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Hey guys looking for some fields that might be plowed up to hunt arrowheads around the Lexington richmond winchester Mt sterling area for me and my wife and daughter thanks for any help.
I know many on here will probably hate me for this but I will give it a try. I have always had a great interest in snakes, particularly rattlesnakes have worked on many research projects in the past. Were are the best areas in Eastern Kentucky to photograph rattlesnakes , and if you are a landowner with problem snakes feel free to pm me, I am more than happy to safely remove them from your property. Try not to bash me to hard I just like finding snakes in the wild, I am not killing or selling them just like to photograph them. Ok now everyone can start beating me up.
Folks at our Banquet, we will be raffling off 2 shotguns. Both are Stevens O/U's one a 20ga Model 555E one a 28ga Model 555. Chances are $1 each and all proceeds go to the KGHA which is a 501c3 organization focused on habitat work and restoration work to benefit Ruffed Grouse. If your interested in a chance(s), PM me and we'll get it done. Also the banquet is $15 a person or $25 for a family up to 4. That includes membership in the KGHA and your dinner for you or up to 4 for a family. This is a family/fellowship type of event and we encourage you to bring your children!

Thanks in advance!

For those wondering:
- The KGHA is 100% locally funded, managed and maintained
- The KGHA is the only upland hunting group in the state with no national affiliate
- The KGHA has been responsible for all grouse habitat and restoration work in the eastern grouse zone
- The KGHA has worked diligently with lawmakers, representatives and the KDFWR to devise a plan for successful grouse habitat restoration and development
- The KGHA is the third oldest continually active upland bird conservation group in the entire US.
Which boots are your picks?

I am in the market for a new pair. Not looking for a very warm boot though, my feet sweat a lot. This past deer season once I figured out which stand I was hunting I wore slides if the weather was above 30*.
I had the slaughterhouse slice me off a 2” ribeye that I seasoned up good and cooked on a rack in a 275 degree oven to 135 internal then seared a minute or two in a red hot cast iron skillet. Man it was good!
I put this one together.
On the subject of Squirrels & Hunting. Has anyone, who hunt Squirrels, in Central Ky, have harvested any unusual small gray-like Squirrels this 2019 season? On my property, especially this year, about 60% of the Squirrels I've seen have been these unusual smaller variation of our more familiar Eastern Gray.
Looking for a sling, tell me what you like.

10# gun not counting scope
We are pleased to announce that the 24th Annual KGHA Banquet will be held at Meadowview Weddings and Events near Morehead, Ky on Saturday, February 29, 2020. This venue offers easy access from I-64 and is directly across Ky-801 from Comfort Inn and Suites. Doors will open at 5:00 and dinner will be served at 6:00. There will be gun raffles, door prizes, guest speakers, silent auction items and a live auction. Please make arrangements to attend. We hope to make this the biggest and best banquet yet! Remember this event is offered at no cost to paid members and memberships may be purchased at the door. Individual memberships are $15 and Family memberships are $25 for up to 4 members. Hope to see a full house!

The address is 2575 Ky Hwy 801 North, Morehead, Ky 40351.

Catering for the 24th Annual KGHA Banquet will be provided by Pop’s Southern Style BBQ. This award winning restaurant has provided delicious food to Rowan, Bath and surrounding counties for many years and we are happy to announce their participation in making this year’s banquet a success.
Looking for a good long range gun for big game hunting (trying to go west) and maybe to hunt deer with in Kentucky.
Currently have a Ruger 270 and 300 ultra mag. Don't care much for the 300 ultra mag.
Hunting in KY I have multiple stands I can shoot 400-500 yards from, longest shot for a deer I have taken has been 314 yards. I did find a new place I can see for 1200 yards but would never take a shot that far.

Also looking for a new varmint rifle. Been leaning towards a 22-250, but my buddy at the gun store is advising me to just use an AR.

Recommendations are much appreciated!
image.png Hello,
Can one of you fine fellers tell me what this is? I am having trouble posting other pic. I will try to post it below, I may have to resize it so bear with me. Thanks for any help.
Friend out in Montana got his Mountain lion over the weekend. Ran the track with his Drahthaars and shot it with his traditional bow. Pretty cool to do it over versatile dogs.

Cabellas has them on sale for 119.00.
Muzzleloader is this wknd 4 day hunt in state of ohio if any guys have there tags for ohio im goin up tomorrow for a couple days if anybody needs a place to hunt i can show u on our lease a couple places you can go that we dont hunt all woods it may be late before i get back on here around 10-1030pm tonite
I think our local black bear know how much I despise them and have teamed up to kill me!

Made a quick trip to Walmart this evening, on my way back home home I had one attempt a suicide mission towards the front of my truck on the Whitesburg bypass! It ran off the hill and crossed right in front of me, I guess I didn’t miss it by 3-4’!!

At this time I do want to apologize to my Letcher County neighbors, I’m sorry I hit my brakes and swerved to dodge it. I should have throttled up and punted that bastard 50 yards on down the road!
Got my first cat 25 pound male just not a lot of em in Shelby county lived on this farm 49 years and had never seen one till yesterday and had him , it was a nice Christmas present
Finally!!! Things have started working out. Story to come later but for now here it is. My most expensive piece of meat, hardest animal I’ve ever tried to kill, only animal that has caused my girlfriend to complain about where the heck I’ve been these last 2 weeks.......MY FIRST DUCK!!!
well this was a first...Was driving to work this morning at 5am and had a buck run right out in front of me...I was only running about 30mph..rolled him into the my suprise when he jumped back up his antlers were gone
These are now extinct in the wilds of their native area of northern Africa. Just a few years ago there were 75,000+ in Texas with some being transplanted back to private land in Northern Africa. When PETA filed lawsuits to stop hunting them in Texas, the ranchers started selling the heck out of the hunts so they wouldn't "get stuck" with inventory. The oryx numbers dropped to 13,000 before PETA realized they were doing more harm than good. Something changed as the numbers of oryx are building back up in Texas. My son, Sam, chased this one in a HIGH FENCE RANCH for 3 1/2 days. He and his guide walked 9 miles Fri, 13 miles Sat, 9 miles Sunday. Brush country in Tx means you can't see 30 yds into the brush. Several times close to a shot but the oryx wouldn't be still for long. Got a rush shot at dark on Sunday, not a fatal shot. Got two catahoula dogs on the trail for three hours with no luck. Sam had a sleepless night Sunday night. Monday, daylight at 7, they took the high rack truck to the last area the oryx was headed. After two hours of glassing they got on it and after several shots the oryx was down.
Share goofs or spoofs with your loved ones and or buddies.
I'll never forget this one. I was quail hunting with my grandpa. Late 70's. Papa would have been 70ish. We had a covey of quail scattered along a fence line. Dogs pointed and I went in and kicked. 2 birds came out. One sailed straight away and I killed it. The other fluttered and lit in a cedar tree. I hollered at Papa and told him to watch it, bird lit in that tree. BOOM! LOL. He smoked it in the tree. I said, "Papa, it was in a tree." He replied, "They're not supposed to do that." lol. Still cracks me up. Daddy and I were sharing stories about him today. He was one of a kind, and Daddy got all of his good qualities. I've been so blessed.
Ok..I'm new to Kentucky and I live right next to WMA land in Berea. I like going hiking out in the wilderness and while i'm not really a big time hunter I like to be armed while hiking around. If i get a coyote tag i can then be armed and show i have a license to hunt coyotes year round..right?..I went to the FW.KY.GOV website and filled out the stuff. When it came to the licenses/permit screen i'm confused..which should i choose? btw..i'm 60 and am on social security..thanks
Someone had a good season 20191228_091620.jpg
Little dudes have some serious teeth and stink to high heaven.
I’m looking for a sling for a shotgun and a .22 rifle that aren’t outfitted with the swivels to connect a regular sling. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Just pick up old male with mange or half mange I call em rangy. Either getting it or getting over it I ain’t sure but fur awful. In remake where had badly rubbed female yesterday machinery gap.
Found a picture of some of us in the hunt club of a afternoon hunt in the good ole days . Wish I could relive them today
I’m actually smoking a Christmas gift from my crews at work ... a 15lb beef brisket. Got her trimmed & lathered up with a prime rib rub ... and on the Traeger about 6:30 for a night smoke.
I'm new to Kentucky. I live very close to this Miller Welch WMA place. Went out there today to do some hiking around. Kinda nice.Anyone ever spot much wildlife out there?..They sure plant a lot of corn. Is that to attract deer?..Thanks to all who reply
Anyone have any good luck with these knifes, is there any that would be collectable like case is
Looking for an adapter for my scope to cell phone to record hunts. Does anyone use one or have one to recommend?

Watch the video from Guns and Gadgets.
I got lucky enough to get drawn for two Sandhill Crane tags, just need a place to go and make a connection twice to fill my tags. Any pointers or help is appreciated. Anybody have any good contacts. Thank you!
For all around, general purpose use. What’s your favorite scope size and why? Used 3-9x40’s for years. Lately, I tend to lean more towards a 3-12x50. But honestly can’t say the added magnification does much for me. The 50mm does seem quite a bit brighter though in low light. That being said, I’m trending more back towards 3-9x40 and going for higher quality glass.
I didn't find a post about this yet but may have missed it. Senator Adams is trying to take away our ability to use spring loaded traps! Contact her and your politician today to remove this bill! Here is a overview of the bill.

Phone Number(s)
LRC: 502-564-2450

I’ve heard it several times from people that they sold a particular gun back in the day and wish like heck they still had it. So my question is, is there one gun particularly that you either sold or was stolen that you would pay almost infinite amount of money to have back Due to sentimental value or current Unavailability?

That gun for me is a Ruger 10/22 stainless International. One of the first guns I purchased when I turned 18. A couple years later money was tight and I thought it was a good idea to move out of state so I pawned it for the move. I never forgot about that gun and 91 days later called back to the pawnshop Trying to buy some more time and the owner himself told me I was a day late and he decided he would keep it for himself.

I’d pay triple its value to have that thing back today. Any stories you guys and gals care to share
We went this morning and ended up having a fox. Connor was shaking and all tore up when we walked up to the trap. We got 2 more sets out today.

Got some sets in yesterday and had a ol frosty back yote this a.m.
My son killed this buck this past weekend with a crossbow. We had played cat and mouse with this buck all season. He passed another nice buck four times this season, twice with a crossbow and twice with a gun, to try and kill this one
Hi my name's Ed and although a Ky native, I'm new to the site. I am heading east this weekend to hunt black bear for the first time. I plan to hunt the Bell county portion of Boone Forestlands. Hoping to find a good hill top with a good view and scan the area for one, although I'm not sure how that'll work in that area. I wondered if anyone familiar with the area could share any tips or advice. I know you guys really want to see some black bears get bagged...
Looking for some were to go with in 8-9 hours or less from west ky. Not wanting to hunt in a fenced area. Fair chase only. Was thinking Georgia,Alabama,Louisiana, or north east Texas. Anybody had a good trip You would recommend.
Show pics of your shooting house. And looking for ideas,. And maybe blind platform or homemade tree ladder stands. Show you pics
So I usually leave my deer heads out after harvest to let critters and such clean them up before I go to working on them for euro mounts. Turned out to be a big mistake this year. Got two huge dogs on camera a couple days ago up on my back porch around 2:45 am and my mount was gone the next morning
Looking for a good hunt for me and my son maybe even nephew to go on. Would like to have something to drive to and not looking to break the bank. Anyone have any leads?
Wife finally hit a spot that had a signal strong enough to send more pics.
Still chasing.
From one of my Alberta outfitters. He's baiting us, throwing out teasers, trying to get me on a wolf hunt. :) Don't know what these weigh, but a friend shot one several yrs ago that was 174 lbs. Their paws, built in snowshoes, are 6-7" diameter.
Has anyone ever looked up into the tree canopies at night during approximately 30F• temperatures, noting what appeared to be something quite similar to a vast colony of lightning bugs celebrating Christmas, via displaying rapid fire illumination of primarily green, but also some blue, with the occasional red? I have done so one December, here, and hope to do so once again, this year, being that I have my camera with me, this time. I attempted photos of such with a cell phone camera, but that method is nothing that I have much experience with, thereby grossly failed, unfortunately. I even attempted video with it, failing again. I am actually unsure whether I would have had success with my camera, but I intend to find out, if opportunity presents itself, this winter.

They were so very fast, that it was amazing, and they appeared to synchronize at times, trailing. They were in the backyard, only, which contains a variety of mature hardwoods, including oak, black gum, hickory and quite a few others. They were not in the neighbors' trees, nor over in the trees located on this property, in a large naturalized area. They also were not flying between the trees.

This occurred a few nights in a row, enabling me to study them in full wonder, and at great length. At one point, I noticed illumination occurring in rapid fire on the side of a secondary, stand alone garage, located approximately 20 feet from one hardwood, with said lights. Such occurred within reach, low to the ground, causing me to speculate whether I was witnessing mere reflection, because the lights were actually quite bright, neon like. I walked over and ran my hand across the siding, in order to try and disrupt them, maybe even luck up and catch one, but I quickly discerned it was mere reflections, which further amazed me.

I issued many online queries, in search of potential answers. I learned that lightning bugs are actually beetles, and some do appear in 30°F temperatures, with the same...
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