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    Sep 18, 2006
    Elite Energy 32 pic 2.PNG My nephews father passed away at Central Baptist in Lexington on Sunday 10-8-2016. While he was inside the hospital, some scumbag broke the window out of his truck and stole his Elite energy 32 and his dads Winchester 1200 short barreled shotgun. Lexington PD is investigating, but I thought I would post here for everyone to be on the lookout and maybe we can get his stuff back. Hoping to have serial numbers soon. The particulars of the bow are:
    Elite energy 32- 29" 65#
    Trophy ridge black 5 arrow quiver with camo carbon express maxima arrows, Rage Hypodermics. Nocturnal nocks, and blue hand written numbers on the white vane of fletching.
    QAD Ultrarest
    Axcel Armortech HD black 5 pin sight
    Scott little goose release attached
    PM me with any info.
    Any help appreciated. Bad enough to mourn the death of his father, but to add losing his prized bow made it worse. Hard to think people could be that low.
    Thank You,
    Bill Wells
    Somerset, KY

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