Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!

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    Jul 13, 2003
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    Really tired of these poverty pimps.


    Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!
    May 11, 2018
    By Victor Skinner
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    California Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear any talk about making America great, especially if it’s coming from a straight white man.

    Waters went off the rails at a recent House debate when Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly had the audacity to suggest the country needed to shift focus from what divides to what unites.

    “We are trying to make sure we are making America great every day in every way and the best way to do that is to stop stalking about discrimination and start talking about the nation,” Kelly said Tuesday, directing his comments to Waters. “We’re coming together as a people, in spite of what you say.”

    Committee chairman Tom McClintock reminded lawmakers to direct comments to him, rather than each other, before yielding to “the gentlelady from California.” Waters ignored his request and immediately attacked Kelly, pointing to her special double victim status as a black woman.

    “Mr. Kelly, please do not leave. Because I want you to know that I am more offended as an African American woman than you will ever be. And this business about making America great again, it is your president that’s dividing this country,” she said.

    “And don’t talk to me about the fact that we don’t understand … that’s the attitude that’s been given toward women time and time again.”

    Kelly attempted to chime in, but Waters refused to yield for a response. McClintock reminded Waters to direct her remarks to him, and she ignored the request a second time.

    “I respect the chair, but don’t stop me in the middle when you didn’t stop him in the middle, and so I shall continue,” Waters said, turning back to Kelly. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that and think that somehow women don’t understand what goes on on the floor of automobile dealers.”

    McClintock again requested that Waters respect the rules, which sent the 79-year-old politician into a tirade about Trump.

    “I don’t appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination,” Waters shouted. “I resent that and I resent the remark about making America great again.

    “He’s down here making a speech for this dishonorable president of the United States of America. Having said that, I reserve the balance of my time. And no, I do not yield, not one second to you,” she yelled at Kelly.

    She added an echo for dramatic effect.

    “Not one second,” she shouted. “Not one second to you.”

    The hearing centered on Obama-era anti-discrimination regulations for auto lenders, which Republicans and some Democrats voted to reverse. The measure, which was previously approved by the Senate, is now awaiting Trump’s signature, The Hill reports.
  2. Real talk: The hearing centered on an Obama-era regulation that if you were black your credit rating shouldn’t prevent you from ripping off yet another person through a loan you should never have received to begin with.
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  3. EC

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    Jul 13, 2003
    Louisville, KY.
    The funniest part about this "mega mouthed ghetto rat" is she doesn't even live in the slum district she "represents". But that's OK to the walking dead apparently. She's fighting for them! LOLOLOLOL
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    That thang needs to be in a zoo(cage)
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  5. EC

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    Jul 13, 2003
    Louisville, KY.
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    Maxine Waters has proven herself countless times to be an obscenely stupid human being. Nothing to see here. Just more blathering from a race baiting communist
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    In the whole time she has been in office all she has ever done is play the race card, that's it.
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    They see their 50 year strangle hold on minorities slipping away and they don't have a clue how it's happening. It seems the "idiot" Trump has them running around in circles trying to keep up. It must be frustrating to be hammered every day by somebody you deem inferior.
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    50 yrs?? the party of the south, dems, has always, favored chains. Not the good people i know, north, south, or other places in the world.
  10. Duster

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    I think if you go back in history you will find it was the Republican's who favored slavery and were the party of the south during that period. Old Maxine has been a weird one for many years and like said like to play the race card anytime she can. Somebody must like her she has held office a lot of years.
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    Funny how the democrats always try to rewrite history so it’s not quite so colorful. KKK, Jim Crow, civil rights....
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    Explain this ,sir?
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    I don't know about the 1850's-1860's, but the vast majority of the Jim Crow laws were passed in Democrat controlled southern legislatures.
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    That's total BS.

    Every single leader of the Confederate States was a Democrat before the war and after the war. Nathan Bedford Forrest, father of the KKK, was a delete to the National Democrat Conversation in 1854, 1860, 1868 and 1872. Look at the Governors of the Southern States since the War up until the 1980's, THEY were the ones that signed the Jim Crow laws and kept blacks out of white schools. Look at THEIR party. It was the Republicans that pushed and passed the Voting Rights Acts of the 1960's, it was because of their pressure that Johnson signed them then tried to get credit for it when he fought it tooth and nails every step of the way.

    Look at Maxine's district, no wonder she keeps getting reelected.
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