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    Nov 21, 2007
    I hunt in a somewhat residential area, alot of housing on one side and woods on the other seperated by a field where I have a food plot. Friday night I spooked a doe, I am certain she did not wind me but caught a little movement in the blind, Saturday night getting out the blind at past dark I spook another doe, and yesterday morning a small buck spots movement from me glassing the field. My question is with this being a residential area and the deer seeing humans daily will they be all nervous and go nocturnal on me. I am seeing deer almost every time I go out and have already harvested two mature does. None of these deer really hurried off they just kinda gingerly left, the first doe about halfway blew at me 2 or 3 times and then just trotted off. They did not bust out of the country the way most deer do at another farm I hunt in the middle of nowhere.
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    probably because they have no where to go. Yea they are used to seeing people in the woods probably but i do believe they can distinguish someone walking around to someone who is hunting them. I think you should be alright though its the rut they will run around no matter what. I got out of my stand this weekend right at dark and there were 3 bucks running 7 does and they did not care that i was there they ran past me at 20 then came running right back i thought i was going to get freight trained.
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    Most suburban deer will grow accustomed to noraml human activity but when that activity starts showing up in areas it normally doesn't (hunting season) they can become skittesh. They will grow leary of the blind if you keep getting busted, checking each and everytime they walk by or enter the feild. Old does are bad about remembering things like that and can ruin a stand site. Good luck

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