Anyone use gopro on shotgun?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Shaine1985, Jan 3, 2017.

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    The wife bought me a Gopro, I'm looking at mounts for it. I see gopro has a sportsmans mount & Capture the Hunt has a mount too. I hear all good about Capture the hunt mount but very little of Gopro sportsmans mount. Any experiences?
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    Not familiar with either of those mounts - but I had a GoPro with one of the original mounts and was sadly disappointed. Shotgun mounted it and shot some doves, and then early Canadas and managed to get fair but shaky footage. Then I took it on a snow goose hunt and have some excellent footage of geese, flying spinning camera, and mud. Seems the mount was only good for recoil up to about the 3rd shot.

    So - my advice is to really inspect the mount and locking system. Don't just look at the package - pull it out, see if the nuts and bolts are rugged and have some locking system, etc....
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    You need a Tactacam, not sure on spelling... made for mounting on gun, bow ETC...

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