Rompola comes clean; buck certified as new world record!

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    Mitch Rompola finally discussed the story about his possible world record whitetail buck killed with a bow on November 13, 1998. His deer was examined by state conservation officers and scorers and has after nearly 10 years, been certified as a factual bow kill.

    The buck, which netted over 216 on the Boone and Crockett scale will be certified at the next meeting of the club in 2009 as the new world record. Rompola's buck will replace Milo Hanson's Saskatchewan whitetail killed in 1993.

    For years, Rompola and his buck were the center of controversy. Many did not believe his account of the story and since Rompola was seclusive about his kill, many in the industry felt that Rompola killed it in a pen, or even worse, made the antlers himself and attached them to the buck.

    Now, as the buck is certified, many who called Rompola a liar are backtracking. Rompola already owns the Pope and Young Michigan record with a 181 inch whitetail killed in the 1980's.

    "I felt that it was time to show all the naysayers that my buck was the real deal," Rompola explained. Now the truth is out and I don't have to worry anymore."

    Another piece of the puzzle was an agreement with Milo Hanson regarding the world record. In the agreement, Rompola could not claim that his buck was the record until another buck beating Hanson's buck was killed. Hanson's attorney and Rompola's attorney met this past March and settled a deal that would give the Rompola buck the record, but only if the Rompola buck was certified. Once certification was determined, the deal was reached.

    "I always thought that buck was real," said local hunter Jack Bertrand, shopping for turkey gear at a local Wal*Mart.

    Now the truth is out. Where will the next world record come from? If Mitch Rompola has anything to do with it, it will be the state of Michigan.
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    Where did this article come from?
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    Funny this comes about on April 1st....... Smells funny to me...

    I do think the deer is legit, although it might not have been killed where he claims....
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    Nicholasville little s**t. I bought it.

    Funny. April fools boys.
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    I think he shot it on april 1st as well! Good one Shelby!
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    I read it yesterday and thought it was to much of a coinkydink. But didn't want to cast the first stone.:D

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