Hunting Turkey with a air rifle

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by hatsan125sniper, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. What is the best way to go about adding a air rifle to be used as a legal weapon for Turkey ?
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    Eat a big meal, drink 3 drinks with some good KY bourbon, go to bed, because the only way that's happening is in your dreams!!!
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    Nov 17, 2007
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    Can you explain how this works? My assumptions are body shot ruins the meat and a neck shot requires many pellets to be effective.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    Maybe it’s rumor, don’t know, but didn’t Texas or another state or two experiment with allowing them to be hunted with modern gun one year? Maybe a private land law or something? Picking one off from 300 yds would probably be my best chance most years. LOL!
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    Youtube has vids using air guns
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    Brain or eye shot required. Guess that counts me out lol
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    To memory.....there’s a few states that still allow rifles to be used least during a portion of a season. Thinking Texas for sure.....maybe Florida or at least they did it for awhile. Believe Georgia’s regs states any blackpowder weapon ... which includes muzzleloading rifles. I’m not sure about the western states.... but I’d expect a few may allow rifles.

    It’s mostly states with an abundance of flat areas. Which I’m not condoning it nor condemning it... if its deemed legal in those states. Just like hunting turkeys, deer or even bears with dogs or bait. I may have a differing mindset on certain situations....but its not for me to judge if their wildlife agencies support it.

    In Kentucky.... my opposition would be safety.As we have reports of people getting shot turkey hunting every year with shotguns.

    In turn..... what Ive read or seen concerning the “high-power” air guns ... been a lot of large game taken a present. Their calibers & air pressures make them very comparable to modern centerfire weapons. Which when you cross that threshold... they should not be viewed any different than modern center fires. The safety aspect increases dramatically.

    As such.... turkey hunting to me is a “close range” sport. Much like bow hunting. Take that out of the equation... where your shooting / killing at ranges beyond 40-50 yds.... pretty much erodes the experience ... tradition of the sport. As there’s nothing like keeping your nerves in check with a gobbler thundering off at 20 yds or an exceptional buck at 10 yds. Something all hunters need to experience and what makes the sport what it is.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    Hunting turkey with modern gun. That seems crazy! I’m in Florida now. I can check but don’t think they allow modern gun for turkey.
  9. A 22 cal pellet is made out of the same lead as used in a shotgun shells and as far as I know the pellets don't ruin the meat . A hollow point pellet will explain inside a turkey just like a bullet does when it hits a deer . Of course you don't want to use a 50 caliber bullet on a turkey . The best calibers for Turkey body shoots are 22 to 30 calibers . From a air gun the pellet are much safer for the surrounding areas than any shotgun blast . A size 7.5 shot from a shot gun can travel 300 yards. The air guns are very quite so once you have taken yours who ever is with you can have a shot also . Its great when your kid is with you . A well placed shot with a scoped air gun through the vital areas is the most humane way to kill a turkey . Air guns with a good scope attached are now able to achieve 1/2 in groups at 75 yards and less than 1 inch groups at 100 yards . For kids getting into hunting a air rifle is a lot safer and quieter on their ears . Younger kids just getting into hunting can practice for hours with a air rifle and in no time you will have a hard time out shooting them . When the hit the fields with the same gun they have been shooting at the house they will have the ability and confidence to take the shot on a Turkey . The modern air rifles are safer ,quieter and safer than shot guns and can kill a Turkey just as dead so why not allow them to be used . Air guns have come a long way and more and more people are using them to hunt with from squirrels to rabbits to coyotes , hogs and yes deer , bear and elk with the bigger calibers . All are allowed in most states to be taken with air guns and most here in KY except for Turkey . I'm just asking if anyone knows anyone that has a say or that knows what steps that need to be taken to get the air gun listed as a legal weapon for Turkey would you let me know or talk to them about it . Air guns are part of the hunting world and they are more popular every year . Why deny the hunter the ability to use a weapon that can kill a animal humanely and are safer than center fire ,rim fire and shotguns . There is no good reason not to allow it to be used .
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    "Hail NO". I do not want to or have some one I care about, be in the woods hunting with some DA shooting a single projectile rifle. Safety concern is someone hearing turkey "sounds" and shooting at turkey "looking" target at rifle shooting distances.
    There are places you can go to hunt turkey with a rifle.
    Pennsylvania does not allow in spring.
    But do in the fall, however, fall turkey hunters must wear "hunter orange" clothing for safety concerns..
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    If I’m not mistaken West Virginia ,had a season you could use a rifle.Personally I don’t want a hunt around where somebody is using any kind of rifle ,for turkey hunting.Its bad enough now,to many idiots that don’t know enough to identify their target at close range,be stupid dangerous at long distance.Turkey hunting to me is the challenge of getting the gobbler in close .
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    Feb 17, 2008
    In Wyoming you can use any shotgun, any center fire firearm, .17HMR or larger rimfire with a cartridge length greater then 1", any muzzle loading firearm or any archery equipment. When I lived there my boss used a 22-250 for his turkey gun.
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    Can just see it now, someone crawling behind a full strut decoy gets shot with a air rifle pellet. Or someone fanning gets shot.
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    Several states, including Va and Wva, allow modern rifle turkey hunting. Its been that way for many years. I'm in favor of Ky having a rifle season here but most people are offended that it would "be too easy" and other nonsense. Never could figure out why it matters to anyone how someone else hunts turkeys. If they want to increase the difficulty to make it satisfying, how about spears-- or sandstone rocks-- only thrown underhanded?
    There should be an air rifle season using an air rifle sized appropriately for turkey hunting. There are air rifles that can kill a deer easily so a turkey wouldn't be so tough. And someone with one shot/one projectile is more likely to carefully aim than a shotgun hunter. Shotgun hunters haven't cornered the market on safety.
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    Nov 20, 2009
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    I dont care how folka hunt as far as difficulty goes..but the safety aspect worries me. There are all kinds of stupidity going around. And yes..they are just as dangerous with a shotgun as they would be with an air rifle.

    Id say make it legal..i dont beleive it would gain much traction.

    Hell..sometimes i have a hard time hitting them a load of #4s..i wouldnt be chasin after em with a bb gun for sure.
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