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    gdb had already posted this on the Senior disabled license thread but I thought it deserved its own.

    The Comision is is voting on these increases on June 2nd in Frankfort at The Game Farm.

    I want to point out that the Sportsmens license is not on the list of increasing.

    Also they are not raising nonresident fees.

    I for one think if they are going to raise resident fees it should go accross the board to include nonresidents.

    We need to reach out to the Comishoners and voice our feelings on this matter before they meet and vote on this.

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    Do you have a link where we can send a nastygram?
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    I'm understanding of needs to increase and the benefit of matching funds.

    But its hard to not scratch your head a little on the rhyme & reason here on how they derived at determining the increases.

    Resident hunting license proposed increase of $7 (+35%) .....yet resident fishing license proposed an increase of $3 (+15%). Why not a $5 increase across the board on those two license and you get basically the same results monetarily & concerning matching funds. Which I don't know the numbers but would assume fishing license sales is on-par or possibly surpasses hunting license sold.

    In turn I'm glad they didn't go completely idiotic considering they tossed around a near $50 fee on seniors. But I still have reservations even at $18 that it's still more than necessary. I just know too many seniors including close family that don't hunt or fish but 2-3 times a year. It just doesn't sit well personally and I'd rather the burden put on the backs of those 65 and under concerning paying more.

    As far as non-resident fees I'm not a proponent of gouging NR's but it is what it is. Which maybe I'm just getting a little cynical as I get older but there's something to be said about public perception here. Being increases staggered or better said one sided is not a good thing.
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    Oct 11, 2015
    I'm thinking the outfitters lobbied them not to raise non-resident rates. Gotta keep Kentucky as an affordable destination for all of dat sweet out of state money.
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    Sep 20, 2010
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    I just sent my email in opposition to such a lopsided increase. I suggested that a more modest across the board increase (including non-resident) would be more widely accepted and beneficial to KDFWR. Next year we have three senior/disabled hunters that won't be buying licenses if they increase fees that much (and they'll still hunt legally on their own lands.) Ky not only misses out on the $5 but also the associated federal dollars.
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    When this thread came-up, I e-mailed my 4th district commissioner Barry Wayne Stotts, but the e-mail bounced back to my computer.o_O
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    Greedy, blood suckers.
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    The fish and wildlife commission Meeting when they will vote on this starts Friday June 2nd at 8:30 am in frankfort at the game farm if any of you would like to attend.
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    Oct 9, 2013
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    on 05/23/2017 |
    Featured Local News News
    Last night, Barren Outdoors in Glasgow hosted a forum with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife District 4 Commissioner Barry Stotts, with a crowd of around 20 local citizens. The elephant in the room during the forum was the proposed increase on Senior Citizens Fishing Licenses. Originally it was proposed for Senior Citizens to foot the bill to revamp our summer camps such as Camp Curry by raising the licenses from $5 to $47 annually. Those figures are now being proposed as increases across the board.
    District 4 Commissioner Barry Stotts

    Senior citizens will still taking the broad side of the rate hike under the modified proposal, with their rates expected to go from $5 to $18 annually. The rest of the proposed increases are as follows: Husband and Wife from $36 to $40, General Fishing from $20 to $23, General Hunting from $20 to $27, and Combo from $30 – $40.

    Concerns as to where the money is currently going since many rarely, if ever, see a Game Warden were raised as well as what intentions would be to lower the rate again once the child summer camps were completed. Unfortunately, these were questions District Commissioner Stotts couldn’t answer, but he invited the public to attend the next meeting in Frankfort at 7:30am Central Time on Friday, June 2nd in order to voice concerns amongst all 9 District Commissioners.

    With fishermen voicing they had not seen as many of the larger crappie they once saw in abundance, the group made a decision that a petition be drawn up to set a statewide size limit on crappie at 10″ and a creel limit of 20 for 2018. This petition will be available to sign at Barren Outdoors, and local FLW Ambassador Josh Morris said he will be set up at the Glasgow Walmart location on June 3rd and he would be happy to have the petition on hand.

    The proposed 12″ limit on catfish raised concerns as some in attendance agreed those sizes aren’t the spawning catfish, and a recommendation was made to put a limit against keeping catfish within a certain size known to spawn. It was also brought up that a limit needs to be set and markers should be required for boxes and barrels used at noodling spots for catfish as there is already a limit on trot lines and jug lines. Several in attendance commented that many areas are beginning to look like a landfill when the water is down due to the massive number of boxes and barrels. A request was made to look into banning the use hooks to noodle for catfish, as the sport is intended to be done by hand and some people are using these large hooks to drag a fish out and leaving it to die if it isn’t as large as they hoped.

    There was also mention that the numbers of Smallmouth Bass in Barren and surrounding areas having dwindled. Another idea was mention to put some of the license money burden on Tournament Fishermen by charging a $3 per fisherman per tournament fee to be charged by Tournament Sponsors to and given to Fish and Wildlife. JP Johnson, host of SKY Country Outdoors which airs on WCLU every Saturday morning suggested that we follow in the lines of the Trout Stamp which has led to major improvement in trout numbers and impose an annual Tournament Stamp at around $15 – $20 annually which must be shown in order to fish in any tournament held on Kentucky waters. A portion of this could go toward funding bass hatcheries to help raise the Smallmouth population and keep the Largemouth quantities sustainable for tournaments, while another portion could be used to offset the proposed license increases on Senior Citizens. This idea seemed to go over well with many in attendance.

    A very special thanks to Fish and Wildlife District Commissioner Stotts for giving a voice to the people and to Barren Outdoors for hosting this forum.

    Commissioner Stotts can be reached by email at or by calling 270-378-2101.
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    I'm fine with raising the fees. I'm kind of against the raising of the senior/disabled. At least that big of a jump anyways. I do think NR fees should match those of Iowa and Illinois. I'd also like to see a lottery system to help cut back on out of staters. Nothing personnel against them. But hunting is becoming too much of a rich mans sport. If a person isn't lucky enough to have family or friends with land that lets them hunt. It makes it hard on the already over hunter WMA's. Leases have gone completely stupid high.
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    I'm going to do my best to make the meeting on June 2. As of now I don't work the night before so I should make it. Conveniently they don't say where their meetings are on the website. I only found where they listed the meetings by googling it. One might think they don't want us there. Of course a 730am meeting doesn't make it easy for working people to make it there either. Fortunately I have a job that isn't the typical 9-5, M-F.

    I also have not received a reply to my email to my commissioner.
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    Im not an out of state hunter hater by any means but why no raise on out of state fees? That dosnt make sense? Why across the board on residents and not out of state fees?
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