Poorest Place In Kentucky

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by ptbrauch, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    Where would you say the poorest place in Kentucky is?
  2. KYBOY

    KYBOY 12 pointer

    Apr 21, 2005
    Im gonna guess around the Letcher, breathitt county area? but then it could be Clay,Wolfe,martin,Magoffin....they all have very low annual incomes..I know Kentucky is second only to Texas in the number of counties on the 100 poorest counties in Americas list..Then they only have one more than us..Then if Im not mistaken Wheelwright,Ky here in Floyd co had a average income of just over 5K during the last census..
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  3. EKUgrad

    EKUgrad 10 pointer

    Nov 9, 2004
    That's partly because KY has more counties than any other state, but we consistently rank toward the bottom in per capita income anyway. There are pockets of poor all over the place; there simply are no jobs in some areas.
  4. Ash12

    Ash12 10 pointer

    Oct 21, 2007
    Im a CRJ major at EKU and I just got a magazine talking about the three poorest counties in the state. I believe Clay was one and Owsley was another. but I forget the other one.. Ill look and post later.

    EKY.MTN.HUNTER 12 pointer

    Jul 19, 2006
    Bell County, KY.
    Its been a few years but I remember learning in College that KY's poorest Counties were the ones on the fringe of eastern KY that produce very little coal. I'm thinking Wolfe, Manifee, and possibly Owsely.
  6. grouser68

    grouser68 Banned

    Jan 29, 2006
    If I recall correctly for years it would flip flop between Elliot and Menifee county's.
  7. aceoky

    aceoky 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2003
    The Tin Foil Mansion
    McCreary County has consistently been the poorest I'd suspect it is or near the top of the bottom
  8. Brit's and Birds

    Brit's and Birds 8 pointer

    Nov 24, 2008
    Oldham County
    I remember seeing something a year or two back saying Lee County was one of the poorest in the nation, cant remember where I saw it though. I grouse hunt around there and there is a person living in a rusted out school bus with a piece of PVC pipe rammed through the roof for a chimney near one of the hollers I hunt. About the poorest Ive seen.
  9. new guy

    new guy Banned

    Jun 30, 2011
    deep in the mountains
    Wolfe county. martin county could be up there as well. that is the most rural place i've seen in kentucky
  10. trust me

    trust me Troubled Loner

    Nov 27, 2004
    Jerkwater, KY
    Google is your friend.

    The 10 U.S. counties with the lowest annual median household incomes are:

    1. Owsley County, Ky. - $21,177

    2. Zavala County, Texas - $21,843

    3. Clay County, Ky. - $22,255

    4. Knox County, Ky. -$22,493

    5. Wilcox County, Ala. - $22,611

    6. Quitman County, Miss. - $22,625

    7. Sumter County, Ala. - $22,857

    8. McCreary County, Ky. - $23,163

    9. East Carroll Parish, La. - $23,186

    10. Lee County, Ark. - $23,716

    Nationwide, the median annual household income was just over $50,000.
  11. KYBOY

    KYBOY 12 pointer

    Apr 21, 2005
    heres the average per capita income for the lowest Kentucky counties.....It lines up differently than the household income.
    Clay County, Kentucky $9,716
    McCreary County, Kentucky $9,896
    Wolfe County, Kentucky $10,321
    Leslie County, Kentucky $10,429
    Martin County, Kentucky $10,650
    Magoffin County, Kentucky $10,685
    Jackson County, Kentucky $10,711
    Owsley County, Kentucky $10,742
    Breathitt County, Kentucky $11,044
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  12. KYBOY

    KYBOY 12 pointer

    Apr 21, 2005
    Heres another list of the average mediun household income..Ive seen a dozen different list at least..
    1 Kalawao County, Hawai'i $9,333
    2 Buffalo County, South Dakota $12,692
    3 Owsley County, Kentucky $15,805
    4 Clay County, Kentucky $16,271
    5 Starr County, Texas $16,504
    6 Wilcox County, Alabama $16,646
    7 Zavala County, Texas $16,844
    8 McDowell County, West Virginia $16,931
    9 Holmes County, Mississippi $17,235
    10 Ziebach County, South Dakota $18,062
    11 Martin County, Kentucky $18,279
    12 Knox County, Kentucky $18,294
    13 Jefferson County, Mississippi $18,447
    14 Lee County, Kentucky $18,544
    15 Leslie County, Kentucky $18,546
    16 Brooks County, Texas $18,622
    17 Harlan County, Kentucky $18,665
    18 Sumter County, Alabama $18,911
    19 Wilkinson County, Mississippi $18,929
    20 Bell County, Kentucky $19,057
    21 Breathitt County, Kentucky $19,155
    22 Wolfe County, Kentucky $19,310
    23 McCreary County, Kentucky $19,348
    24 Magoffin County, Kentucky $19,421
    25 Costilla County, Colorado $19,531
    26 Clinton County, Kentucky $19,563
    27 Hancock County, Tennessee $19,760
    28 Tensas Parish, Louisiana $19,799
    29 Greene County, Alabama $19,819
    30 Presidio County, Texas $19,860
    31 Issaquena County, Mississippi $19,936
    32 Todd County, South Dakota $20,035
    33 Jackson County, Kentucky $20,177
    34 Perry County, Alabama $20,200
    35 Knott County, Kentucky $20,373
    36 Madison Parish, Louisiana $20,509
    37 Lee County, Arkansas $20,510
    38 Evangeline Parish, Louisiana $20,532
    39 Humphreys County, Mississippi $20,566
    40 Bullock County, Alabama $20,605
    41 Quitman County, Mississippi $20,636
    42 Corson County, South Dakota $20,654
    43 East Carroll Parish, Louisiana $20,723
    44 Luna County, New Mexico $20,784
    45 Wayne County, Kentucky $20,863
    46 Shannon County, Missouri $20,878
    47 Allendale County, South Carolina $20,898
    48 Shannon County, South Dakota $20,916
    49 Elliott County, Kentucky $21,014
    50 Hudspeth County, Texas $21,045
    51 Webster County, West Virginia $21,055
    52 Letcher County, Kentucky $21,110
    53 Summers County, West Virginia $21,147
    54 Floyd County, Kentucky $21,168
  13. Wildcat

    Wildcat 12 pointer

    Jan 7, 2002
    Ledbetter, Ky.
    One thing about that Kalawao County, Hawaii, the $9,333 is much worst than it looks like. EVERYTHING has to be shiped over there so prices are much higher than here in the mainland. The low income and higher prices makes it worst.
  14. quackrstackr

    quackrstackr Welcome to Fantasy Island Staff Member

    Nov 19, 2003
    The Island
    The wallet located in my back pocket.
  15. KYBOY

    KYBOY 12 pointer

    Apr 21, 2005
    Your right..I have some buddies that worked over in the BOP's federal prison in HI..You get something like 20% added to your base pay for cost of living over there and from what Im told that dosnt do it..$7-$8 gallons of milk, $5 cakes of bread,etc..Rediculous cost of living...
  16. Poorboy

    Poorboy 6 pointer

    Feb 23, 2005
    under the bank
  17. wcpickens

    wcpickens 6 pointer

    Dec 30, 2003
    Grand Rivers
    How about my house, right here in Poverty Flats.
  18. dxtsniper

    dxtsniper 12 pointer

    Nov 7, 2009
    Turn around!
    I'd say the west end of Louisville if not for government assistance. I worked down there for a couple years for a rental company that did mostly section 8 doing electrical work and no one down there had a job. Mail box watchers mostly. Work harder millions on welfare are depending on you!
  19. Davidlondon4

    Davidlondon4 10 pointer

    Dec 2, 2004
    Laurel County
    One factor that many may not think of that limits peoples income in some of those counties is the amount of land owned by the fed. government as in National Forests,etc.Years ago I lived and worked in McCreary county for a little over 2 years.If you liked the outdoors and fishing,hiking,hunting,canoeing,etc. McCreary was a good place to be.I seem to recall that around 70 perecent of the land surface of that county is government owned so that limits income probablilities for the people that live and work there.I seem to recall that limited logging may have been allowed in some parts of the National Forest which did provide for a few jobs during that time but it was closely regulated.Certainly not all but some of the Ky counties on those lists you all have posted up do have some federal government land in them thus limiting their use for earning income.
  20. new guy

    new guy Banned

    Jun 30, 2011
    deep in the mountains
    poor or not, mcreary county is a beautiful county. i would own property there in a second. the indians were also said to come to the area alot due to the good fishing and hunting and abundance of rock shelters.

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