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    Question Cleaning deer mounts and up keep?

    I know many of us got deer mounts we want to take care of so they last for years and years, what are some ways you all clean your deer mounts (cape and antlers) to keep them looking good?

    Also what is good to use and what isn't on them?

    Lastly I have a couple that are getting hairline cracks in the corners of the eyes? I've had one repaired before was told humidity and temp changes (like close to the ceiling lights, or in basement causes it). My taxi back then repaired it with black melted wax. Has anyone else experienced this and fixed it themselves.

    Sorry so long I just want to preserve my mounts for years of great memories.

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    Wipe the eyes with a clean q-tip. You can dust with a feather duster and if you have a woodburning fireplace or smoke you can wipe it down with a clean rag with odorless mineral spirits. It will get some grime off of the cape and antlers. We do some touch up work from time to time and this is mainly what we do.
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    I use a swifter duster for just periodic cleaning.

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    There are products on the market you can buy for cleaning your mounts. I suggest you get some from one of the taxi suppliers like Mckenzie. Call there 800 # and they will let you talk to there taxidermist and they will tell you what you need. Tell them to let you talk to Perry Stout. He is the best. He is a real nice guy.
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    I was told twenty something years ago by my taxidermist to just periodically wipe them down with a damp paper towel. Sounds simple but it has worked for twenty something years. However, I am sure someone has come up with some fancy cleaning solution to empty our wallets with.
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    My taxidermist told me to just spray something like Pledge furniture cleaner on to your hands, that and along with the oils from your skin will do the cap good. just spray and wipe along the the whole cape.

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    All the above will help extend the life of your mounts. As suggested by my taxidermist I use a stiff brush on my mounts a couple of times per year, this can get out dust and dirt. Try and keep your mounts away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Keep the moisture up in the room with either a humidifier or the good ole pan of water on the heater register.

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    Compressed air blown lightly over the hair will get rid of the dust. Just don't do it where the mount hangs or you'll get to see just how much dust they can accumulate inside your house. If your deer mount is cracking around the eyes or nose, more than likely it was dry preserved rather than the cape being chemically tanned. That is where most of the cost difference is between an inexpensive mount and a more expensive one.

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    I was told by my taxidermist to spray windex on a paper towel and wipe it down.
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