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    Bad shot placement making me uneasy as well this week, but it happens I will admit. I believe a few on here are closing their eyes when they shoot, they have no idea where they hit the deer.

    I would also like to say I believe a few that lost deer this week and will lose deer this season on here will take ok shots just to take them so they can get a deer on a self filmed hunt when they should just concentrate on good shot placement. A polaroid, a mount, and freezer full says more about you as a hunter than a video displaying bad shot placement and maybe getting lucky. Don't get caught up in the video hype just enjoy yourselves and make good ethical decisions.

    And as far as people talking about losing deer, it happens bring it up, vent a little. There is good advice on here to assist you. Forget the fact it may be used against us hunters it needs to be talked about. It will take more than that to bring us down.

    Just my opinion.
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    Jul 9, 2003
    This should be a good one:eek:
  3. shot placement is key

    over the past 3 years i've seen everyone buy in to the mechanical broadhead hipe. this one cuts this big and that one cuts even bigger. and for 10 more bucks this one will field dress your deer for you and cape it if it's a wall banger bla bla bla. i'm wandering what ever happened to a good old fixed blade broadhead and a well placed shot. i'm 30 years old and have been bow hunting since i was 13. in 17 years and after 18 bow kills i can honestly say i've lost 2 of them. one to coyotes and one because the deer crossed a property line at kleber a few years back. the rest were killed with muzzy broadheads and didn't involve a whole lot of tracking. i think these mechanical broadheads have made hunters less concerned with accuracy.
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    Oct 25, 2009
    You must have superman vision because an arrow slung at speeds of 260-300 fps is pretty dang hard to see... I agree at smart shots but many rely on their instincts for the green light and then it happens so fast that your left to put the pieces back together. Deer are WILD, they are tough, and they dont always do as we expect.
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    I will tell you what I think. I think if I was not there personally to witness the shot, then there is no way I have enough information to even form a theory as to what might have happened, much less call someone out on it.
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    Yep, this will get more comments than Mr. Hicks thread...:)
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    I understand deer will be lost but we owe it to the animal to make the most ethical shot possible. Bad shots happen, I am guilty, but you can bet I learned from it and so too will bowhunters who are newer to the sport.
  8. Fat Tony

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    Jeez, I've never heard of so many guys slinging arrows and not finding deer. It happens, but the rate I am seeing it on here ticks me off.

    Whenever I see another of these things first thing that comes to my mind is that they have problems on distance and being to eager too take the shot. Everyone says "35 yards." That more often than not means 45+ in my experience when talking to guys that missed or made a bad shot.

    Relax and wait until the dang thing is within top pin distance and recovery is not as big of an issue.
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    Mar 6, 2008
    This is one topic that really makes me want to chew nails bacause there is so much bad info and excuses out there. Here's some random thoughts.

    1- "I hit the deer perfect and didn't find it. They sure are tough."

    No you didn't. If you bust both lungs your deer is dead, usually in 10 to 15 seconds. I have NEVER seen a double lunged deer make it 150 yards unless it was rolling down a hill. The vast majority make it less than 100. Accept the fact that you didn't hit the critter where you "think" you did. Unlees you're standing over the carcass, there's no way to be sure of your hit.

    2- "I shot a deer with (X brand) broadhead and didn't find it. They are junk."

    Refer to rant #1. While I am fanatical about broadhead quality and sharpness, this one gets used way too often. A hole through the lungs isn't something they can just "walk off". I've known 2 guys that have mistakenly shot deer with field tips. Another buddy had a Grim Reaper break as it entered the rib cage and just the arrow and ferrule exited, minus the blades. All deer were dead in 100 yards.

    3- "I hit a deer above the lungs and below the spine"

    Another excuse that gets used WAY too much especially when said deer actually runs off with 20" off arrow sticking out of it's shoulder. While I won't say this is impossible, it is EXTREMELY rare. Maybe 1 in 1,000 hits and thats being very generous. Most of these are hits above the spine especially when the hit is also forward where the spine begins to drop down. In a ground blind, maybe possible if all the stars are aligned. 20 ft. in a tree and a deer at 20 yards, I don't see it.

    I will lose a deer now and then just like anyone else but it has always been MY FAULT. Not my equipment or some bionic deer that couldn't be killed.
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    so your saying you're not suppose look at the antlers when you shoot?????????? :)
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    I like trick shots , get bored with the ethical ones. You know run em down and tackle em and such. In my parts we shoot hogs in the arse to get rid of them.
  12. BowOnly

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Yall be dum in yore parts.

    Shooting them in the ribs would get rid of them permanently and you'd get your arrow back.
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    Jul 28, 2008
    good post...
  14. Fat Tony

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    I'd get my butt kicked at a 3D shoot. I can hit a softball at 30 yards every time which is plenty good enough for my purposes. But in the last 3 years even with my decade old bow setup, I am 7 out of 8 on shots where deer didn't make it out of view before taking a nap. The one that didn't was a clean miss low on an uphill shot. I just don't understand shooting a deer with bow, gun, spear, whatever and having it run 300 yards. Blows my mind.

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