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9457D983-A751-4A59-A486-013F0934604D.jpeg funny thing about this rattlehead I killed Sunday; I was standing there looking around for seng. U ever hear something at first and really not pay any attention? That’s what happened here. I heard it but didn’t react. After a few secs I was like thst sounds like a jar fly. Then I thought, could be a snake. So I got to looking out in front of me and low in behold there it laid stretched out facing me. If he hadn’t rattled no telling how close I woulda got to him. And don’t think they all rattle when they sense u because they don’t.
A couple that I am friends with near Richmond on Clays Mill Road, (North of town off of I-75) were in their yard on the backyard patio one day last week when a full grown Mtn Lion bounded up the hill in the back yard and charged their position until it approached to within a few dozen yards where it stopped and hissed, snorted, growled at them. (I was not there so, I am describing this 2nd hand). They got a fright, the big cat got a fright and retreated. They have not seen it since but reported that some of the neighbors did.

I was a little amused when their 1st reaction was to want to kill it. They have been somewhat anti-gun, at least anti-ugly black-high capacity semi-auto rifle. Now they want a phalanx system for their back yard, lol. I am not vouching for the sighting other than to say the two adults making the report are mature, intelligent people of good report and not prone to wild, un-substantiated allegation. After a double eye-witness report one of the neighbors wanted pictures to "Prove" the sighting. Sorry, no pics it just happened too fast. These cats move around a lot. Anybody else spot one in the Richmond, Winchester, Berea Triangle?

Got his first squirrel this morning! And his first dove this afternoon!!! We had another awesome dove hunt!! C1C19C35-8610-481D-B27D-43A82392CDE7.jpeg E7E471E3-8A52-4411-8C2D-5A7AEF0D085C.jpeg
First day
First velvet buck
Best bow kill
I looked around for a long time for a fan mount. I didn't see anything I loved, so I decided to make my own. I distressed the wood to make it look like aged barn wood. I white washed the frame to make it look like faded white barn wood. I haven't yet added my other beards to it, but I think you get the idea of it with what's there.
I’ve been trying for a few years on trips to Florida to catch a Peacock bass. Finally laid into a 3lb, 19inch one this morning. Heck of a fighting fish, and gorgeous. Hammered the crankbait like a freight train. Also saw several jumping 3 feet out of the water, though I couldn’t get them to hit my top water.
I'm looking for a place to hunt bear here in KY this year. Anybody willing to help me out?
I went dove hunting for the first time on opening day at a public field. It was blast and they were delicious so I’m hoping to get into a few more.

My question is: are the public dove fields any good after opening weekend? I imagine they all get hit pretty hard and the birds start avoiding them. I drove by a large public field last Friday and only saw 1 dove and it was flying really high and over the entire field. Never landed.
Alright Sawyers users, I finally gave in and bought some. Just drenched my clothes that are hanging out back, I hope it’s odorless on because the freakin stuff smelled like paint thinner while spraying it!
Fished with these caterpillars once over 20 years ago and burned up the bass on them.
Friend of mine told me they would have come from the catalpa tree, investigating it more the caterpillars are from those big sphinx moths! (Which i love)
Anyone else fish with these and do you all have catalpa trees in your area or are they rare?
I have had back problems for a few years now and it flares up time to time and just so happens august the 20th it hit me and I just now been able to get out and walk around still not in shape to get to hunt opening weekend though. As if this wasn't enough I had high hopes of checking my trail camera which had been soaking for the couple of weeks I been laid up only to go and find this. Destroyed the camera just to get it out.

Alright!! Who’s out there after ‘em this morning?

Let’s all be super careful up and down those trees! Lord willing we’ll all have a good day today.

...... and don’t forget pictures later on. We all want to see them! Ha!
Anyone wear them? What’s a good deal without dropping too much dime for a guy with tree trunk legs? I got a Cabela’s boot with attachable gators deal that’s about 10 years old. Still workable but been thinking of getting another pair that are easy on/off with any boot.
A06FF15F-0812-4476-8D5E-24AE3A4F6833.jpeg This is my second year planting sunflowers for doves. I’ve got about a 4 acre plot. Last year we killed 5 doves off this plot..... Some said it would get better the more years we planted the sunflowers. Tonight we had a better hunt!! There were 9 shooters and ended up with a total of 41 doves!!
Looked for Paw Paws yesterday...pretty thin year on my hunting land. I struggled on the video to describe what "ripe" is. Most people like them soft with yellowish pulp, though some like the pulp whiter--what others would think still "Green." Complicating this is the highly variable appearance--sometimes they can be spotty but still unripe; sometimes half green yet soft and ripe; etc.

not sure if this has been brought up. But I’m wondering what the rules are on shooting doves from a boat. More specificity a bass boat. Most lakes are wma so dove hunting the red lines ok. Wondering where the grey line is between shooting squirrels from kayaks to duck hunting in a boat that has stopped its forward motion.
593CA968-A6F6-41AC-A075-F058BD8A652B.jpeg 929ADF9A-D341-48F6-86EA-94725D7F1ACD.jpeg 7EE64BBC-BE53-499D-A667-7C42EA923980.jpeg Opening day was a great one!!
Brooklyn got her personal best with 8 doves!!
We’re looking around for flint in the Etown area. We were following an old thread but can’t reach the person that posted of places around to look. Anyone have any suggestions?

We recently assembled and put a pair of these on seperate ridges at the Hillfarm. They come on 8 foot metal platforms and are 6'x9'.
Had a gut feeling i needed to take a look after yesterday’s rains...

Found a good load of shrooms at the base of a dead tree. Was looking for chanterelles but ill take it!
Buddy in GA sent this to me.. found it in a feeder in Bama
Just got back Thursday from my yearly diy archery antelope hunt. This year there was 6 of us hunting and a couple just came along for a good time. Weather was great all week as we always set up camp out on the prairie. Last couple of years a couple guys didn’t fill their tag but this year all 6 got one. The last was on day 6 of the hunt. Here are some pics.
The first pic was my antelope I took at 33 yds.


Pic below was 2nd buck taken.
Pole was hanging full with 3 more bucks.
And here is buck #6 of the trip.
Any dove shoots in Grayson, butler, Edmonson area, will pay to shoot thanks
"Monarch" expanding broadhead. I found this while rooting around looking for my serving string jig. I don't know how long I've had it, or why I have it. Seems like I would remember loosing something like this from a bow. I *STILL* can't find the string jig. I blame the cat... broadhead1.jpg broadhead2.jpg broadhead3.jpg
i had lots of pics of this buck last year and i knew he survived. I put out some pears last week and low and behold he likes pears. Had two daylight pics of him and we are putting together a plan as we speak. We added 4 trail cams to this 30 acres today
My sons buddy's were hunting this buck waiting for it to cross into public land when two out of states from CA and their guide shot it! The boys called Fish and Game. This is Idaho.
Hope to get a shot at the big 8 with split brow.
has anyone ever went on a alligator hunt? I'm going to loisiana first week of September.
Here in Indiana we have problems with Judges that simply don't take wildlife lawbreaking seriously. A notorious Judge here in Jefferson county was so indifferent to undersized/over limit fishing cases, for example, that C.O.s were pulling their hair out. He was bad with deer cases as well--the worst example was a guy that shot a 20 plus point buck during archery season with a rifle on public land. He worked out a plea deal where the offender not only got the weapon and the vehicle back, he got the ANTLERS as well after paying a piddly fine. He would even suggest plea deals and argue points of the case ( how can you be sure he was after deer? he said he was coon hunting!). Recently, in Franklin co. I believe, a dude got caught red-handed poaching a large buck. He also got the antlers back. Frustrated C.O.s argued--quite logically, I think-- that giving the antlers back was no different than handing a bag of money back to a bank robber. Stolen is stolen! In Indiana the judge has wide latitude in determining penalties. Is it the same in Kentucky?
looking for somewhere to dove hunt
View attachment 70292 View attachment 70293 View attachment 70293 For anyone who will be hunting near Columbia ky. I have a cabin two miles from Holmes bend marina on green river lake. Sleeps 6 two bedrooms. Fully furnished kitchen, all the comfort of home
20190819_154417.jpg 20190608_175924.jpg 20190608_175924.jpg For anyone who will be hunting near Columbia ky. I have a cabin two miles from Holmes bend marina on green river lake. Sleeps 6 two bedrooms. Fully furnished kitchen, all the comfort of home
I was surprised to learn there are 100 species of milkweed, the only type of plant Monarch butterflies will lay eggs on. By virtue of where it grows, it tends to get cut down at an alarming rate. A friend of mine that plants acres of butterfly-friendly plants showed me some larvae recently.
Our Ruffed Grouse society chapter Tri State Drumming Feathers has 3 permits available for bid until August 30 . Ky whitetail, waterfowl, and spring gobbler 2020 . The funds raised will go back into Ky wildlife habitat ! Please call if interested. Thank you
I’m looking for a Brit pup. I’d like hunting stock as I intend to train the pup myself and would like to start out with a dog that is naturally “Birdy”. Having said that, I’m retired and can’t afford 1500 plus for a pup. So, if any of you guys know of a reputable breeder that I’d appreciate a heads up.

Thanks in advance,

If anyone is looking, consignment auction at Powell's in Campbellsburg KY Saturday, August 17th. Several small tractors, mowers, tillers, grain wagons, etc. for the farm or foodplot work. Exit 34 on I-71 in Henry Co.
1. Shooter Stage

Hunters at this stage simply want to do a lot of shooting, be it doves, ducks, squirrels, rabbits or even deer (in which case shooting opportunities are acceptable too). They want to test their shooting abilities, as well as that of their rifle or shotgun. These hunters are beginners and are often young as well.

2. Limiting-Out Stage

Eventually, simply burning through a lot of ammunition is no longer sufficient. Hunters at this stage still gain a lot of satisfaction from shooting, but now the number of birds or animals bagged becomes important too, and limiting-out, or filling a tag, is the gold standard.

3. Trophy Stage

Eventually the weight of the game bag becomes less important and the emphasis shifts from quantity to quality. Hunters at this stage gain satisfaction from being selective in taking game, such as a duck hunter who shoots only greenheads, a turkey hunter who only shoots long beards, or a deer hunter who takes only mature bucks. These hunters often travel long distances to hunt trophy animals.

4. Method Stage

For this hunter, taking game is still important, but more important is how that game is taken. True satisfaction comes from the method used to take game, with particular emphasis on more challenging methods such as archery or muzzleloading. This hunter will spend a lot of time scouting and using trail cameras, studying their quarry and practicing hunting skills such as calling and, in the case of a deer hunter, may even choose to target one specific animal.

5. Sportsman Stage

After many years in the field, the...

Usually this thread gets started back in February...... Anyone planting this year? I'm about a week away from planting this year. I planted 5 acres last year on May 25th.
Right behind my house.... Hopefully some bigger ones show up on the other farm I’m running cameras on now...
Lets say you had a pond about 1 acre and in it you had almost all the typical panfish and largemouth bass, then you had bullhead catfish.
anybody here from Harrison?
I checked dad's "pet" four prong ginseng. The seeds will be red by the end of the month. Eventually I want to do a detailed video on seed collection and replanting.

That means chicken time. Rain over weekend made the pop.
This weekend we were out harassing the local pigeon population... I would take a slingshot and shoot a marble up around their roosts to run them out for a shot and it occurred to me that I practically grew up with a wrist rocket attached to my left hand!

All those memories came flooding back and I realized that I deserve my very own slingshot forum where I can feel comfortable discussing all the joys and problems that go along with slingshot hunting with like minded folks on our own private forum!

I'm hiring Hatsan Sniper as my agent/advisor!
Buddy from GA sent this to me..
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