Need opinions on a garage build/purchase

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    I'm in the market for a garage and have narrowed down to two options. I have done some construction stuff in the past and I am confident I can put a pole barn style garage up with metal siding and roof and a single 10 foot garage door but have been out of the field so long I am not up on pricing. I have also looked at the better built barn websites at their on site builds. I'm looking for something in about 18 by 25 on a pad that I will have poured and finish myself. I guess bottom line is which is the cheapest/best bang for my buck in ur fellas opinions/experience??
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    Sep 7, 2014
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    I built my own barn a couple years back, then moved to NC and the new place came with a nice insulated metal shed.

    My most important lessons learned are
    A. However big you "think" you need/want - multiply by 50% or more. It is hard to have too much space

    B. Same applies with height. 10 or 12 foot walls are much superior to 8 foot walls.

    C. Make sure you run enough Amps to the box. New barn can run the furnace, welder, and lights - all while keeping the beer cold in the fridge. Old barn could only do 2 of those things at a time.

    D. If I had it all over to do on my build, I would have hired a crew to put on the roof. Walls are easy, but the roof got progressively more difficult the further I got.

    E. Put in a corner drain and at least a single cold water line. Stepping outside to drain the vein is no problem - but when the demand for #2 arises it sucks trying to get out of dirty boots, jeans, etc.... all while making the walk from barn to house.

    F. All that being said, my father is having a crew out up his next garage rather than he and my brothers doing it. By the time you figure the cost of taking vacation days off work, and other expenses - it just seemed like a better deal to have a crew do it and warranty their work - and be done in a few days.
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