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    Looking for a little help from some of you all that have done this before. It's been so long since I posted on here I couldn't even remember my login.

    We are digging a pond in central KY in the Nicholasville area. It's main purpose will be hunting but it will be a fishing pond too so I cant drain it dry to plant. The plan is to dig it with a shallow shelf of 1/2 acre or so that I can plant and flood for ducks. There is plenty of water around to flood it with and will install some kind of water control to raise and lower the water level. You all in west KY are familiar with this stuff I'm sure but you don't see it much around here and I am new to the planting and flooding aspect. Just curious if anybody in central KY has tried this and how it turned out and if you have any suggestions?

    Also wondering what would be best to plant in this area. Could do natural vegetation that you could manipulate or crops and leave them standing if I am understanding the laws right.
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