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Thread: Deer processing

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    Default Deer processing

    can anyone give any recomendations of deer processing/ butchering in the Richmond KY area?Maybe I'm optomistic but wanted to be prepared.

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    Chandlers Deer processing its in eastern Clark Co 859-745-4065 I used him before I started processing it myself. Some of my friends have used the amish in Manchester, but I don't know how to get ahold of them

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    Chandlers is on the other side of Winchester. I used to use them for several years. I recently started using J&V Slaughter House in Lancaster. They are Amish and they do a great job. If you want Summer Sausage made, you have to wait several weeks at Chandlers. J & V will have your sausage done within a few days. The prices are much better at J & V's. The number for J&V Slaughter House is 859-792-4249.

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