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    I am a 40-year Kentucky resident managing a 100+ year-old family farm of about 700 acres. I grow hay and have cattle but am more interested in offering a taste of the natural beauty here to others through recreation and hunting. I have an Airbnb that people use and seem to really enjoy, but my main focus is on developing a small but good group hunters. I have done it all as far as having hunters on the place - leased,outfitters,semi-guided packages. I have 20+ stands and even more feeders, 2 fully-enclosed elevated box blinds, and a wide variety of hunting equipment for use by visitors - climbers,ground blinds,etc.. I've got lodging for 8-10, or even more if needed, and 18 miles of trail with some well developed hunting sites.
    We've had feed and mineral out since July and have seen some nice bucks this year. I'm going to post an ad in the classified section, if anyone is interested in checking the place out please feel free to call me. I am trying to get good people and save them money, it's kind of a non-profit thing and so I can just cover costs WITHOUT having to charge $500/day for hunting. Anyone who's leased or used outfitters knows how incredibly expensive it's become to enjoy hunting these days. I just want a stable, small group of serious and dedicated people to hunt on a recurring basis without having to deal with outfitters. This is a unique place and we have a lot to offer for those looking to enjoy nature, hunting or otherwise.
    The property is in Lewis County (zone 2) and I can be reached at 606-796-9828.

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