanted to use this forum to find out why so many gun owners
are not nra members,

I don't belive they are perfect, sometimes they say the wrong things
and make anti-gunners get on there horse

But I think there the best chance to defend all our gun rights
so I gladly pay my dues because of this.

PLUS, the american rifleman, Is worth the cost of the dues for me!

Please post your views, I want to know why so many gunners arnt trying to defend our rights to own and use our guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey all, Ive been looking to replace my last pair of binoculars,
as my friends son decided to drop mine on the ground,
my question is after looking at these, I see spotting scope's
when do I need one, or are these for long range?
And any body got advise on brands of range finders?
Alright guys. I'm curious as to what hunting shows you like and which ones do you hate? Why? If you were in charge of a show yourself, what would you include, what would you avoid, etc.

Just for the record, I like Primo's, Realtree Roadtrips, and Knight & Haleto name a few. I HATE Texas deer hunts and feeling like I am watching an infomercial. I like the enthusiasm of the Primo's guys, as well as the fact that they don't put in all the "fluff" footage that the other shows fake. I also like getting some background information on the hunt before it takes place and not just watching a shot scene.

What about everyone else?

(After rereading the above, I realize it sounds a lot like a single's ad. Did I mention I like long walks on the beach, etc.?)[:D]

Brian Grossman
I thought I'd change my user name to a more approiate name. My new name is Greenhorn. Since I'm 38, and only been hunting 2 years.
Please take note if you ever reply to me .
thanks, mike
Dog Shoots Man

PARIS (Reuters) - A French hunter was shot by his dog after he left a loaded shotgun in the trunk of his car with two dogs and one of the animals accidentally stepped on the trigger, police said Wednesday.

The man, from the village of Espelette in the Basque region, was admitted to a hospital in the nearby town of Bayonne Monday with leadshot injuries to the hip.

"As he was driving along, one of his dogs accidentally set off the gun," said a police official.
i was reading a local paper today and came upon a story about a bull that had gotten out and caused an accident....
some lady had the nerve to write in and say that
"this bull may have broken through a fence surrounding its pasture,Or <b>it may have been one of the many inadvertently set free by hunters each season......</b>
now most of you hunt how many of you have let the bull out of the pasture...she applies this is a common occurance
how would you feel if you saw this??? this lady is ASSUMING we as hunters screw everything up no wonder we get a bad rap BUT i already have a letter to the editor

and i was wondering if i need some backup if she dont change her statement would you be willing to send a letter to the editor as well?

i'll keep you updated to her replies...

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
Greetings Sportsmen. Ill go ahead and convey the obvious, I am a new guy here. It truly looks like a great site; I can’t imagine why I have never stumbled up onto it before now. Thank you Officer Finn for drawing my attention to this particular piece of cyberspace. It is nice to see a common meeting area for the outdoorsmen and women of Kentucky to congregate and share information, recount stories and tell big tales.

As the title might suggest, I am a trapper. My trap lines have meandered through the flat lands of western Kentucky in Warren, Simpson, Logan, and Allen counties while saturating the Appalachian foothills in and around my home of Powell County. Regardless of where my travels find me knocking on doors for permission in this state, I always seem to run into one of two given responses. In light of exaggerated numbers of coyotes and coon in some counties, permission is often granted to, “Kill all of ‘em you can.” Otherwise, due to misconceptions of traps and trappers, or the Animal Planet mentality of live and let live, permission is just as often denied. In a Disney Channel world of talking animals and viscous serrated-edge traps, I can only understand why some people feel as though they do. Don’t short circuit your objective thinking here, I am not complaining about being denied access to private property to trap. Regardless of their reasons, I always respect a landowner’s wishes and move on to the next farm with no hard feelings. What does bother me however is the negative attitude that many of my fellow hunters harbor toward their brethren trappers.

Furbearers, just like deer and grouse, rabbits and turkeys, are a renewable natural resource. Animal rights activists actively scrutinize hunters just as severely as their trapping counterparts. Trappers invest just as much if not more time, money, and effort into their recreation as hunters do. In addition to these facts, perhaps the strongest connection between the two groups...
We noticed a campground south of Central City, near the WK Parkway, while on a scouting trip Sunday. I intended to stop and check it out on the way back home, but we had to leave unexpectedly and didn't get the chance. Have any of you all ever looked it over? Do you have a phone number? Thanks, Tom.
The Kentucky Conservation Officers' Association is now able to offer yearly subscriptions to their magazine.


So if you would like to support your wildlife & boating officers' association and be able to read the stories written by the officers and see the pictures of poachers getting caught, while getting info on seasons, limits, and seeing questions answered plain and simple straight from the officers, then just send a $ 16.00 check or money order made out to "GWD" (Game Warden Diaries) send it to the officers' association at this address.

<center>K. C. O. A.
7213 Nashville Road
Adairville, KY 42202


Subscribe & Support your Ky Wildlife & Boating Officers and the many good causes that their Association supports with magazine proceeds such as - Sending Needy Kids to Conservation Camp - God's Great Outdoors Youth Hunting & Fishing Events - Handicap Children Outdoor Fishing & Horseback Riding Groups - Funding Public Schools Archery Programs - Other Youth Hunting & Fishing Events - FOP Shop with a Cop - Kosair Children's Hospital - And More

The Officers' Magazine is a Biannual Magazine with Spring & Fall Editions

Magazine Editor
Officer Jeff Finn



At work this afternoon a fellow told me of a big game high fence operation located between Paradise and Rockport on some reclaimed stripmine land. Supposed to be like 2,700 acres under high fence. He said they have Elk , Bison , and several kinds of deer. This is the first I have heard of this. Just curious if anyone else has heard of this place.
Hey I'm looking for a good recipe for some deer jerky. I like to make be a few bags full before I go to deer camp. Nothing real hot about medium will do.

"Live to Hunt"
Here is the deal:

The boss says that I can giveaway a $50.00 gift certificate to our Sporting Goods store here in Greenville Kentucky.

All you have to do is reply to this topic stating that you want to be entered. On Friday, November 14th we will pick a winner from the entries at random.


Only enter once. Please do not sign up using a new username to register more than once. The gift certificate can only be used in our retail store (no mail order). Finally, we reserve the right to change any of the rules or prizes [:eek:)]


<b><font color="red">Drawing moved to Monday, November 17, 2003</font id="red"></b>
Are there any outdoor shops/archery pro shops in Owensboro? I have to be up there several times in the next few weeks and would like to check them out if I have free time. Thanks.
Hi all, Im new to hog hunting and am very interested in buying my first rifel,(use to shotguns) Im looking at buying a winchester model
70 but cant decide what caliber to choose, I like the super short 223 & 243, or should I stick to a standered 270wsm,7mm-wsm,300wms?
I would like a strong caliper so I may use this for deer, but I dont need A big game gun, I want to choose a good all around caliper as this is my first rifle, thanks all for your advise
I'm 38 years old, and never hunted in my life until the spring turkey season of 2002. I hunted at the Taylorsville WMA at Briar Ridge, to no avail.
There were so many Hunter's the turkey were laughing at us!
I found I loved the challenge even though no harvest. I went with a experienced Deer hunter, but he was a "deer Hunter, not a Turkey Hunter.
I went in december of that year also on a property that had turkey on it daily. The snow that was on the ground must have change their pattern. No turkey either day I went. I did see a doe!

I went Turkey hunting this spring, And had work on calling 'till my wife and kids could call decent by voice! I called in many turkeys, all hens with no beards. I had many gobbles, and thought I was going to get Lucky several times to no avail. I went with an experienced turkey hunter a couple of times, but the tom seemed to always hang up.

I have permission to hunt a 500 acre farm in spencer county with many Deer, and turkey. I'm alone now except for the occasional partner.
I love to hunt still, but it would be awesome to harvest something!

I went muzzleloading a couple of saturdays ago, seen 4 turkey's I could have touched. No deer. Last sat, I went turkey hunting, and saw a nice 8 pointer within 40 yards in the same setup!
I'd hunt every weekend if I could.
Has anyone else taken a couple, or so years to0 have success?

Any recommendations, or comments would be appreciated, Mike
I would love to hear what other people use for scent control hair conditioner! [?]

My boyfriend is an avid hunter and has started bringing me along on his outings. He is also a very big advocate of "scent control"... but the soap he uses right now leaves my hair completely unmanageable and I'd love to find a product that will remedy that!

<b><b>I am interested in the otter brand line of sneak boats on the wing <b>supply website. Just wanted to know if anybody has one, I have a few questions.

do you like it?
what model do you have?
would you reccomend?
Have you used a trolling motor on the boat?
how does it handle small wake?

any input is greatly appreciated

Logan County Rod & Gun Club
Turkey Shoot & Trap Shoot
10:00 AM Saturday Nov. 1, 2003
to be held at the Coonrange Fish & Game Club
(driving directions at the bottom)

2003 Logan County Rod & Gun Club Raffle
To Be Given Away At Event!

** 6 Guns / 2 Knives

See any club member for tickets or purchase tickets at the Nov. 1st Event.

Tickets $ 10. each or 3 tickets for $ 25. or Best Deal of 8 tickets for $ 50.

Drawing to be held at the Nov. 1st Event.

Prizes are:

1. Charles Daley 12 ga. 30 inch Trap gun, Superior II, 3 screw in choke tubes, select walnut stock.

2. Remington 710 bolt action rifle, 270 Win. Caliber with 3x9x40 Bushnell scope mounted and bore sighted.

3. Remington 870 Express 16 ga. Vent rib, modified Rem choke, synthetic stock.

4. Charles Daley 20 ga. Field Hunter 26 in vent rib barrel with screw in choke & synthetic stock.

5. Remington 597 automatic 22 cal rifle

6. Cricket 22 cal rifle w/ walnut stock and case

7. Buck "Zipper" knife with sheath

8. Buck "Vanguard" knife with sheath

9. One round of sporting Clays & your choice of either pheasant (6), chukker (8), or quail (15) hunt at Cedar Bluff Sporting Clays & Hunting Preserve @ Woodburn, KY

Directions to Coonrange:

From Russellville, KY

Take HW 431 North to Lewisburg

Turn right on HW 106 East

Go out HW 106 East for one mile then turn left on HW 1153

Follow HW 1153 for 3.9 miles until you see the "Coonrange Fish & Game Club" sign on the left. Turn left at the sign onto the Coonrange Road.

Follow the Coonrange Road a little over one mile until you see the club and lake on your left.

Ed's BBQ will be selling food for lunch.

Does anybody know of any good quail hunting in the Daviess County area? I've never done any quail hunting before and I would really like to go hunting for them. What is a good habitat to find them in? What is a good load to hit them with?
Help me get some birds.
has anybody ever deer hunted there with any deer kills.
I was wondering if anybody knows of good public land to hunt doves in or near Daviess county. I was hoping to get out with friends in the late season.

Also new to the site, and I think it's cool.
Will be heading down tomorrow for 3 or 4 days of bowhunting and was wondering what the deer activity has been like.
just wondering if anyone had any info about an indoor shooting range around Lexington area...oh yeah, fireams not archery
I checked out the KYDFW website new "Topo" WMA maps on Lake Cumberland and wanted to confirm the areas on the internet were in fact ok hunt.

I called Frankfort, but they didn't have a map (other than on the internet) and asked for a number for the local KYDFW office. Well, I called this number and it was a "discount tobacco store" in Jamestown...The guy who answered basically gave me the name of the local conservation officer so I could look up his home number, but I don't want to call the guy at home and bother him. The guy at the "store" was pretty nice and actually said his Dad was the retired CO and guessed that's why Frankfort gave me that telephone number.

Anyone know if there's a "map" of the Lake Cumberland WMA or even the local telephone number for the KYDFW? Sometimes getting this information is about as challenging as the hunt itself! hahah

Why have we not started to introduce the Ringneck. And why do we not have any when bordering states have them?
I am picking up my 7 week old yellow lab pup today. Me, my 3 and 4 year old sons will be using her for a "good buddy" dog to take fishing, dove hunting(a few times per year), cattle farming, and all around pet dog. I have about 1 acre fenced in for her to run in while we are gone, half of it is wooded. I am going to put a pet door on my shop and let her get in there, it is insulated and I keep a fire going in the stove when the temps are below 40.

Anyone have any advice for a new lab owner? I plan a getting her fixed and her dew claws removed.

I'll post a pic of her and the boys later.

I just registered and have to say i really like the site and the people seem to be great with advice and personality.Good luck to all during the hunting seasons.
I need a good gunsmith to work on the trigger pull on my Rem 700 and my Ruger #1. Does anyone recommend a good gunsmith in Bowling Green/ Cnetral KY area. Both guns are stock. The Rem 700 has a hard spot and the No1 is smooth but heavy.

Well, I'm back from the wilds of Colorado. Shot a 6X6 the second day that left a ten yard long bloodtrail then disappeared. A day and a half of meticulous searching both on foot and horseback yielded nothing. I'm still sick about it.

Aside from that-- a great trip. We hunted at about 9500 feet (pant, pant). I'm definitely ready to chase grouse now. We had a two mile walk uphill every morning to where we hunted--fortunately the temps were in the low twenties or mid teens in the morning so it helped keep the sweating down. Beautiful blue skies every day, afternoon temps in the low sixties. It was tough getting out of that sleeping bag in the morning though, since we were in tents. Everyone else got a bull, so there was plenty to celebrate.

I am now officially addicted to bugling.
If it's not a problem, could u guys familiar with this area read my post under varmint hunting. Thanks.This area is a little northeast of Columbia Ky.
There is an outfitter here in western ky. near where I live that is building a 27 acre pond and several small ponds for duck hunting. So, you say. Well what makes it different is they are going to release pen raised ducks that are trained to fly back and forth on these ponds. To top it off I'm told the hunters are going to be paying 500 dollars a day to hunt these tame ducks. This sounds as unsportsman like to me as hunting penned deer. As long as we have these so called "hunters" with deep pockets with no desire to go out and earn what they hunt, we are going to have someone out there giving them what they want. I wounder what some of the old timers would think if they could come back and see how things are changing?
<b><font size="5">Montana Mistakenly Issues Yellowstone 'Either Sex' Elk Tags </font id="size5"></b>

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department (FWPD) says it has mistakenly issued 375 either-sex elk permits in a hunting area adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

The FWPD mistakenly substituted the words "either sex" for "antlerless" in the hunting regulations and on the permits. As it stands now, the permits allow recipients to shoot trophy bull elk that move north out of Yellowstone into Montana. The permits are valid in the southern end of the Gallatin Range in hunting district 314, north of the park.

The tags allow hunting of either sex elk from November 20 to December 14, a time when the annual migration out of the park is in full swing.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission was told about the problem last week and says it will decide soon whether to fix it, let it stand or establish some kind of compromise

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Anyone know public hunting grounds in Boyd or Greenup Counties? Shooting ranges would be nice, too. But definitely need a place to hunt deer! Thanks!
A local delivery guy today told me about one of his other stops. This fella' lives in Marshall Co, where there is an Elk Farm. The gu at the other stop told him that twice recently Elk had gotten out, and one killed by Co/ or Law enforcement. Anybody else heard bout this? A little scarry thinking bout cervid farming, CWD, and animals escaping???? Just wondering had anyone else caught wind of this.[?]

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
Kentucky Afield News

From KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

October 13, 2003

For more information contact Gwen Holt (502) 564-4496

For immediate release

Tygarts State Forest Closed to All Public Access & Hunting Nov. 15 through March 31

Frankfort, KY - October 13, 2003 - The Tygarts State Forest in
Carter County will be closed to all public access beginning November 15 to
allow a salvage timber harvest operation through March 31, 2004, according
to officials with the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources' Division of
Forestry. The salvage harvest is necessary to remove downed and damaged
trees resulting from the ice storm last winter. Removal of these trees will
improve the overall health of the forest and decrease the wildland fire
During this period, no public access will be permitted, which means
after Friday, November 14, no hunting will be permitted in Tygarts State
Forest for the remainder of the fall hunting seasons.
Deer (or other) hunters will not be allowed to hunt Tygarts Forest lands for
the rest of the 2003-04 deer and small game seasons once the salvage
operation begins.
It is expected that open hunting on Tygarts State Forest will resume after
the salvage operation concludes and in time for the statewide general spring
turkey season set to open April 15, 2004.

Hey guys, I am from Tennessee and am looking forward to hunting Ft.Campbell some this year. Does anyone know of a website or how I can prepare myself for that area? I plan to do archery only, so maybe a suggestion from you all might help out. Thanks a bunch !!!!
Yes I living now in Bowling Green Ky. And I would like to able to deer hunt this year. Anyone know of any public hunting or wma grounds that allow bowhunting. Please let me know

The Kentucky Grouse Hunters are hosting a field trial Sunday. The location, Lawrence Co. Call 606-789-2612, Paintsville Recreation Dept. or 606-789-7125 Ho. Everyone is welcome.
Am I clueless or didn't the state Elk hunt kick off this week. It seems we haven't heard anything as of yet, kinda strange considering all but 1 bull was harvested on the 1st day last year. Anybody have any updates?
Just wanted to share the results of a trip of a lifetime in NM...we got the whole thing on film too...



Good Hunting...Tim H.
Kentucky Afield News

From KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

October 7, 2003

For more information contact

(800) 858-1549

Youth-Only Deer Firearms; Muzzle-loading Deer and New Turkey Shotgun Seasons Open in October.

Frankfort, KY, October 7, 2003 - Kentucky's youth-only firearms deer
hunt weekend and the first segment of muzzle-loading deer season will occur
on the second and third weekends of October, respectively, throughout the
New this year, an October shotgun turkey season will also be open toward the
end of the month and include the fourth weekend.
On the October 11-12 weekend, hunters age 17 and under can hunt deer with a
firearm statewide. Junior firearm deer hunters must be appropriately
licensed, accompanied by an adult, carry a hunter education course
completion card, abide by the hunter orange clothing law and by season deer
zone limits and requirements.
"Junior hunters are given the first opportunity to hunt deer with a firearm
in Kentucky, which we believe increases their chances of success in many
cases," said Jonathan Day, forest systems coordinator for the Kentucky
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR).
"Our commission tries to insure that younger hunters have quality
experiences in the field," Day continued.
"This special firearm season also serves to help us manage our herd
effectively, in that a number of antlerless deer are usually taken by youth
hunters," added Day.
Adults accompanying a junior hunter are prohibited from carrying a firearm,
must remain close enough to the junior hunter at all times to take control
of the firearm if necessary, and must comply as well with the hunter orange
clothing law.
All deer hunters are required to record and report harvested deer as
explained in the 2003-04 Kentucky Fall Hunting Guide book, available from
license vendors statewide, on-line at, or by calling (800)
858-1549 weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern.
Is hunter ed classes tranferable from stateto state?
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