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    Default Deer - Buckeyes & Walnuts ???

    I used my Saturday hunting trip as more of a scouting trip to learn the land I am hunting & plan for next year. On 300 acres I only know of 1 oak tree & it didn’t appear to have produced any acorns this year. I did however find a few buckeye’s & several walnut trees that produced walnuts. 1 particular patch of walnut’s looked as if cattle had tromped through the area there were so many deer tracks!

    My question is simple… will deer eat walnuts??? If so do we think this is a last resort for them as winter approaches or would this be a decent spot to concentrate through-out the season?


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    If your deer are resorting to eating walnuts they are starving.
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    If the lips on your deer are black they are probabbly eating your walnuts.

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    I don't imagine they could crack the hulls on a walnut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bro View Post
    If the lips on your deer are black they are probabbly eating your walnuts.
    That's funny!

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