Arrow deflection?

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by Drew3, Oct 30, 2016.

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    So here's my story, last year shot a doe at 20yrds. She ducked my arrow but I still hit her high. Backed out for 3 hours then tracked for 150yrds and found her. After examining her the arrow had hit the ridge of the spine and defected into the far side of the chest still got both lungs from her running. I was shooting 45lbs, Easton Axis, with VPA 3 blade. Thanks for any other stories or experiences.
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    not deflection but......shot an elk 3 years ago. hit right behind the shoulder, not a pas through. when field dressing, the arrow had worked it's way all the way through the body cavity and the broadhead was stuck in the ham.
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    Jokes aside, if an animal ducks an arrow at that close distance, it is prolly goin 250fps and needs to be dealt with. I would say it was a marginal hit, and just need to prepare for the next shot with a setup of that kind of power and speed. , but with that said I once read an article that I agreed with, stating the new bows are too fast, by throwing an arrow thru an animal like a laser beam, it simply don't have time to cause adequate damage. (adequate meaning, wound channels, bone breaks, arrow deflection, etc)

    I Killed a great deer yesterday, it was perfect broadside. At 52 yards i expected him to duck it, so I aimed super low, just enough to hit heart. Even at 73 lbs Bear Carnage and at 331FPS he ducked to lunge forward/upward, and it hit him about half way up and buried about 10" deep. But the arrow took a HARD 90 degree turn and came out just in front of back ham on opposite side. It got both lungs, liver and pretty much everything else a little. Nasty wound.

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