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  1. I own a 11-87 supermag and absolutly love the gun. Last duck season during extreamly cold weather the gun started cycling poorly. After cleaning the gun and finding nothing a miss and a good cleaning and a lite oiling (really lite) I reassmbled the gun with the same results.. No change in shells or anything. Only happens during really cold temps. A fella was telling me that i should drill out the exhuast ports. Never heard of this. Havn't googled it or anything yet, just wondering what all the people on here thought about this. Thanks.
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    You need a new spring in the tube under the butt stock they get week and when they get cold they dont have enough pressure to cycle rite. Dont drill out the gas ports if it worked great before why would the holes need to be bigger you can clean them with a torch tip cleaner just dont open them up bigger or you will need a new barrel. Sure cycle makes a kit that is stanless steel to elimenate this problem.
  3. Cycle poorly how? Failed to eject or failed to feed, failed to fully chamber?
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    You can take metal out of the ports easily, but it's kinda hard to put it back. See a gunsmith is my advice.--Mike Ezell
  5. Failed to feed, and it seems to always be the third shell.
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    If that PROVES true, it's not gas system related. Try streching the magazine spring out and putting it back together. If that takes care of it, replace the mag spring. If not, well, see a gunsmith.---Mike Ezell;gunsmith
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    What he said.
  8. Replaced mag spring last year. Its not always the third but seems more times than not its the third. Think i am going to replace the gas seal and replace spring in stock.
  9. I would not try drilling out the gas ports. Since this only happens in extremely cold weather, I suspect it's a viscosity issue with your oil. If you know you will be shooting in extremely cold weather, thoroughly clean the gun beforehand of all oil, and then "lube" with Militec-1 (a dry lube). You can go back to lightly lubing with a traditional oil when it warms up.
  10. If you keep the gun clean and don't cake on oil then oil won't be a problem. To me it sounds like a spring like Mike said
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    I run my guns dry during duck season when it gets below 30 degrees. Just have to clean them after every hunt no matter if you shoot or not. I started doing this after I had a hammer freeze up on an 870. I pulled the trigger and nothing. My uncle runs his SBE dry during the cold, no more fail to feeds that he use to have.

    Dry lube or run it dry, either way will more than likely solve your problem. New gas seal is not that much $ and worth the time to change it.
  12. I don't understand how people are saying their oil freezes their guns up? I never experienced it, and I set out some oil on a couple tools during the couple weeks of teens and single digit weather...the stuff was out for 24 hours a day almost 2 weeks at a time...it got a little stiff, but never frozen. I've had guns out in 0* for 10 hours or more that never had problems.

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