Pole barn homes

Discussion in 'D.I.Y.' started by gung, May 18, 2016.

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    What's the pros and cons? If anyone has had one anything you would do different?
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    Nov 4, 2006
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    I will also be interested to hear any ideas.

    I know one guy with one, and he had three comments. One - use the right trusses to that you get to use all that overhead. Two - windows are critical, and the fitting can be a real issue. Last, he said to make sure you had your layout figured before the slab was poured so that the plumbing and piping was right. Retrofitting (from his experience) involves breaking and repouring concrete
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    I helped a friend of mine with his.. He has a 2000sq ft that he got into for $40,000. Granted he had lots of help. Had a family member who's a skilled carpenter. I think that price included his pay though. He went middle of the road on most stuff. Laminate flooring instead of hardwood, linoleum instead of tile. Mid grade cabinets an countertop.. Point is his house is paid for an mine isn't.
    We have several in our county that have been here for 25 years or longer. Their looking fine.. Not sure about a direct tornado hit but a stick built can't take that either.
    Just like a slab home with talking plumbing like they mentioned up in the thread. Walls are studded so everything else is the same. Cost per sq ft goes way down. Wish I built one instead of my brick home!!!
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    Find a standard floor plan you like and go from there.

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