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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Monster01, May 11, 2018.

  1. Monster01

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    Dec 9, 2013
    I need some info on where to do this just send me to the right boat ramp and ill figure the rest out. I live in south east ky and fish noahs dock quite a bit and while its the perfect place to striper fish from a kayak the fish just havent been there this year .(for me)
    any info would be awesome .pm me if you dont want the world to know about your favorite spot.
  2. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
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    Try the dam at lake cumberland
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  3. luvtohunt

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    Fella was on a nice rig with night lights you could put in on LC at the dam and paddle to one of the bluff walls at sunset. Fish around til dark then start throwing the bank. Be a good way to pick one up on a kayak but a bit difficult. For day time fishing, I'd stick to the big end of LC as well. Anywhere from Conley Bottom to the Dam. Be safe though, she really gets to rockin in the summer time out there.
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  4. suburbansniper

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    Jan 3, 2011
    Hebron, KY
    I just went to Cumberland May 1st and 2nd. We were trolling shiners in 5-10ft of water at sunrise. Fish are chasing shad/shiners in the coves and creeks. Bit was gone by 8am, but the moon was full which had the stripers feeding at night. Need to find the shad on radar hangout there. Caught two at Lees Ford on the 1st and 8 on the 2nd at State Dock
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